90 reconciliation messages to get that person back in your life

Everyone who has gone through a discussion knows that in the heat of the moment, when we are angry, we lose control and end up saying and doing things without thinking if they will hurt the other person. But when dust lowers and calm down, we realize that we didn’t have to have acted that way and that we ended up hurting the feeling of someone we love.

If you are sorry, it is important to have maturity and sincerity to apologize to the person and not let this situation be repeated, because of fights in fights the relationship will wear out and there is a moment that has no more forgiveness .

For you to have that special person back, we have selected our list with reconciliation quotes that will show that you recognize your error and not make it again. You will take the squeeze and guilt of your heart and pay more attention to your attitudes!

Short reconciliation citations

Over time, we have learned that it is not worth being fighting with someone we love for pride or ashamed to apologize. Even if you have not been the only culprit for the fight, do your part and ask forgiveness. See our list with short reconciliation quotes to apologize to someone you hurt.

Forgive the drama and don’t give up on me.

I’m feeling very bad with everything that happened. Do you forgive me?

Life is too short to stay hurt with someone the rest of your life.

reconciling is not to forget an offense, it is forgiving it.

I can’t forgive myself for acting this way with you. Sorry!

What happened, passed. Let’s live the present and so we will be happy!

Conciliation always brings spring to the soul.

I apologize, from the bottom of my heart. I hope you can understand.

Let’s forget what we said and did and try to be happy again!

From heart I apologize and with all sincerity I promise to change if you can forgive me.

Reconciliation is not a setback, it is a new chance, it is a fresh start.

Back to my life, here does not stop raining, brings back the rainbow of my living!

Be light. Releave.

I didn’t stop to hear you and let myself be taken for the moment. I’m sorry and I ask you forgiveness!

I suffer for a forgiveness that seems impossible. Are you able to forgive me?

Friendship reconciliation citations

Because we have a lot of intimacy with our friends, we think we can say whatever we want and act as we want with them, that they will never care. But in one of these you can end up upset you and generate a fight. At these times, it is important that you recognize your error and try to reconcile. Check out our list with friendship reconciliation quotes and say how important it is in your life.

Friendship is that. It is the fight, the divergence, the reconciliation and urgency. It is something above reason. It is love in full conscience.

I’m sorry if I hurt you. I’m sorry for everything I did to you! I’m sorry, friend, but I didn’t think about talking!

I know you must be upset and perfectly understand your reasons. I know the extent of my mistake and I’ve tried to put myself in your place. Forgive me!

I apologize for my words and attitudes. Your friendship is very important to me!

Friend, you can’t imagine how much you are doing. I ask God every day to bring Him back. I have a lot of hope that this happens.

Forgive me, go. Forget this hurt and call me. Do not cling to the past and give up on this sadness that erodes us inside. I’m waiting around you, a thousand perdons.

Despite the fight we had, you are my best friend. A thousand excuses.

You were part of the best moments of my life, and I don’t want it to stay in the past. I recognize my flaws and want to repair all my mistakes, but I need your forgiveness.

I love you so much and I don’t want this moment to shake our call or move us away. I ask for forgiveness for me and I have forgiven yours, let’s resume our friendship?

To have your friendship again, I will apologize to you until the end of your life. I’m really sorry, friend.

I need you and I know I’m very important in your life. Let’s be adults and put an end to the bitterness that fights have caused us! Let’s respect the friendship that unites us. Please!

There is always a new chance for a true friendship. When you love a friend from heart, as much as they may be, there are always ways to get reconciliation.

Great friends make up!

If I could, I would change a lot so that our friendship would not suffer from my thoughtless attitudes. Believe that this apology is sincere and that the regret I feel will lead me to do whatever it takes to get your confidence again.

Our friendship is shaken, but it does not mean that it has reached the end. I believe it is still possible to save it. Forgive me!

Reconciliation citations with her husband

At times in marriage, the couple’s differences speak louder and because they do not agree all the time can end up arguing. But if your feeling for your partner is bigger than hurt by the fight they had, you will try to reconcile. See our list of reconciliation quotes with your husband and don’t let a disagreement end your relationship.

You taught me right and wrong, you taught me to live. And that’s why, my love, that I love you. Forgive me!

We fight, quarrel, knock the door, step hard and leave saying that it will never come back. But deep down we know that it belongs. And every little piece of mine is yours, and every little piece of yours is mine!

I ask for forgiveness for my confusion, I never wanted to hurt you. I’m sorry, love, for everything I caused you.

My life without you is the same as the nightless night, it is embarrassed. Forgive me.

Do you accept my heart back?

I know that your forgiveness will not make you forget all the things that are in your thought. I failed, hurt your heart and didn’t want to. But I am begging for a reconciliation. Please give me a chance!

I made mistakes, but I promise to change from now on. My main plan is to make you happy, forgive me?

Forget the hurt and come with me to be happy forever.

Our love is worth more than any mistake and I know you will be able to overcome any obstacle. I love you so much and with sincerity and a lot of repentance I ask for forgiveness.

I always want you with me, forgive me for everything that has been said. I love you!

I ask you forgiveness for my mistake, I know I lost your trust and perhaps your love. But I will regain you and nothing else will separate us.

Forgive me, my love! We deserve a new chance, and we should bet everything in this reconciliation!

Forgive me, I can’t live away from you, my great love.

I’m sure our story is not over yet. This is why I wish our reconciliation. Even with all our differences I feel we can be happy.

Forgive me, come back to me. I still love you and I will always love you, you will be my husband forever, until death separates us.


If you hurt your wife for some badly thoughtful word you even said or by an attitude she didn’t like, it is your responsibility to explain to her why it happened and not repeating it again. We have selected CITITIES OF RECONCILIATION FOR WIFE FOR YOU TO PERSONE WITH YOUR LOVE.

I learned the lesson and every day I will fight for your love. Pardon me! I love you so much!

I have a thousand reasons to want everything to be as it was before, but the strongest thing is that I still love you. We can be whatever we want, we just need to try.

Each day that I pass without your presence is a day without any sense. I just want a second chance to prove that everything can be different.

Living without you always let the sky gray and my gaze always cloudy. Forgive me, love!

I want to apologize, my love, because I can’t stand being without you by my side. I want to leave pride behind and recognize that I was wrong. Everything I said and I did was never intended to hurt you.

Let’s not let this passion die. The longing devours me my heart! Forgive me, come back to me, let me love you, come live by my side.

Love and forgiveness are essential.

Do not think that the harsh words I said are true, because I spoke without thinking. Forgive me, I love you so much!

I ask you forgiveness and ask you for another chance to show how happy I am to have you with me, how good your love does to me.

I promise that if you reconsider and give a new opportunity to our love, everything will be different.

We still need to talk, it’s little fight for so much love! If you give me this last chance will never regret your attitude, because I will make you the happiest woman in this world.

You are the person I love and want to have with me forever. Once again I ask you forgiveness and begging for one, two, millions of your kisses!

I miss you so much, your affection and your presence. Our love is beautiful and can not end like this. Forgive me!

Love, once again I am here to ask you to forgive me and come back to me. I know I made a mistake and admit my mistake, but all the circumstances make me see how much I love you and I want you back.


Even though we strive to always walk on the way of the Lord and act according to your teachings, we are flawed and we commit sins. When this happens, ask for forgiveness of all your heart to God and reconcile with Him. Check out our list with reconciliation with God and show your repentance.

My God, I’m sorry for the times I complained more than I thanked.

My God, forgive me every time I heard your voice and did not obey you.

I always want to be in your way, sir. Forgive me whenever I fall, when I hesitate!

My God, I ask for forgiveness for every time I lacked faith.

Forgiveness, my God, for the numerous times my fears were greater than my faith.

Forgive me, my God, every time I promised and did not fulfill, I said I would never do something and did.

forgiveness, God, for every time I heard to sin instead of his sweet voice.

Lord, forgive me. I am weak and sinner.

sir, forgive me for the times I complained about my life and I haven’t remembered the people who really have reason to complain and still smiling.

forgiveness, my God, for I sinned.

Forgive my heart, Lord, for the times I made a mistake without realizing it.

Lord, I recognize that I need you. Forgive me for the times I left you to follow alone.

God, forgive me for the times I didn’t believe you.

My God, forgive me every time I saddened you, because I only thought of myself. Help me improve!

God, forgive me for my defects and attitudes that do not please you.

forgiveness, God, always saying that I feel alone, when in fact the Lord never leaves me.


Many people have a habit of blaming life for all the bad that happens and forgets to look inside and the attitudes they have taken. See our list of reconciliation quotes with life and fail to blame it for your problems and recognize the wonderful things it offers you.

make up with life.

There is much to live. Forgive life through the stumbles on the way and let it surprise you.

Do not blame life for all the things that happened to you, many pains are caused by our own mistakes.

That life forgives the times I have not lived it.

Forgive yourself every night and start over without fear every morning.

As important as accepting that others make mistakes is to understand that we are not perfect either. If you forgive!

Accept the past, make up with it and continue on.

It is only sad with life who does not know how to see the beauty that is hidden in every small detail of its nature.

Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile.

err and learn to forgive yourself.

reconcile with your life lived so far, with all your dropouts, errors and losses.

Don’t be sad if life is not the way you dreamed today.

Forgive yourself for the choices that made it suffer. You didn’t have the maturity you have today.

It is not possible to grow without self -acceptance, without reconciling with the truth of life and history itself.

The biggest challenge of human being is to reconcile with the banality of life.

Asking forgiveness is a beautiful and courageous attitude of someone who recognizes his mistake and does not want to let an important person come out of his life. Check out our list with forgiveness and reconcile with everyone you have already hurt.

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