85 Valentine’s Day messages for your wife and eternal girlfriend in 2023

How good it is to have someone to share moments and live dreams, love and be loved. If you have already found your person in the world, you know how important it is to maintain romanticism and make beautiful statements. Take advantage of this special date to tell you how much you love it! Check out romantic Valentine’s Day quotes for wife and show feelings to your eternal girlfriend.

Valentine’s Day Quotes for Wife who will leave her thrilled

My eternal girlfriend, my wonderful wife. Blessed are the day when our eyes crossed and also our destinations. Happy Valentine’s Day! One more of so many to remember our history. Know that I will love you a little more every day.

I don’t hide that I fell in love first. I could not resist, surrendered to the charms of its existence that justified the creation of all things. Since then, I live so that your smile is constant, and in it I record myself of the divine goodness that created you to give me life. Happy Valentine’s Day, my eternal girlfriend!

We will always be boyfriends, even after so many years married. Our love is as intense as at the beginning, but stronger and more mature. I love you, wife!

This date is just close to our daily lives, but I like to remember that my girlfriend has become my wife and my great life mate! Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, my eternal girlfriend! You are the most beautiful, smarter and most loving wife in the world. I promise to prove my love to you daily.

I could not be happier. You are the wife I have always dreamed, the person who makes me good and shows me the beauty of life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

home is where we can rest my head, that’s what I found in your lap since we became boyfriends. It is not enough to praise this eternal bond, let it always be, every day a renewal of affections. Happy June 12th, my love!

There is nothing that makes me happier than being by your side and building our life, living our dreams. Happy Valentine’s Day, my wife!

You will always be my girlfriend, my mate and my accomplice. May we always remember why we love each other so much!

Whoever sees me successful badly knows that I have the greatest successful formulas by my side. Love, no glory in this world is comparable to the joy of having her as my eternal girlfriend. Each achievement has a finger on you. It is you who inspires me and continues to add dreams in my heart. For all these things, I will thank you when we still celebrate. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love You were not a choice, but a need for everyday life – full of your ups and downs – made sense. To you, my love, I want to make every moment of my journey a declaration of love to understand the size of your value to me, what you can do simply because it exists. Happy Valentine’s Day, my life!

May our love grow each year. Let us be partners and support for each other. I love you with all my heart, wife! Happy June 12th.

This is the truth: the most beautiful votes for Valentine’s Day have already been given on the altar and since then we have lived updating that “yes” that echoes for eternity in our daily lives. I never tire of surprising myself with you, our family. Today we will celebrate our love, our life for two that only causes me joy! Happy June 12th!

Once, I asked God to deliver me from so many problems. It was already at my limit and that’s when you appeared, the good angel who didn’t remove me the weight as I wanted at the time. On the contrary, it gave me reasons to face life and make that difficulty my restart. Thank you for everything, my wife. You are the strength and my most beautiful reason to continue. Happy Valentine’s Day to whom you love you so much!

Congratulations, dear wife and eternal girlfriend. May this be another day to celebrate our love and complicity. Let’s celebrate how good it is to have each other.

Even after so many years, it still gives me goose bumps when we are together. All the definition of love I have begins with you, honey. Happy Valentine’s Day to the one who gets my best from me! All for you, my wife!

My dear wife, may you always know that I love you, I admire you, that I want to make you happy. May we live many days of boyfriends.

Happy June 12, my wife! May we always love ourselves more. May we never forget the emotion of the beginning and that you feel that I am always yours.

I don’t tell you as often as you would deserve to hear, but my heart is still yours, from the moment our eyes found themselves in that first date, that first sudden and alive kiss in memory, from that moment when ours Hands were united on the altar forever and our bodies become a … Happy Valentine’s Day to you who never ceased to be my eternal girlfriend!

Nothing will separate us, because you will always be my girlfriend, my wife and my person in this world!

I want to enjoy this day to say that you are the right person for me. My beautiful girlfriend and my wonderful wife. I love you!

No joy of our Valentine’s Day celebrations surpasses the daily happiness that is having you as my wife, but I make a point of celebrating that day when you became my eternal girlfriend and reason for my journey. I did June 12, honey!

Wife, today is just a reminder of the moments of our history, that passion that grew up and became the best family we could have. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love, my eternal girlfriend!

Who am I without you, my eternal girlfriend? Honestly, I don’t want to know. It would not have arrived here, experienced the taste of happiness, the freedom if I became the one I became if it wasn’t for you and we are only in the beginning. May countless days of boyfriends come to celebrate everything that love has done with us!

“My wife” … there is no time that my heart does not shudder to hear these words. It is greater than I can understand the desire to make you happy. Honey, that this Valentine’s Day is the renewal of the commitment we made: it will be forever, it will be love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, wife! Today I want to make you great gestures of love, I want to prove that you deserve the life you always dreamed.

I feel gratitude when I look at you. I thank the Lord for our love, our lives and all that we have to live. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Every time I see movies or listen to romantic songs, when I hear a “I love you” from the enamored lips around, you only come to me in my mind, my only true love. Happy Valentine’s Day to the one who always arouses passion in me, you!

Glad you have, my wife. Life is better and more complete with your company. Happy Valentine’s Day, my eternal girlfriend!

Happy Valentine’s Day, wonderful wife! Your eyes are my favorite landscape. I lose in them and find your love.

Who looks at us today would even imagine that those friends would become good lovers, a couple made to last! Ah my eternal girlfriend, this day is little to us, who are intended to love ourselves for all eternity, but be a happy Valentine’s Day to open doors for that happiness that never ends when we are together!

Our love deserves to be celebrated and lived intensely. Happy Valentine’s Day, wife, girlfriend, great love of my life.

Today is a special day to say everything you are to me. You are my partner, my choice, my hope and my eternal girlfriend!

There is nothing that gives me more on this date than being away from you today. The hours unfairly take time to pass just to increase my longing. In this forced fleeting distance, I want you to know: I can’t wait to see you and make this day unforgettable. Happy Valentine’s Day, my eternal girlfriend!

You are a great woman and I strive to be the man you deserve. I love you, my girlfriend, my wife and my person in the world!

You are the person who completes me, my eternal girlfriend and my best friend. I thank God for the blessings that He pour into our love!

I received the greatest of the honors in this world when I could call you my wife, my eternal girlfriend. On this Valentine’s Day, I want to remind you of why we started this journey to two!

I found that happiness was sensitive in the touch of your skin, the emergence of your smile, the brightness of your gaze every time I do something to please you. May today and every other day be Valentine’s Day! Reasons abound for me to celebrate for having you!

If who found a friend, also found a treasure, what would he say who discovered his best love in his best friend? I would give my life for you, if it were to guarantee your happiness, and today I give it once again in your hands as proof of how much I love you and I want it to be forever my eternal girlfriend. Happy Valentine’s Day, wife!

I already leave home wanting to go back and get rid of this longing that invades me the moment our skins fail to touch. My love, if I knew that getting married was so good, we would have consecrated at the altar the moment you said yes to our dating. Today I want to reward you for so many years of waiting. Happy Valentine’s Day to the one that makes my heart fire!

I am obliged to agree when they say “love is blind and marriage returns the views.” After all, I see life much better since we become one. For all this happy view of the future, I want to make this date the best Valentine’s Day, my eternal girlfriend!

It’s so joy to be by your side that it doesn’t fit me and I want to scream to the whole world. You are my girlfriend, my wife and my everything!

The greatest gift you could give me in this life has already been given on the altar, your life for me to take care. I want you to know that my greatest joy is having you every day by my side, my eternal girlfriend, my wife, my pair. Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’ve been married for so long, that I sometimes forget about Valentine’s Day … Know that you are and always will be my eternal girlfriend!

I can tell you something I never had the opportunity before? I don’t change our chaos for anyone’s perfection. In a world of appearances, nothing is more pleasant than our reality for two. Knowing that we are together is what makes me happy and is what I want to make you try on this Valentine’s Day!

When I think about us, I understand the luck to have found you. My wife, eternal girlfriend, the reason for my existence!

revisiting our story and I see that it was not only our love that matures, but we too. The daily life confirmed what I already imagined: as long as you are around, there is nothing to fear in the future.

You are a great woman, my best friend, my girlfriend. You are dedicated, intelligent and amazing. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Every morning when you see you opening your eyes, it doesn’t just start another day, but one more opportunity to love you. Thank you for being my glimpse of paradise with every dawn. Happy Valentine’s Day, wife!

Happy Valentine’s Day, wonderful wife! Life is light because I have you holding my hand.

May our love resist all obstacles! Having you as a wife complements my life, because together we are more. Happy Valentine’s Day!

My wife, my eternal girlfriend, over the years, you have offered me something that I can never return you, but today I want especially to give you: time. On this Valentine’s Day, I want to wake up to you the same intensity as you make me feel: I’m alive, alive for you!

I thank God for having you, for loving you, being partners and achieving our lives. Happy June 12th, my dear wife!

Luck is to have you as a wife after so much dating … We were right from the beginning: we were made for each other!

Living with you is my best and most beautiful gift. Thank you for being my girlfriend and my wife. Long live our love!

Much is said about love, but it is only possible to understand it when that someone who removes all his certainties appears, changes the route of his plans in the blink of eyes to reveal where his destiny is, which always sought . This is so you for me. Happy Valentine’s Day, my wife, my love, my everything!

May this June 12 be the confirmation of our eternal love! You are the perfect wife, much better than my dreams.

Our love does not wear out. Yesterday, we were boyfriends, today we come together for eternity.

Happy Valentine’s Day! My greatest gift is to live by your side, watch you closely and have a chance to love you.

Another June 12th enjoying the love we promise on the altar! You are my best choice.

What the call of our love never erases. I will do my best and impossible to make you happy and fulfilled!

I want to make you happy forever, my girlfriend and my beloved wife. This is my promise to you!

For you, I would go through the four corners of the world, dominate all languages, accents, languages ​​of love so that there was nothing I would not do for you, to make sure you feel loved. Happy Valentine’s Day to those who have never ceased to be the perfect pair!

Each day by your side becomes the happiest day of my life. Congratulations for Valentine’s Day!

Love You are the love poem that I make a point of writing and reading every day to revive memory. Having you in my life is a miracle that reinvents itself every day, it is the chance of the future that gives me hope and makes me dream. Happy Valentine’s Day, wife!

Our love is my most precious good. You are my girlfriend, my wife, my soul mate!

Ah, my love. There are so many distractions in the routine. Life is in charge of taking us that free time from before. Why, then, is there Valentine’s Day? So that couples remember that happiness is already around and what matters most is love, it is you.

Your smile makes me good, your gaze fills me with love. You are my wife, my girlfriend, my everything!

You deserve my most beautiful love, the most beautiful statements and know that it will always be my girlfriend!

You are the certainty that I can be happier every day. Congratulations to us, my beloved wife and my eternal girlfriend!

Happy Valentine’s Day, wife! You are my peace in chaos, my light in darkness. I love you!

You are the most beautiful wife in the universe, the friendliest and the most special. Congratulations to us, girlfriend and best friend!

Valentine’s Day reminds me that you were the best girlfriend in the world and are the best wife in the universe. I love you!

May we celebrate this date as boyfriends, as married, as eternal lovers. I always want to be by your side!

Congratulations to us, my love. May we always be each other, always companions, always boyfriends!

One day I was asked what my biggest dream was. If I answered you, my wife, I wouldn’t be lying. After all, I no longer need daydreams even dreaming having you as the best of realities, my love. Happy Valentine’s Day, my eternal girlfriend!

me without you, I’m nothing. Thank you for loving me so much. Happy June 12th, wife and eternal girlfriend!

It was in reciprocity that we met. Be my eternal girlfriend! Happy June 12th.

Your love is what gives me the strength to move on. Being by your side is the security I always needed. Happy Valentine’s Day, wonderful wife!

For some it is just a date marked by romanticism. For us, it was the beginning of everything, something that will never end. Happy Valentine’s Day to the one who will always be my eternal girlfriend.

and there are those who see loneliness as freedom. As soon as they know how far you can go through this way to two. There is not even a moment that being intertwined to you do not make me see that I can go beyond what I imagine. It has been so and forever it will be. Happy Valentine’s Day, wife!

The distance always shows me that all I want is you. Happy Valentine’s Day, my eternal girlfriend!

Love, I have not used to myself that in our home there is a paradise. I always leave home wanting to go back and recover the feeling that life is possible if you have you. Happy Valentine’s Day, honey!

Although I surround you with the best gifts in this world, nothing will compare to the value of what we have built every day. I thought my life was perfect until I met you and see in our daily lives what is, in fact, happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!

May you celebrate this day with a lot of passion! After all, for the flame of love to remain lit, constant exchanges of affections make all the difference. These Valentine’s Day quotes for wife will make the date even more memorable for two and rescue that climate that the early years romance together.

To choose the best words, also check out beautiful quotes of declaration of love for wife and surprise her with a special message in the midst of the routine!

The reason for its existence deserves to be daily celebrated and remembered its importance. The love between couple always lasts when well cared for.

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