85 Christmas messages for friends who decorate your life with love

Christmas is coming and brings with it all the good feelings that exist! At this time of year, we seek to celebrate life, spread love and sow hope for others. So how about separating a time from your day to choose one of these Christmas quotes for friends? Demonstrate all your friendship!

Christmas quotes for friends experience something unprecedented on this special date

There is more for Christmas than flashing light. In it is present the sweet spirit of friendship that shines all year long!

Merry Christmas, friends! This is the time of year when our hearts are more receptive and harmonious, and our hopes are renewed. May the heat of this date rekindle the desire to realize your dreams!

Christmas is a time of joy, sharing and fraternity. May this climate be the basis for strengthening our friendship and making the Christmas spirit alive in every meeting of ours.

Celebrating Christmas is believing in the strength of love. This is what transforms people and makes the world better. Glad I have you in my life to feel this love all year long! Happy Holidays, Dear Friends!

That this date can provide beautiful memories and remember the meaning of life. Merry Christmas, friends!

Friends, who on this special night you recover those children’s eyes who believe on better days. May the presence of the boy God fill your life with hopeā€¦ Merry Christmas!

May the bells of Christmas be the messengers of Happy Holidays and may the New Year be full of achievements and their presence in my life!

friend, you in my life are true gift. May this Christmas enjoy each moment with immense joy and may formed a link of peace, friendship and love!

The best Christmas message is one that comes out of the silence of our hearts and tenderly warms the hearts of those who accompany us on our journey. Happy Holidays, Friends!

May Christmas Eve magic show you how everything is possible, fill you with good purposes and make your heart dilate to the new things that will come the year to come, dear friend!

Blessed is the day that unites everyone unites in an atmosphere of love. May this virtue so noble make home in your home and lead you to true happiness in everyday life. Merry Christmas, Dear Friends!

This Christmas, spread the good and reap happiness. Reduces the joy of being by the side of those you love and will carry in your heart every day the meaning of that date. Happy Holidays!

Copy everything that is good and delete your mistakes, don’t leave anyone on the sidelines. Open the edges of your heart and remove the virus from selfishness. Friends, Merry Christmas!

I found happiness and she told me she would go to her home. I asked her to also take health and love, the desire to dream and realize. Treat them well, go in my name. Merry Christmas!

Friends, Christmas is time of unity, sharing and reflection. May we strengthen every bond of love and inspire to transform the world into a better place. Happy Holidays!

Not even the biggest and most expensive of gifts can demonstrate my desire to you and your family to this Christmas: a lot of peace, love, health and happiness.

Christmas of Dreams is the one we idealize in the Spirit, we feel in our hearts and share in solidarity. Glad to share these moments with you, friend!

I wish your Christmas dinner to be fed up with love, peace, hope, and especially sharing with dear people. Have a blessed Christmas!

May the baby Jesus be the star who guides you through the desert of this life to true happiness! Friend, I wish a blessed Christmas.

Merry Christmas! May this night be full of love, a lot of peace and joy at the time you cause me. May unity be the keyword, as well as much happiness, respect and God bless you all in your home.

If today I smile for nothing, it was by the presence of friendships as its dissipating all darkness with the light of hope. I couldn’t help but thank you on this propitious day. I wish you realize how loved you are, especially today. Merry Christmas!

In the sentimental balance we mentally do every year, friendship between us remains one of the most profitable and significant points. If I have joy in my life, you owe you. Merry Christmas!

Baby Jesus was born, it’s time to celebrate! May He also be born in their hearts and remain every day of the year. Merry Christmas, friends!

This Christmas, I ask in your name good vibrations. May joy be ahead of your projects and may love fill your heart so that good things are always welcome in our lives!

My wish is very simple: May everyone’s Christmas be amazing in every way, open the doors of your heart to a new and meaningful life, friends!

I share with you, my friends, that this Christmas I feel very grateful and happy to have people who do me good. I wish prosperity to all with whom I share my life and be so always!

I already got my Christmas gift: your friendship! I couldn’t help but thank you for being in my life!

In you, my friends, I found the family I dreamed. You give me plenty of reasons to thank that day. It is the smile of each one who illuminates my life with hope. Merry Christmas to all!

Another Christmas has arrived and I feel grateful and full to have you by my side! Days like these are more special because I have you around.

I hope the baby Jesus will bring what you asked for and a few more good things you forgot! Merry Christmas and Prior New Year.

On this important date, it is the birth of Jesus, I ask Him to bring the richest blessings about you and guide every step you take. Merry Christmas!

Dear friend, I wish this Christmas and the New Year bring many joys, peace and happiness to you and your family. Happy Holidays!

friends, that fun is greater and the minor accounts this year. Merry Christmas!

May the message of faith and hope of Christmas renew our strengths to continue fighting in the new year it announces. Happy Holidays, Friends!

May Christmas not only last one night, may the Christmas spirit remain in your heart. Friend, know that I wish a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, dear friends! I wish a shower of blessings to all of you, without distinction. May the spirit of this date prepare you for another amazing journey next year.

Merry Christmas! I couldn’t help but say how your friendship makes my heart blink and decorate my life from the best memories. May your smile be a constant and show everyone the path of happiness.

Being next to friends is the most valuable Christmas gift of all.

This year I sent a letter to Santa Claus asking to have my friends close to me this Christmas! So if he appears at your house wanting to pack you, don’t worry and collaborate!

I wish you a Merry Christmas and may the baby Jesus illuminate your ways so that you never feel lonely or lost. I and I will be with you in this wonderful journey that is life.

Friend, I wish you a Christmas so full of faith and hope to reverberate throughout the year to come. I’ll be here to remind you of how much you are able! Thank you for your friendship.

My Christmas is happier since you arrived! Know that on this day I pray especially for those who remind me of love, the meaning of that date. Thank you for everything!

Merry Christmas, friends! May Santa remind you especially of you and surprise you this year. After all, the best people deserve the best gifts!

Christmas is time for fresh start, birth, hope, joy and love. I hope this feeling is inspired by our friendship and that we can spend more Christmas together!

Friends, may the joy of Christmas always renew itself in your hearts! In your happiness, I find mine!

Your friendship is the best that all present under the tree. Merry Christmas!

friends are the family we choose to have. Glad to be able to say that you are, besides friends, my family. Merry Christmas!

Christmas makes us approach distances, cross borders and form new bonds of peace and friendship. Merry Christmas, dear friends!

What I admire most at Christmas is your presence becoming even more gleaming and welcoming in my heart. Happy Holidays, Friends!

Merry Christmas! In this magical and special time, I realize how valuable and indispensable your friendship is, makes invaluable values.

friends, the secret to a prosperous year and full of happiness is to count on your friendship! Merry Christmas.

I hope that in this time of peace and love we can renew our friendship, complicity, partnership and all the other things that make us inseparable. Merry Christmas!

I just have to thank you for your affection, my friend. Today has acquired another meaning thanks to your friendship. I realize that love exists, was born and makes us reborn. Merry Christmas!

Recipe for a wonderful Christmas: Good friends gathered for a splendid supper! May it be a magical night.

It is time to reinforce friendship bonds for the coming year. Thank you every day, but especially today for having you in my life. Merry Christmas, dear friends!

It is for friendships like yours that this year, surely it was worth it. Merry Christmas to all the friends who made the difference!

My best memories of this year are those in your presence! Friends, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Happy Holidays! May our friendship be like the Christmas Flame of Christmas, which lasts all year round.

Thanks for holding me another year, friends! Merry Christmas.

How beautiful and perfect is the family we chose: Friends! May you have a Christmas watered of the best feelings.

Nothing like the Christmas spirit to rekindle the pleasure of being together again in another year. Friends, Merry Christmas!

Let our friendship be renewed every month of next year! Merry Christmas, dear friends.

To friends who are like brothers: thank you very much! You are the family that my heart has chosen. Merry Christmas!

Just like the lights on this date, know that your friendship illuminates and embellies my life! I wish you have not only a Merry Christmas, but a overflowing life in achievements.

Merry Christmas, friends! May the next year bring us an even more true friendship, with intense and cheerful memories.

Life is not always easy, but in your company, it becomes more fun. Happy Holidays, you deserve the best of this world!

Dear friends, I wish you a Merry Christmas who share the perrengues of life with me. Counting on you, in fact, is my greatest privilege!

Merry Christmas! I thank God every day for the special gifts you are, my friends. Know that I always want to be with you!

A big hug to those who are my structure when I think I can’t take it anymore … Friends, you are essential to remind me of what this date is made: Love! Merry Christmas.

This Christmas, I remember the reasons for gratitude. My days are only special because I have your company! Happy Holidays to friends who complement my life.

Merry Christmas! It’s amazing how our souls complement each other. Lucky for mine to have a friend like you around!

That our bonds of friendship never undo. Well, it is with you that I always want to be! Merry Christmas, my dear friends.

Today I want to wish a wonderful night, in the company of those who added so much on my journey: my friends! Merry Christmas to all.

It is a privilege to be able to count on people as special as you! May they have a Christmas full of peace, love and the affection they deserve.

If you can’t imagine the difference you make in my life, I take the mood of gratitude to tell you how special it is to me! Merry Christmas, dear friend.

Each year is full of joy because of your presence in my life. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

That all hatred and grudge are in the past. May the new year allow us to renew our friendship! Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, dear friend! May all your dreams come true, know that you are present in all my prayers.

Natal is time for the rebirth of faith and great friendships. May this magical period rekindle the best within us!

I consider you start from my family, my great friend. So I can’t imagine Christmas without you! Happy Holidays.

Merry Christmas! It’s time to add the joys and share the sadness we had this year. Know that your partnership allowed me to be stronger in the face of obstacles!

You are my family, my point of peace. Merry Christmas, my great friends!

A loving hug to those who have made no effort for our friendship this year. Merry Christmas and a New Year of Peace and many hopes!

I only have reason to thank this holiday season. Not even Santa could have given me a better friend than you, it was God himself who wanted to be present in my life. Merry Christmas!

May God pour great blessings about each of the friends who made the best of my days! A blessed Christmas is what I want.

To you, who divide the perrengues of life with me: Merry Christmas! Counting on you is also my greatest privilege.

May these beautiful Christmas quotes for friends further strengthen the relationship you have built throughout this special year!

There are many ways of gifting to those who love one. Nothing better than eternalizing your affections in that Christmas message that demonstrates and recognizes in words all the good that special people cause in your life.

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