30 song messages about the sea that will take you straight to the beach

Fascinating, the sea enchants humanity from the beginning. The waves that at the same time calm, cause fear in the ocean lovers. Such majesty has always inspired the artists, from poets to famous singers who try to put in words this wonder of nature. If you like the theme, then check out these music quotes about the sea!

Best Quotations of Songs about the Sea

Heaven tells us where to go, we just hear. The sea takes us further. Nothing stops us!

Shimbalaiê, when I see the sun kissing the sea. Shimbalaiê, every time he will rest.

I spend the night looking for you at the bottom of the sea. I look for you on the beach, by sea I know you will appear. Only I have to make a sand castle under your feet

Before you were tied. Well, now you are free. That was Rio, this is the sea!

Run, my dear son, until we get to the trees and then keep going all the way, we have to go straight to the sea.

somewhere beyond the sea. Somewhere, waiting for me, my beloved is in the golden sands and watches the ships that are sailing.

It’s no use, I’m from the sea. It is he who makes me sing!

But maybe for now, I’ll be right here, in a silent sea.

In the ruins of the submerged city, dreaming a sea I don’t know, as I don’t know the waves of my heart.

Life under the sea is much better than the world up there!

Brazilian music quotes on the sea

I am not the one who browses me, who browses me is the sea.

The sea when it breaks on the beach is beautiful, it’s beautiful!

On the beach when we get out, the good of land is the one that cries, but it does not cry when we leave. The good of the sea is the sea, it is the sea, which carries with us.

The sea drove when she stepped on the sand. Who samba on the sea is mermaid.

I already sent you the sea, which you saw, that you asked me to give another day in Copacabana.

They are old dwellings, they are coats of thick wool hiding places, armor of inhabitants who stayed there at sea.

Have a dream all blue, blue of sea color.

Ah, if I were a sailor, it would be sweet my home, not only Rio de Janeiro, the immensity and the sea.

It was like this, like seeing the sea, the first time my eyes saw in your gaze.

On the earth where the sea does not hit, it does not beat my heart.

Quotations of Sea Songs in English

so we sailed up to the sun, till we found the sea of ​​green. And We Lived Beneth The Waves in Our Yellow Submarine. (Then we sail toward the sun when we find the sea green. And we live under the waves in our yellow submarine).

Looking Up from Underneath Fractured Moonlight on the Sea, Reflections Still Look The Same To Me, As Before I Went Under. (From below, looking up, the moonlight shattered on the sea, the reflexes still look like the same for me, as before I sink).

i was out in a boat, that was gently afloat, when the Wind Started Blowin ‘on me. When the Wind Starts Blowin ‘, You Better Get Goin’. You Don’t Fight The Sea. (I was out of a gently floating boat when the wind began to blow me. When the wind begins to blow, you better go. You don’t fight the sea).

here by the Sea and Sand, Nothing Ever Goes As Planned. (Here by the sea and the sand, nothing never happens as planned).

Can’t You Feel the Motion of the Ocean. Can’t You Feel the Cold Wind Blowing By? There’s So Many Fish in the Sea. (Can’t you feel the ocean movement? Can’t you feel the cold wind blowing? There are so many fish in the sea).

here comes The Ocean, and the Waves Where Have They Been? (Here comes the ocean, and the waves, where were they?)

We Belong to the Sea. Open Wide Being Free. (We belong to the sea. Open, wide, free).

i’d like to be under the sea, in an octopus’s garden in the shade.

The Sea Will Rise. Please stand by the short. I will be, I will be there, Once More (the sea will climb. Please be by the coast. I’ll be there, I will be there again).

and It’s Breaking Over Me, Thousand Miles Down to the Sea Bed, I Found the Place to Rest My Head. (And it’s breaking over me, a thousand miles toward the bottom of the sea, I found a place to rest my head).

Impossible not to be in love with the sea, isn’t it? To continue exploring the theme in a very artistic way, see these quotes of poems about the sea that will make you feel the wave breeze!

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