84 happy messages that will make you smile for life

What brings you happiness? This question is very gratifying to be answered, because it is when we stop to observe that many things in our lives make us happy. When we find a friend we haven’t seen for a long time, when we can rest over the weekend, when we spend the day alongside special people, among other situations are examples of this.

No matter what your answer was, the important thing is that you are grateful for everything that makes you happy. So we made a list of cheerful quotes for you to use at your best moments and show everyone your gratitude for your life and the people who are part of it.

Short cheerful quotes

We must spread our positivity and joy where we go, so we will be able to inspire people who live with us and show them how lighter is life when we live with a smile on our face. Check out the cheerful short quotes we have selected for you to share with special people!

Joy calls joy!

Here sadness gives jumps of joy.

less mi mi mi, plus ha ha.

There is no better medicine than joy.

Be happy and nothing else!

Today is what the laughter brings me!

Joy is the best thing that exists.

I am grateful and happy for everything life has given me.

Be happy! No less than that.

Joy, please remain!

Smile even without being filmed.

Joy is contagious. Pass ahead.

What matters is our joy.

The joy of the Lord is my strength!

Today I choose the joy!

Smile more, transmit peace!

Play in what makes you smile!

May the joy of Carnival last all year long!

Joyful quotes for photos

Did you live a happy moment and want to record it on your social networks? So you will need a caption to demonstrate how cheerful you were on that day. Check out the best cheerful photos for photos that will fit perfectly into what you are looking for!

Joy is a feeling that exists to divide.

Smiles for no reason are the most beautiful there are.

With every joy we provide to others, much more joy springs in our lives!

Leave a sign of joy wherever you pass.

The smile costs less than electricity and gives much more light.

The secret to scaring the problems is joy.

Smile is the best part of someone’s body.

Thank you is the key to a full and happy life!

A smile makes life more beautiful.

If luck smiled at him. Why not smile back?

The best expression marks are those left by the excess of smiles!

smiled for life and it will return!

Don’t be afraid to be happy!

May happiness make us cat and shoe!

To be happy you must be well with yourself!

Joyful and intelligent quotes

It is not always that we live good days, but a cheerful phrase can help us see the reasons we have to thank and be happy. We have selected cheerful and smart quotes that will put you up in an instant!

Joy is the best medicine for the ills of the heart.

Optimism is the brother of joy and cousin of happiness.

The joy of the soul constitutes the beautiful days of life, whatever the time.

Joy is not in things: it is in us.

Do not be sad for a bad time that has passed; The past keep in your memory, but be happy for the cheerful moments that are coming.

Joy is acquired. It is an attitude of courage. Being happy is not easy, it is an act of will.

Joy is not something that is invented, it is something that is lived.

Being happy for no reason is the most authentic form of happiness.

Optimist irritates some people because he chooses to be happy, and being happy bothers a lot of people.

One day without laughing is a wasted day.

If you want to live a happy life, tie to a goal, not people or things.

LESSON OF THE DAY: One step at a time, remembering that cheerful steps are worth three!

Joyful quotes for WhatsApp status

WhatsApp status is the perfect place to show you a little of your personality. So we select cheerful quotes for WhatsApp status that will show all your contacts that your happiness comes above anything!

For today: smiles, a quiet mind and heart full of peace!

Smile! God has just given you a new day and extraordinary things can happen if you believe!

Give a play in life, a pause in good times, a stop in bad times and a repeat in the joys of life.

Don’t wait for the future to be happy, make the present your joy.

The recipe for happiness is to have love in the heart and smile on your face!

Prepare your heart because the time of joy is coming.

Happy are the people who even with the lived bitterness do not lose the sweetness of life.

Try joy! Joyful people see growth in everything.

Smile for strangers and turn lives.

Happiness is where you want it to be!

I left behind what was bad for me and today I am much happier.

Go slow, but never stop: Here’s the secret.

Rule Number One: Being Happy!

Sunny days are coming, wait!

Happy quotes of love

Love is a very precious feeling that gives us strong emotions and one of them is the immense joy. It is amazing to be able to share life with someone and find in that person the happiness you were looking for. See below for the best cheerful quotes of love:

My heart hits happy when you see you!

joy and love are the two great wings for the great deeds.

After all, if love is no joy, then I don’t know what people think love is!

Our joy when mixing makes love scream happiness!

Love is an invention of angels to make happiness last longer.

Love is a melody sung by two very happy hearts.

Peace, Love and Joy to Live!

Loving You is my greatest happiness.

When you arrived the joy stayed.

When someone’s happiness is your happiness, this is love!

Joy is about when the eyes laugh.

You are the biggest reason for my joy!

May the attachment cling to, may happiness stick, may love last!

Happy and Beautiful Quotes

Here you will find cheerful and beautiful quotes to cheer up your day and inspire you to keep in your life only what is good for you. Don’t forget to share with your friends who are a little discouraged to make them happy.

The heart that sows love reaps joy!

Often joy is the result of much suffering!

Be the person capable of smiling in the worst moments!

Smile without reasons, your happiness can make someone happy!

To be happy is not to live only moments of joy. Is to have the courage to face moments of sadness to transform learning problems.

The most beautiful way for you to follow is what makes your heart vibrate, your soul shine and your body smile!

Tomorrow will be a new day. Surely I will be happier.

is today the day of joy and sadness can not even think about coming.

The day brings with it a cloud full of joy and opportunities, it is up to you to know how to enjoy every special moment!

Always do good and be at peace with yourself!

Be happy because perfection does not exist!

Don’t fine me for speeding, is that I am in a hurry to be happy!

You can see that you are a very positive person who lives well with life. So, we selected our other list of joy quotes for you to continue demonstrating this beautiful feeling!

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