40 insecurity messages to have more faith and confidence in yourself

Insecurity is a treacherous feeling that grows in us and stagnates. How many things have you stopped doing for fear or lack of security? If you are that kind of person who has difficulty believing in others and in themselves, then read these insecurity quotes and share with those who are also plagued by this feeling.

Insecurity Quotes that will help you have more courage

insecurity makes you believe what nobody told you.

I know that I am often quite insecure, but it is for fear that it happens like the other times. Only those who have lived this and it didn’t work out well know how this feeling is

Insecurity is a kind of an anchor that, in a way, keeps us safe, but binds us to a single place.

You are greater than all your insecurities.

To end this insecurity, I just need to hear a ‘I love you’, and feel, finally, that is true.

Anxiety is nothing less than the intimate friend of insecurity.

I am an insecure, undecided person, aimless in life, without rudder to guide me: I don’t really know what to do with me.

I think insecurity is one of the worst feelings. Because we always need some certainty. Being insecure is like skating on ice.

I have no definite opinion about anything. I don’t think this is insecurity. I think it is openness, that everything is subject to another interpretation.

Don’t let insecurity drown your dreams.

Insecurity prevents us from doing extraordinary things, knowing amazing places and connecting with wonderful people.

Insecurity consists of the fact that you open your eyes to the qualities of others and close them to yours.

insecurity is a voice that does not always tell us the truth.

I know I’m insecure, but I also try with all my strength to overcome my fears and leave my past behind.

Insecurity: It looks like a mosquito, but just pay attention that becomes a monster.

Overcoming insecurity and fears is the first step to a lighter life and achievement.

Anxiety will echo within you, but your strength to continue must be greater than this feeling.

abandon your insecurity, be like a bird that rests on a tree but never fears that the branch breaks, because your trust is not on the branch, but in your own wings.

Insecurity kills the joy of living, because fear is your worst enemy.

Insecurity is a comfort zone where nothing new happens. Don’t get stuck in it!

Insecurity holds me in the past for the fear of the future.

Free yourself from your fears and your insecurity. You are amazing and capable of much more than you think!

Solitude produces insecurity – but the relationship does not seem to do anything else. In a relationship, you can feel as insecure as without it, or even worse. Only the names you give to anxiety change.

The great decisive moment for most people is to accept their insecurity and stop trying to hide it.

In a society that profits from its insecurity, liking yourself is an act of rebellion.

True love helps you overcome your insecurities and do not feed on them.

I am insecure to the point of doubting any compliment that make me.

Deliver us from the daily insecurity that wages laughter and delays happiness.

Insecurity never took me anywhere, on the contrary: it only holds me and does not let me take flights.

surround yourself with people who understand your fears and insecurities and help you overcome them.

insecurity and frustration lead man to violence and war.

Nothing worse than anyone looking deeply at their insecurity and disdaining it just because it doesn’t hurt you. Your wars are different from mine. Your scars are different from mine, but that does not give you the right to decrease or belittle a pain that is not yours.

We are born with wings, but we do not open them by fears created by ourselves: fear of the fall, judgments, perfectionism, insecurity.

Don’t let insecurities of a bad relationship spoil a new and amazing experience.

jealousy is often insecurity. Insecurity we treat in therapy.

The truth is that almost no one can deal with rejection. It is not easy not to feel dear. It is not easy not to feel like. Being rejected is as if someone was blowing the embers and rekindled an entire bonfire of insecurities. Then we only burn. We burn. In flames.

The smile on your face hides all my insecurity.

growing hurts. And it is afraid, insecurity. But it’s good, very good.

I feel insecure most of the time and the problem is that I know how to disguise very well.

Stay with someone who feeds your self -esteem and not your insecurities.

Send insecurity far away, believe in yourself and your potential. And to keep overcoming your fears, how about taking a look at these quotes of strength and overcoming?

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