80 messages for a photo with your girlfriend that reveal the strength of this passion

It is so special to find someone to love and that it is reciprocal. This person makes the days happier, the more real dreams and the happiness to be almost palpable. So, register the moments that go together and post with a caption that will make you feel even more special. Check out photo quotes with your girlfriend and choose your favorite!

Quotes for photo with girlfriend who will make her sigh of love

You are my favorite person and by your side, life is more beautiful.

My soul mate is you, even if we are so different from each other.

You made me forget all that passed and all who could come.

Because it was she who showed me that happiness was in love.

You make my heart jumps of joy when you see you. It’s like he’s in an amusement park.

Our paths have crossed and I have never been so sure about someone in life, as I have about you.

I would choose to be by your side a million times all over my life.

I try to describe you in so many words, but the only one that approaches what you represent is: Happiness.

Life will be beautiful with you by my side. I know we will live everything we always dream.

Your smile makes me lose the floor and make me fly immediately.

I want to marry you, I want you for me for a lifetime.

Love makes me dream of a future when you are present at all times.

I want to be by your side, be your great ally in every plans of life.

Your hug is my favorite address.

You are my safe haven. I know that by your side the world may be collapsing, but we will be winning.

To brighten my day, I just need your hand holding mine.

Let’s grow together and find out that we are bigger when we walk side by side.

You complete me, add me and make me overflow.

I take care of you, my girl, and you will always be safe by my side.

my love, I just hope the storms don’t scare you, but I will always protect you.

With you, life is always a beautiful sunny day and blue sky.

I want to live many lives by your side and love you deeply in all of them.

Life is more colorful when we love someone, and you made mine a rainbow.

The best moments of my life have something in common: you participate in them!

We have had so many different versions and I always learned to love you a little more in each of them.

I thought love was not for me until I find someone who loves me as I am.

I am completely surrendered to our love.

It was God who united us and he is the one who blesses our relationship every day.

You have me in your hands and wherever you go, I will too.

It’s so good to call you my girlfriend and know that our love is the right thing to live.

I want to fill you with kisses so that never forget how much I love you!

I want to keep you in a little pot and carry you forever with me.

I get emotional whenever I remember I’m lucky enough to be loved by you.

Your hug is so good, your kiss is unforgettable. You are the best part of me!

Paradise is a place on earth with you.

You are the most beautiful being I was lucky enough to meet!

We are living a dream and I never want to wake up!

You may not have been my first love, but it was love that made all other loves irrelevant.

I don’t know if the world is good, but it has been better since you arrived.

I love everything in you. Every detail of yours makes me want you even more.

I fit your smell and I leave me whole …

you are the love of my life, because you can not live in this life dying of love.

For you, I would do the impossible. For your smile, I would unfold!

If you talk about love, I will always remember you.

and if love had a color, it would be yours.

I will make you happy, how you do me. I will prove you every day that I am worthy of your love.

It looks like I found a place to live on your chest.

It’s unconditional, you have the exact way to attach me to you.

We are partners until the end and nothing is able to end our love.

Our love will be like this, me for you, you for me.

You are like this for me, my beginning, middle and end. The moment I saw you smile, that’s when I discovered happiness itself.

You are my lucky amulet. Everything works when I’m with you.

It is you who fill the empty life, send the agony away and that brought peace to the heart.

And beautiful things are more beautiful when you are, where you are, today you are.

I can have fun alone, but I like it much more when I have your company.

I want to share good life with you.

Our differences are already doing so well.

rare jewel is our love. So I take care of him as a precious treasure.

Everyone has a person, that person who makes you forget everyone else.

I made you my fuel, my horizon, my shelter.

You illuminate my days with the brightness of your eyes. You are so beautiful!

I choose you with all your defects and this crooked way of being.

It was my heart that decided for me, but if the choice was mine, I would choose you anyway.

We surpass the difficult times to further appreciate the calm we share.

And my place is this, next to you, in the whole body.

Sometimes I think I should tell you more often that I love you and that I want you more than anything.

We are not the first love of each other, but I’m sure we will be the last.

I only know how to dance with you, this is what love does.

My happiness is to see you smile.

Only you have the gift of making me fly and put your feet on the floor at the same time.

That my love will not be a passenger, I will love you from January to January, until the world is over.

My world has a way of yours.

We are not perfect, but that’s what makes us a strong couple. We respect our differences.

It’s in your smile that my kiss wants to live.

Life sometimes leaves us upside down, but this time, getting head -on was the best thing that happened to me.

That we are not lacking time to live intensely the love we feel.

When you say you love me, know that I love you more.

Woman’s way and girl’s look, it broke my routine, gave birth to what I didn’t have!

I don’t need to close my eyes to dream … I just need to look at you, because you make life be a beautiful dream.

I want to travel in your gaze and find paradise in your hug.

such a beautiful relationship deserves to be celebrated every day. And since she makes you float, return this affection with quotes to make your girlfriend happy and make you smile with your love!

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