80 honesty messages to demonstrate the importance of being truthful

Honesty is one of the most sought after characteristics today, as we live at a time when it is more common to hear news about theft, corruption and lies than stories of people who were honest.

However, even in the face of such facts, we must always have honesty as a guide of our lives, making it the direction of all the attitudes we take, because only then can we make the world a better place.

Thinking about it, we have selected the best honesty quotes to make you reflect on this important quality. Check it out!

Citations of Honesty and Humility

Honesty and humility are two extremely important and necessary qualities, so nothing better than uniting them in a very special category, with quotes for you to share with your friends.

Always opt for honesty: only she guarantees a clean consciousness and nights of quiet sleep.

I may not be a millionaire or have a high IQ, but my honesty will always be my brand!

Not a coin in your pocket, but the character full of honesty? You are a rich person!

I prefer a life of failure than a recognition achieved with dishonesty!

I do not intend to be better than anyone, but I want to be the most honest person in the world.

I don’t know what would be of life if it wasn’t for honesty to ground my steps!

A honest person does not need an audience to show his honesty.

I don’t want to luxury, no fight for impossible dreams, a little honesty is enough for me!

You may have acquired many things in life, but nothing is more valuable than having a great character.

A good and honest heart will always feel the power of gratitude.

To be honest, it doesn’t take much, just fulfill what you say and practice good principles.

The world is not the smart. It’s honest and true people. Selfish, one day, is discovered and becomes shame. Honesty becomes an example for generations of the future. One corrupts life; The other ennobles the soul.

Honesty thrives under all conditions of life.

Honesty is praised by all, but dies cold.

Money can even bring happiness, but not satisfaction! Satisfaction comes when he is conquered honestly!

No inheritance is as rich as honesty.

No property, no gold and silver, is more estimable than honesty.

Citations of honesty and sincerity

Being honest and honest are characteristics that can change a person’s life, since such qualities convey a sense of confidence to others. Therefore, always seek to tell the truth and live life as honest as possible!

Honesty is to do the right even when no one is looking.

Everyone errs and have defects. The difference is that who is honest does not make a point of hiding this.

Even when lying is the easiest way, be honest and differentiate yourself from those who fall into the temptation of falsehood!

The advantage of honesty is that the competition is small.

I do not tolerate lies or falsehood, I only accept good people and full of honesty!

Honesty must be fundamental quality for those seeking respect and confidence.

There is no word as true as the honesty of a look.

Honesty is an activity that the more we practice, the more we need to live it.

integrity is telling the truth to myself. Honesty is telling the truth to others.

Being honest is a challenge in this world of falsehood!

Be honest and true in all situations. Honesty is the great test for our inheritance of the universe.

Lie is a thing of weak people, always honest, especially with yourself!

Honesty is more than telling the truth, it is to show all your thinking.

With each lie told, we allow once again that our honesty is affected.

Only the eyes show honestly what goes in the soul.

Honesty is the language of respect and the face of transparency.

As hard as it is, never the subject of the truth, because honesty is a wonderful quality.

Honesty is the way to never fall into the webs of falsehood, lies and poverty of spirit!

If you want, say. If you don’t want to, say too. Honesty is the most beautiful thing you can offer.

There are people with honesty problems, they do not like to hear the truths and hate to speak the reality of things.

Honesty is always the way! No matter the consequences, always speak the truth!

Those who do not value honesty are always surprised when they face sincerity.


Being honest is something that defines the character of a person, because such a beautiful quality can only come with a good character. See the best quotes on the theme to be shared with all the good people you know!

Make honesty your brand image and reveal the best life has to offer!

Honesty is a quality inherent in character and does not need to be proven. Who tries to prove that it is honest, is indeed hypocritical and disguised.

Many think it is stupid some honest acts, but I prefer to live stupidly honest and conserve quiet sleep.

Honesty is an expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people.

For some, honesty is a myth; For me, it’s a lifestyle!

Honesty is appreciated, confidence is conquered, loyalty is returned and respect is deserved.

the way the world is, being honest is equivalent to being chosen between ten thousand.

Missing is human, taking error is character.

Bads flee even when no one pursues them, but the honest man is brave as a lion.

Do what is right, not what is easy.

The price that honesty charges, there is no trickery that pays.

Honesty does not define your character, but determines your conscience.

clarity in the idea, purity in the heart, feeling as a guide and honesty as religion.

To be recognized for good character, it is essential to value honesty.

Who sows honesty reaps perfect fruits, even in a terrain full of pests.

Honesty is not promised, practiced!

Honesty always wins!

Honesty is the first step for true changes.

Honesty will never be too much. Your morals are not gained, it is done!

Honesty never goes out of style!

Honesty is the password for a lasting friendship.

We all owe honestness to the world and others, but especially ourselves.

chic is to honor your word, be grateful to those who help you, correct with those relate and honest in your business.

If to win, your honesty is at stake, then lose. This will always be a winner.

If the trickster knew how good it is to be honest, it would be honest only by trickery.

Want to end corruption? Be honest!

Be seen as superhero, show your honesty!

Living happy is no more than living with honesty and righteousness.

We all know what a dishonest action is, but what is honesty, that no one knows.


Love is a sublime and wonderful feeling, however, should always be accompanied by great honesty, because only then is it possible to have a relationship based on trust and, consequently, enjoy all the benefits that this feeling can bring! P>

Be honest with your heart and don’t leave tomorrow the love he wants to declare today.

Moral of the story: I got tired of suffering for those who do not value the honesty of my love!

I love people who show honest looks, sincere smiles and love in every gesture.

Love can be defined in two words: honesty and respect.

Love is not an honest feeling.

There are four important words in life: love, honesty, truth and respect. Without it, you have nothing.

Love is sublime, not buying. Conquest with respect, faithfulness and honesty.

Love is only true if the two are and do the honesty and respect their way of life.

The greatest truth is what each one has within themselves and not showing it is a dishonesty for the next!

I can’t love to love, I don’t know how to live on lies, I can’t fly with your feet on the floor.

I love you with all honesty in the world and I will never stop loving you, because having you is a virtue that makes me good to the soul and heart.

We can pretend a love, an emotion, but no one pretends honesty.

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