40 good night status messages that will light up your dreams

A dream night is incredibly able to improve a bad day. So don’t be discouraged, know when relaxing and resting! To nourish good thoughts before bed and have a quality sleep, check out our good night quotes for status. Share on your social networks and want good dreams to your contacts.

Good night quotes for status that will aquitar the mind

Good night! May Our Lady give us a night of peace.

Turn off the lights, reassure the mind, relax the body and rest deeply. Good night!

Good night! I wish beautiful dreams and a great rest.

Time is in charge of putting everything in place. I wish a blessed night!

Happiness comes to those who do not give up believing. Good night!

Try to look more at the stars and the moon before bed. Good night!

Faith: light I don’t see, but guides me. Good night!

May the energies of good, love and peace come to you. Good night!

Deliver your dreams into God’s hands and let Him fulfill one by one. Good night!

God is preparing a dawn of blessings for you. Good night!

God will lead your rest and guide your day tomorrow. Good night!

Just close your eyes and believe me, tomorrow will be a better day. Good night!

May the angels guide your dreams and God take care of your day tomorrow. Good night!

My heart thanks you for the blessings of the past day. Good night!

Let’s go to sleep, because tomorrow starts all over again. Good night!

May your night be beautiful and your morning even better. Good night!

Let fate take care, he will write the most beautiful stories in his life. Good night!

The time has come to quench the mind and rest the body. Good night!

Another beautiful day ended. Let’s rest and replace the energies, for tomorrow begins all over again. Good night!

Faith is the flashlight that guides us in the darkness of life and helps us find the light. Good night!

For difficult nights, strengthen your faith in tomorrow. Good night!

Another day overdue with all the objectives fulfilled. Good night!

Sleep in peace, for God is taking care of you. Good night!

Don’t worry about tomorrow, God is taking care of everything. Good night!

God reaches our dreams and make them reality. Good night!

Just shine until the darker thoughts are wider. Good night!

He who keeps you never sleeps. Good night!

Nothing like a well -slept night to wake up and start over tomorrow. Good night!

99% sleep, but that 1% stirring on the phone. Good night!

It is by faith that the ways become illuminated. Good night!

Good night! Wherever you are, that angels protect you.

God is taking care of your night and preparing your dawn. Believe me!

I wish you a good and quiet sleep, with wonderful dreams to invigorate your strength for tomorrow!

There is time for everything, including to rest. Good night and sleep well!

My night will be 3D. Lying, sleeping and resting!

Peace make your home in every heart. Good night!

Those who believe in the power of faith sleep with tranquility. Good night!

Don’t give up being happy because today it didn’t work out today. Tomorrow will be better. Good night!

Good night and that a sky of blessings reach you tonight.

No one goes to sleep without asking or without giving your forgiveness. Have a good night!

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