80 Good Friday messages to renew faith in 2024

For Christians, the Friday preceding Easter marks the day of the passion and death of Jesus Christ. According to the teachings, he surrendered to save the world from sins. If you have faith in God and want to deepen it, you will feel touched by the quotes of Holy Friday. Take advantage of this day to reflect and remember the sacrifice on the cross!

Holy Friday quotes recalling the passion of Jesus

The sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross is also the greatest proof of love the Creator has for all of us.

The cross where Christ suffered all pain is the way that shows love. If your blood hesates every wound and in me, free will be, O Lord!

By the so much oppressed cross, Jesus Christ falls faint, by your salvation. Never has been seen greater love!

He assumed our pains! Who believes in Him does not perish, but will have the light that does not go out and the life that never ends.

God Father, we offer you the body and blood of Christ, His soul and divinity in the atonement of our sins.

Thus I find myself before you: a huge God who, for love, is reached.

Just stand still at the foot of the cross and be remembered: the star creator preferred to die for you to live without you.

looking at your passion, I see myself so much that there is only embarrassment for not deciding. In a day I swear love, shouting “Hosanna to the king”. In another, I offend you, shouting “kill him”.

Ó, beautiful cross, that hope gives me, that the lamb to imolar brings life to the world. O, beautiful cross, who thirsty rose to the death of God for my soul.

Today is the day to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for all of us. To save us, he delivered his own life. There is no greater proof of love than this!

The greatest act of love in history: He, for so much love, endured a lot … Everything for you!

victory, you will reign. O cross, you will save us! We go to town and there I will suffer. I will be crucified, but I will revive.

my people, what did I do to you? Say, where did I contrive you? Why did you deliver me to death? What did I miss?

Jesus Christ, dying, erased our condemnation with his blood so that we may recover the hope of forgiveness and eternal salvation.

Lord, for your passion, in the abandonment of the cross, have mercy on us! JESUS, THE BLOOD WORDE OF YOUR HEART FOR YOUR SACRIFICE, MERCY!

It was in solitude your greatest pain … sweat and blood, anguish and love! His faith overcame pain, his destiny surrendered.

Redemption gathered from that cross. Salvation, finally, reached us. Forgiveness in your eyes I found. He saved me, rescued me, justified. Did not spare his own son, delivered for love to take condemnation that weighed on me.

Good Friday: He led our greatest pains upon himself, so that we had abundant life.

The cross of Jesus is the greatest symbol of love and forgiveness. May this day be remembered with respect and admiration for having overcome death to make us win in life.

Who can resist if Jesus spilling is his precious blood here in this place?!

This is the wood of the cross, which hang the salvation of the world. Come, we love it! Christ became obedient, obedient to death on a cross!

O Jesus, by the merits of your passion, death, and resurrection, give me the grace to live the fruits of our redemption.

All afflictions, they are, if we can take them, our participation in the Passion of Christ.

By your wounds, we were healed. God proves his love to us as Christ died for us, being sinners …

Holy Friday: day when we must rethink our acts, purify us and ask for forgiveness to the one who sacrificed his life for us.

For the person united with Christ on the cross, nothing is more comforting and glorious than bringing the signs of crucified Jesus.

The death of Jesus Christ on the cross is a total surrender of love. For love, he took my sins and made me worthy of having salvation.

Jesus dies on the cross … and with Him people die in poverty for our selfishness. And with it people die with our destructible criticism. And with him, elderly, I died that we leave in abandonment. And with him he dies, all the lack of love.

You can’t defeat the cross, because it is the defeat itself, but it is the defeat that brought life.

Good Friday: Day of silence, respect, reflection and a lot of prayer. A day blessed by the memory of the one who died to save us.

O Christ, of the winning death, through your life and your love, you have revealed to us the face of the Lord. Now life is eternal!

In Jesus there was no crime and no sin, but still he was punished, tortured, humiliated and dead. It is time to allow the healing that only forgiveness can bring.

oh! Chagas of Jesus, come hurt my heart so hard. Oh! Call love, come warm my heart so cold. They mocked the Lord, cruel humiliation. Crown of thorns put over you. And I, full of me, seeking my reasons, rights and consoles, running away from my cross.

“Everything is consummated.” With that, he bowed his head and handed the spirit.

Now, if we already die with Christ, we believe that we will live with Him.

It was for you that I let myself be so chagned and wounded, so feel loved and dear, because it is my love that heals your pain!

Here is the Lamb of God, which takes away the sin of the world.

From the wounds I received, blood or pain came out. That’s why Evil I won, because love only came out!

The death of Jesus Christ has given us life! Remember your sacrifice and love for you, to the point of giving your life to save you.

Because God loved the world in such a way that he gave his only begotten Son, that everyone who believes does not perish, but has eternal life.

Your faith overcame pain. To his destiny, he surrendered. Salvation would be as God the Father wanted.

It was for you that on the cross my blood was shed, so feel dear and loved.

Holy God, strong God, immortal God. TEND PIELF OF US! Today is the day to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for all of us.

It was almost noon, and darkness covered the whole earth until three o’clock in the afternoon; The sun had stopped shining. And the veil of the sanctuary tore in half. Jesus shouted in a loud voice, “Father, in your hands I give my spirit.” Having said that, he expired.

By dying crucified, your Jesus is condemned. For your crimes, sinner … With the cross, it is loaded and, from the burden, will die for your love.

I am the resurrection and life; Whoever believes in me, even if he is dead, will live. And whoever lives and believes in me will not die forever.

The language of the cross is crazy to those who get lost, but for those who have been saved, for us, it is a divine force.

Now my heart is distressed, and what do I say? Father, save me from this hour? But it was precisely for this time I came.

no one has greater love than the one who gives his life for the who love.

At Gethsemane, my Jesus was giving the Father once more … See the blackheads in his hands, his body to suffer in those moments of pain. See the master crying and it was for you that he showed so much love.

If we remember the crucifixion of Christ, we will see how light our burden is. There is nothing to fear, for our eternal death he has already taken upon himself.

Wounded by blackheads and thorns, rumored by my sins. It’s me, the launch in hand, the soldier who hurt his sacred heart.

God proved His love on the cross. When Christ hanging, there blew, died there, it was God saying to the world, “I love you.”

May this Holy Friday renew your faith, your hope and overflow your life of love. Jesus died for us in an act of love that will be remembered forever!

full of love, the blood turned.

Let me enter the breach of your chest, meet you inside. In your wounds, healing and liberation find.

The wounds of Jesus Christ hurt the hardest hearts and warm the most cold souls.

My departure a chaggate man showed me, and said that love on a cross he proved. I could then feel your blood invading me, my life since then it has changed!

nails did not hold God on a cross. Love, yes.

As the Father loved me, I also loved you; Stay in this love of mine.

This Holy Friday, imitate our Lord: Forgive all the sins of those who once hurt him, just as Jesus Christ did to us.

In fact, he took our sickness upon himself, and carried our sufferings: and we reputed him as a punished, wounded by God and humiliated. But he was punished for our crimes, and crushed by our iniquities; the punishment that saves us weighed upon him; We were healed thanks to your wounds.

Jesus, my hope and my love, not to lose me, you wanted to lose your life.

Kiss your passion that frees me from my passions. Kiss your cross that condemns and crushes sin in me. Kiss your blackheads, your hands that delete the punishment of evil. Kiss your wound that healed the wound of my heart. I kiss you, Lord, and your passion is my everything.

But he was injured because of our transgressions, and ground because of our iniquities; The punishment that brings us peace was upon him, and by his pouts we were healed.

Blessed be the cross! Love for her revealed. We are the Church of the Cross, so we exalt her Lord. There is no more barrier between us, for her the veil of the temple tore. The sky is open to us, what was sin now is endless grace.

Today is Holy Friday! Day of praying and thank God for giving us his beloved Son, Jesus Christ, who died for us on a cross to erase our sins.

And Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, because they do not know what they do.”

Holy Friday is a day of reflection and introspection. Moment to review our attitudes and leave what is bad to die.

Jesus, you have carried my sins in your own body and of all humanity to save us.

What is your life, my brothers, but the cross? Where does the bread of your soul come from? What is your joy but the cross? What is your delight, what is your sky, but the blessed, once crucified by you, who lives to intercede for you?

For your painful passion, you have mercy on us and the whole world!

I cry the pains and humiliations of my Lord. What makes me most cry is that men, by whom he suffered so much, live forgotten from Him.

You want to progress in the love of God, meditate every day the passion of the Lord. Nothing contributes to the holiness of people as the passion of Christ.

Blessed be the Lamb of God, which for us, on the cross, suffered!

Taking our sins on the tree to his body, so that, dead to sins, we could live for justice; and for your wounds you were healed.

Died! O God! Who died? The author of life, the only begotten of God, the Lord of the world. O death, that you made heaven and nature amazed! A God die for your creatures!

Today is Holy Friday, one day to reflect on unconditional sacrifice and love. May we remember its true meaning and renew our hopes on better days.

a great silence reigns today on earth … a great silence because the king sleeps.

This Holy Friday, reflect on the meaning of the words of Jesus Christ and the gestures he made, to tone the world a better place.

God’s love for humanity embarrasses. He handed over his own son to redeem sins and make room for everyone’s salvation.

The important thing is: death does not have the final word! In Christ is redemption. So, enjoy this holy day as an invitation to reflect and review your attitudes and how you have led your life.

Get ready for Easter! Fill your heart with love and hope with these sabbath quotes with perfect hallaia to raise your eyes to heaven and restore faith in eternal life.

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