75 messages of pain for you to learn to learn great lessons from it

All human beings are required to live with pain. Whether a physical or sentimental pain, we will some time face it.

But pain can also be born art! Songs, books, paintings, poetry and many other works are inspired by difficult feelings that, in the end, result in beautiful productions.

We have selected the best pain quotes to help you reflect on these moments, and give you that help to face it. Check it out:

Pain quotes for status

To show that you are going through a difficult time or reaching people who need to reflect, sharing some sentence on your social networks can be a good idea. See pain quotes for status for you to post:

Pain is fertile. It is from her that the strength sprouts.

If I could, I would take the pain, put it inside an envelope and return to the sender.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

To regret a pain passed in the present is to create another pain and suffer again.

Who wants to suffer. Who lives wants. Life is pain.

Everyone is able to master a pain except who feels it.

We never know what the other’s pain is.

Pleasure is not an evil in itself; But certain pleasures bring more pain than happiness.

The man that pain has not educated will always be a child.

Running in search of pleasure, stumble with pain.

Pain is as necessary as death.

Pain raises, pain exalts, pain divinizes.

A smile does not take away the suffering, but relieves the pain.

We should not judge the lives of others, because each of us knows their own pain and renunciation.

Pain feeds courage. You can’t be brave if only wonderful things have happened to you.

Only the crying eyes know how to see.

Soul Pain Quotes

Some sorrows lodge in our soul and accompany us for a long time, it is with them that we need to learn to live. Check out some quotes of soul pain:

The memory of happiness is no longer happiness; The recall of pain is still pain.

New pain is born of the pain itself.

A fire devours another fire. A pain of anguish heals with another.

The wise seeks the absence of pain and not pleasure.

Remorse is the only pain of the soul that neither reflection nor time attenuate.

We feel the pain, but not your absence.

Our pain does not come from the lived things, but from the things that were dreamed and did not meet.

We were made for pain. Tears are to our heart what water is for fish.

We all have our pet pains. What differentiates us from each other is the ability to live amicably with them.

Between pain and nothingness, what do you choose?

There are pain impossible to ignore.

is not right when it is said that time heals everything: Suddenly, old pains become launching and only die with man.

Pain is the substance of life and the root of personality, because only suffering if it is a person.

Love Pain Quotes

Love has its two faces: while it can fill us with joy, at some point, it can end up bringing us suffering. Have you been through this? See some quotes of love pain and identify yourself:

Only one word frees us from all the weight and pain of life: this word is love.

Gracejos that cause pain are not jokes.

Marriage causes multiple pains, but celibacy offers no pleasure.

If you want to love someone, love yourself. It hurts less.

Love is a disease. I feel nauseous, fevers, muscle aches. I wake up scared in the middle of the night. I cry for nothing.

Medicine is the remedy for all human pain, only love is an evil that has no cure.

In love, they alternate joy and pain.

Among the pains of youth, there is one that hurts practically all the time: the pain of loving and not being loved; the pain of wanting and not knowing how to love well.

The worst pain in the world is to force the head to forget what the heart remembers all the time.

How strange the dead nature of those who have no pain is strange. How sterile is the certainty of those who live without love …

I know it is true love when the farewell hurts, and after goodbye the soul continues to cry with every revive memory.

The greatest pain of love is when we know that he must die, but we have no courage to kill him.

It is certain that sometimes loving it can cause pain, but the worst pain is one that is felt by a heart that has never loved.

If you are not willing to look like an idiot, it does not deserve to fall in love.

Life is a Calvary. It rises to love for pain, redemption for suffering.

Pain and suffering quotes

Passenger or not, suffering comes at a time or another in our lives. The important thing is to know how to deal with them! We have selected the best quotes of pain and suffering to help you reflect, check out:

Pain used to it does not feel.

crying is to decrease the depth of pain.

remorse is a pain that warns us from existence in us from some disorders. Serves as physical pain for the conservation of life.

There is no pain that sleep cannot win.

There is no greater pain than to remember the happy days when we are in misery.

There are people who are thirsty to suffer. Pleasure is never strong enough, and they yearn the pain.

Waiting it hurts, forgetting it, but not knowing if you should wait or forget it is the worst of pain.

man is an apprentice, pain is his master, and no one knows himself until he suffered.

Pain is the undesible companion of pleasure.

Please spread love, because of pain and suffering the world is already full.

I don’t know what hurts the most: the pain of when you lose someone dear or when you lose someone who is still alive.

Great pains make the minors badly feel and, in the absence of the big ones, even the slightest disgust us.

Until very recently we could change the world. Who stole our courage? Everything is pain. And all the pain comes from the desire not to feel pain …

I could bear, though not without pain, that they had died all my loves, but it would go crazy if they died all my friends!

The higher the spirit, the more it suffers.

When the pain is very large, suffering is silent.

Pain and Overcoming Quotes

Good news: Since nothing is forever in this life, suffering is not! Are you going through a difficult time or do you have that friend who needs comfort? Share these quotes of pain and overcoming with it and help you go through this difficult time.

If the feeling did not last forever, the pain will not last either.

Each experience hides a lesson. Even the pain comes to learn to evolve.

Nothing makes us as big as a great pain.

Pain is the origin of knowledge.

No pain is strong enough that you cannot stand.

No one can rid the men of pain, but it will be blessed who makes the courage to be reborn to bear it.

Never forget the lessons learned in pain.

Each adversity, every failure, each headache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

My daughter, your pains are not the greatest in the world and will not be. Shake the dust. Take a river bath. It opens these wings. Shouts loudly, cries low. Jumps loudly and falls into the face. Draws all the beauty of the world. Buy a box of color pencil and go out there coloring life.

Don’t worry, because God is greater than the pain you are feeling!

where pain abounds the liqueurs.

Pain has a great educational power: it makes us better, more merciful, more able to collect us in ourselves and persuade us that this life is not a fun, but a duty.

say pain makes us wise.

God has given you pain, but also patience and knowledge, for pain can be understood, as his memory, to that greater pain that he had to endure, for you.

Leave this pain and allow the beauty of life to heal this wound.

Now that you have seen pain quotes, how about checking some short reflection quotes? Think about what you have lived and reflect!

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