75 captions for photos with children to highlight your love for your little one

A child is a gift in the lives of all around him. It is synonymous with renewal, new air and new life for everyone. When they are young, they are so cute that we want to share every small advance they give. Be a cute smile, the first teeth, the first steps or any other phase of their development.

When they grow up, we are filled with pride with young people and adults they have become and we want to continue spreading their achievements. Therefore, we have selected quotes to be used as a photo subtitle with child in all its phases. Use the right words to demonstrate how much you love your children and family:

photo caption with baby child

Babies bring joy and significant change in the lives of new parents. They are synonymous with new life and renewal. Check out a photo caption with baby child and share with everyone as the arrival of this little one has made you feel.

Our journey has just begun, but you can always support me to move on.

My eyes were not open before you arrived. If before I saw the world in a way, I realize today how much it is much greater.

At the moment you were born, a new life began for me. A wonderful life in which I became much more than it was before: I became a mother!

You will always be the piece of people I want to take care of.

You were the best gift I’ve ever won, it makes all my days much happier. I love you so much, my puppy, my life!

I was already your mother long before you were born. When you were just a dream in my mind, I already loved you. And now you arrived, my most precious good, my gift from heaven, and my love only grows.

You made my life overflow with happiness!

My heart hits this little girl. The great gift of my life, my long -awaited daughter. Real love I didn’t know, until you see her eyes opening for the first time.

Arguably, your smile is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

You came to change my life! Now it’s much better than it was before.

You barely just born and you can be the little person I love the most in this whole world my son.

Nothing rejoices me more than you, I promise you eternal love, love of my life!

Today, I am more than it was before, all thanks to him. Having a child has become a better person!

The best gift of God, the meaning of my life. I love you, my baby.

The purest, perfect and true definition of love: my baby.

photo caption with child on his lap

Holding children on your lap is synonymous with protection and affection. It is as if we have saved them from all evil that life can one day reach them. Therefore, see quotes to be used as a photo subtitle with child on your lap and demonstrate how you will protect you for a lifetime.

The happiness of my children is my own happiness.

The love we give to children does not decrease because it is divided. It multiplies! Each of my little ones has a piece of my heart.

Every day I am surprising with you! Your intelligence, your kindness and your cleverness. The size of your smile and even your mischief.

You rejoice, enchant me and illuminate me. You are the best thing that happened to me in life!

Everything in you is grace and joy, it’s different and special. Seeing you grow is a gift, the best show of this world.

Children are a mess in our lives: the best possible mess! It is true that my world has changed a lot since children arrived, but I can’t imagine a better world.

is lit, delights everyone and came to make my life shine. I love you, son!

Only after you were born did I know the true meaning of unconditional love. To my little one: the great love of my life!

Forever my baby, no matter how much he complains.

My beloved son, of all the blessings that God provided me with, you are the best and greatest of them.

Today, I love more intensely, my smiles are more true and my joy is more intense. Today, I have more concerns and responsibilities, but this is because I have a life as precious as yours in my hands.

having a child taught me a lot about life. He taught me that I am much stronger than I imagined. That I am capable of everything to make you smile.

Today I have in my arms my greatest treasure, a gift that God sent to illuminate my life.

This love has no explanations! It’s every detail of yours, every laugh, every stumble and your hug that is the best in the world. It’s your curious looks discovering the world, it’s your voice stuttering the first words. It’s all about you, my son, my love, the best part of my life!

The word son should be synonymous with love, for there is no greater feeling in the world than when we feel his presence within us and see his face at birth!

photo caption with children together

There is nothing more delicious than being close to our family, sharing moments and creating memories. Check out quotes to be used as a photo caption with children together and show everyone on your social networks how beautiful and happy your family is.

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, one for her and another for her children.

I think being a father has always been at my destination. Of all the roles I have already fulfilled in life, son, brother, student and professional, this is certainly what best fits me best. My children are my life!

So, my little ones start to become women … Time has gone too fast, sometimes I still hope to see you running, with a toy in your arms and braids on your hair. But you grew up and, as always, fill me with a lot of pride and joy.

Always take my love and at least some of my advice. I know you have everything you need to achieve your dreams.

fills me with proud chest to see that each of them is conquering their dreams, reaching everything they have so hard for. Their smiles are reflected in my face. Congratulations, my dears, you deserve all this and more!

The best smiles of all are theirs! Their joys too, because they all infect around. What wonderful children are you, I am very proud to call them children.

Dear children, I will always hold on your hands! I will fight the world if necessary just to see these beautiful smiles in the air.

I may not have carried my children in the womb, but I know I’ve always been destined to be their mother. The loop of love that unites us is strong like no other.

To heaven, I ask you to protect you every day, so that no one can hurt you, so that they do not confuse in their ways and have wisdom. I hope your journeys are full and full of achievements, because you, my children, are more than deserving!

Only after having children do you understand that there are more precious lives than yours.

This is my pride, my continuation and the reason for my joys. Having children is a gift from God, it is really the purest love that someone can feel.

my children, I may be a little closed, with few hugs, but I always watch them and admire them. In my simple gestures, I say “I love you” in silence and I hope that your ways are blessed.

Having children puts the world from perspective. Everything else just disappears.

Gratitude to God for granting me the blessing of having such kind, careful and honest children as I have. The heavens got me up in a way that not even in a thousand lives I could thank enough.

Seeing them grow makes me realize that time fly. Just yesterday you were babies who smiled at me in my arms. Today, I can’t even carry them on my lap. You teach me every new day how good it is to live and how we are always constantly evolving.

Caption for photo with son and husband

Starting a family is a beautiful and striking moment. Having your son and husband together is proof that love exists and is present in your life. Use these beautiful quotes as a photo subtitle with son and husband and praise how precious they are.

You are a divine gift that brought out the best version of me and your father.

Family Love is the most inexplicable thing in the world, neither a father can tell a son how much he loves him, nor can his son tell his father, so they simply show.

They say every man needs to plant a tree, write a book and have a child. Today, my husband plants a tree with our son and we know that his children will be able to reap the fruits of the actions we perform today.

It’s amazing how a small being leaves us like this, speechless to describe its importance in our lives!

I need not say that my love for you is greater than the sky, or deeper than the oceans, it simply cannot be measured!

Our dear Son: For you we wish the most beautiful dreams of one night. And bonus, may they all realize as soon as dawn!

Our child, our jewel, our life, our love!

My biggest good is my family, my son and my husband, I love unconditionally.

my husband and son are the greatest blessing I have ever received in my life.

is that it makes no sense to walk without giving you the hand.

Every day my love for you is renewed and I’m sure my happiness is complete.

Family is the true plan of love of God.

My smile demonstrates all the joy I feel for having you by my side. I love you!

Never forget, no second, that I have the greatest love in the world. How great is my love for you!

my husband and son are everything to me. I love you so much!

Caption for photo with friend’s baby

When the people we love are taking important steps in life, we are very happy. Demonstrate the happiness and votes you want for this new phase of your friend with caption for a photo with baby baby.

My love is added, never subtracted, being multiplied and with you divided, my beloved son.

Congratulations on the beautiful boy!

Each child who is born is a little bit of the beauty of the universe and the great love of God … Congratulations on the baby!

May this baby be very blessed by God and bring a lot of happiness to the couple and the family!

God gave you this child as a gift because he knows that you deserve this gift!

Life is really an eternal discovery and it is about to start for this beautiful baby who has just been born! May God bless you!

I will take care of your child how you care about all these years of friendship. I love you two.

Your baby was born … Congratulations! All happiness in the world for mom and baby!

Your wait is over, now it’s just happiness and this same happiness pulsates in our hearts, in the hearts of all those who like you, and admire you!

He is our angel. Only without wings.

Mom, waiting is over. From now on is living every moment of every discovery and happiness that this child will surely give you … Cheers! I will always be here for you.

friend, it’s so good to be with you right now, I can’t wait for that little girl starting to call me aunt. My love for you is shared with this beautiful baby!

There are things that are inexplicable, one of them is the love I feel for you and your little one.

Today I want to share with you of this joy, this happiness to know that you gave birth to a child, a being that has been generated with love and this same love will accompany you for a lifetime!

You are receiving one of God’s greatest blessings: a child! Now begins a new life, with a feeling of affection and unity, that only such a desired baby could bring

Children are all good, right? Even the children of our friends are wonders for those who nourish a lot of affection. To continue in this family spirit and joy, check out our selection of photo subtitles with family to show all your love.

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