75 beautiful messages to make your day more special

One day after the other and life goes on! And among the pains and joys of existing, there is always a message that marks the soul positively and provides courage to live the future. Next, check out the most inspiring beautiful quotes that will make you dive into a sea of ​​wonders and genuine feelings!

Beautiful quotes that will positively impact your heart

Sometimes it is necessary to go through the pain of pruning to flourish.

The past taught me that the importance of tomorrow is in today.

We all have light and darkness within us, what matters is the side we decided to act. This is what we really are.

Life is a pile of beautiful things that the universe has prepared for us.

Your perfume is like rain smell, it always brings me good memories.

It’s not about getting to the top of the world and knowing that you have won, it’s about climbing and feeling that the path has strengthened you.

You will never triumph above the big waves if you give up the small ones.

The beauty of a butterfly is not in its wings, but in its freedom.

The present is the point where time meets eternity.

May the sound of your steps towards the future form the most beautiful melody.

Do you have a sense that you have won all the battles you’ve lived here?

I want to see you dance, I want to be able to enjoy with you and go to the morning to paradise.

Don’t want to be rare, because the rare nowadays has become common. Want to be extraordinary!

You need to know the pain to know what true happiness is.

He is not the sun, you are!

No time is lost. The passing of the seconds is the sum of life!

Be brave to go beyond what the horizon allows you to see.

I may not see tomorrow, but today I know this desert will come to an end. The Lord is taking care of me!

Where to pass it leaves good marks, so the road ahead will be full of flowers.

May the misadventures of life make you see how extraordinary you are.

My thoughts are stars that I can’t find in constellations.

The sun is the smile of the sky, smile back to him and show his light.

The horizon does not allow you to see the infinity of possibilities that the depths offer.

Talk about the color of temporal, blue sky, the flowers of April. Thinking beyond good and evil, remembering things that no one has seen.

Happiness is what the soul flourishes.

Carry love, innocence and kindness with it. So you have everything you need!

Women do not become complete with a man. Women have been complete since they arrive in the world.

A tear shows the transparency of our soul.

It’s the doubts, not the certainties, that lead us in surprising paths.

Life taught me never to give up, nor earn or lose, but seek to evolve.

Be intensely you, without fear of what others will think.

We are free as far as we allow ourselves to be.

we accept the love we find it deserves.

Deliver with heart to those who need it most: you!

That all the energy of the universe pours at your feet like an endless waterfall.

Happiness is like the feather that the wind goes through the air.

Each storm that Vivi made me realize that, after the intense rain, the sun always comes.

I made my home my home.

You will never be able to find yourself if you are lost in someone else.

Give value to each scar that carries in the chest. They are the ones who made you get where it is!

Love is much more than feeling. It is being, living, manifesting, exploring …

The sky may even change, simply darken, but when I look at you, that’s all that matters.

His smile is like a starry sky that illuminates the small town in my heart.

Live from metamorphoses. I’m not afraid of change!

It’s never too late, or, in my case, too soon, to be who you want to be.

I want to be free as happiness, which comes and go with no appointment and is always very well received.

That smiles and laughs will see style trend.

I know that I will suffer the eternal misfortune of living, waiting to live by your side, all my life.

Become able to love yourself until loneliness doesn’t scare you anymore.

While using the other as a measure of its own, you will never be able to be yourself!

You only live once. It is your obligation to enjoy life in the best way possible.

The beat of your heart is what packs my life.

It has so much light that when it passes, the sunflowers follow it.

See in life some reason to dream, have a dream all blue. Blue of the color of the sea!

The scars I carry form my map for success.

Realize yourself through the eyes of those who love you.

You deserve to be with someone who makes you happy, someone who won’t complicate your life, someone who won’t hurt you.

Looking into your eyes is like living a good dream I never want to wake up.

Time transforms us. As a tree, we live each season differently.

Who wants to see the rainbow need to learn to like the rain.

If you think about giving up, look back and see how much you faced to get where you are.

Why is in a hurry if life is better when lived slowly.

Everyone should be applauded standing at least once in his life, because we all overcome the world.

Come be my breathing, my add, my guide about what it is to love.

I’m deep, I’m intense, I’m many, I’m all … I’m made of extremes!

is not quite unless with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.

Living intensely is not being afraid of deep diving in the “me” and “other”.

Sadness knocked on my door, but now it was too late. I had already found happiness!

Suddenly the calm was the wind, which broke the last flame from the eyes.

You must not be afraid to dream and courage to make dreams become real.

I created a verse to talk about love, but in the end what came out was pain.

Loving yourself is the balance to live all the most beautiful adventures of this life.

May your life be your greatest passion!

Opportunities are not born of dropouts, but attempts.

Living is better than dreaming.

The beauty of life is present in the details… in enjoying the heat of the sun, in observing a beautiful landscape, sharing affections, unraveling the existence, in the memory of a good time.

And as difficult as it is at certain times, it is extremely necessary to see these simple wonders. After all, they are the ones who pass the message that it is worth continuing, because the future is stunning!

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