72 long-distance love messages to send to your loved one

Love is a beautiful feeling and capable of bringing a lot of happiness to people’s lives, but staying away from those who love can be difficult.

The distance between two passionate people is a real challenge, because although they are always present in the heart and in each other’s thought, they often have few moments together physically.

However, distance is not a reason for weakening the feeling, on the contrary, the distance is able to further demonstrate the strength and truth of this love. So choose your favorite love phrase and send it to your beloved!

Quotes of love for distance to win your love even from afar

Who I love is not always with me, but it is always in my heart.

I’m without you I’m just unloving. A boat without sea, a field without flower. Sadness that goes, sadness that comes. Without you, my love, I am nobody.

The distance makes me suffer and sometimes makes me cry, but nothing in this world will make me stop loving you.

I hope you miss me as much as I miss yours.

I see you every day. Do you know? In my dreams and every time I close my eyes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re close or far, what I feel won’t change.

Silence speaks loudly when one is far from those who want to be close.

Euteamo, so really together, because by far the distance is enough.

When one really loves someone, age, weight, distance and height are simply numbers.

For love, there is no limit of kilometers.

It’s too hard to have to stay away from who you wanted to be close.

Despite the time, wait and the distance that separates us. There is always a word that unites us.

No matter how distance separates us, if there is a sky that unites us.

The joy of knowing that you exist is enough to endure the sadness of not being by your side.

When it is true, the distance does not separate, time does not weaken and no one replaces.

If my wish could become real, you would be here with me now.

May each year without you bring me another ten years by your side.

Only those who cannot embrace those who love, know the value of a hug.

None distance will make me give up on you.

The greatness of a person is not measured by the space he occupies in our hearts, but the emptiness he leaves when he is distant

The distance is not bad, it just shows us how much we love what was far away.

Love notices the distance.

The distance may miss you, but never forgetting!

I am not sad that not having her physically, just having her in my heart is enough to suppress the love I feel for you!

even from afar you do me good.

Love is a sublime feeling that overcomes problems and differences, resists time and strengthens with distance. Difficult to escape, impossible to forget!

They say love makes us complete, but I’m only half without you around.

distance separates two bodies; but never separates two hearts.

True love is not one who feeds on affection and kisses, but the one who supports renunciation and can live in longing.

distance means nothing when someone means everything.

Dating at a distance is one of the greatest proof of love that exists.

And all the time I talk to you in my mind.

I would like to fall asleep and wake up tomorrow in a second to soon be together.

Who said that to be together need to be close?

The greatest happiness I could have now would be to have you here by my side.

When it is real love, we even make the distance become an insignificant detail.

I would give a thousand days just to have one with you.

A person need not be a lifetime by his side to become unique and unforgettable.

The people you love most are the hardest to keep around.

Distance is a very small detail if there is love.

Love at a distance … Everything led me to believe after I met you.

wanted to be with you now, holding your hand and looking at your smile.

No matter the distance, we will always be together.

Even though I am far, I will always be with you.

distance prevents me from seeing you, but does not prevent me from love you.

If this world scares you, don’t forget that here you have someone who wants you well and won’t forget you.

If it is true it will happen, regardless of time and distance.

While you are far from here, think of me. And I will be thinking about you. Take care of yourself and remember that there is someone here who loves you more than anything.

I don’t want this business from you anymore from me.

I wanted you to be here, or I was there, or that we were together anywhere!

I am not far from you and loneliness is my worst punishment. I tell the time so I can see you, but the watch is bad with me.

so far from my body and so close to my heart.

If the distance spoke, only she could say how much you hurt a longing.

Wherever I am, you are there, even if it is only in my dream.

There is no distance to make me forget.

Time may be an obstacle, but there is no time or obstacle that keeps me from waiting for you.

The distance can prevent a hug, a kiss. But it will never prevent my feelings.

less distance and more you, please.

I wish I could live in a world where to love someone was enough to be with her.

The distance, contrary to popular belief, strengthens. Yes, it strengthens, because we see that no barrier gets in the way when love is true.

Know that, wherever I am, I miss you.

Not even the greatest of the distances traveled is able to reduce the love you have originated in my life.

It doesn’t matter if you are close or far, what matters is that you exist so I can miss you.

distance gives longing, but never forgetting.

When you love someone, you don’t care about the opinion of others and measure no effort to be with that person.

When love is true, the distance becomes mere detail.

The distance is like the winds: it erases the candles and lights the big bonfires.

I love the stars. By the way, I have a habit of loving what is far away.

A part of you grew up on me, we will be together forever, never distant, maybe in the distance, but not in the heart.

There is no distance for those who love. They walk together on different paths.

I don’t know if you realized that the distance separates us, but the thought unites us.

When I have no news of him, it is as if the air is removed from my lungs.

Now that you have declared yourself to the love of your life, also send short quotes of friendship to show love to your friends!

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