71 religious messages to express your love and trust in the Lord

to follow a religion is to surrender with body and soul to its principles. For this, it is necessary to have a lot of faith and your actions need to be guided by what you believe.

You will begin to notice positive changes in your life and realize that God will be holding your hand with every step you give and comforting you at the times when you need it.

So how about presenting divine love to the people you love? We made a list of several religious quotes for you to send to your contacts and show them that following the ways of the Lord has made you a better person. You will turn their lives!

Short religious citations

In this category, you will find the best short religious quotes to praise God with few words and much love. Share on your social networks and show everyone that you dedicate your life to Him and that faith is what moves you.

The secret is to have faith in God.

the creator of all things lives in me.

Don’t let the world separate you from God’s love.

God is with me.

Ore. Hang on. Trust.

God’s hand will write one more of his miracles.

love God over all things.

I know that everything God will last forever.

Put God at the beginning that He will take care of the end.

Deliver me from all evil. Amen!

The world closes doors, but God opens ways.

Jesus is my captain and my soul trusts him.

He died to prove us his love.

God’s time is perfect.

Religious citations for WhatsApp

We made a list of religious quotes for WhatsApp for you to spread the wonders God performs in your life every day. With this, more people will know the immensity of his love for us and will give him their lives. You will be helping to turn your friends into servants of God!

Faith in God makes us believe in the incredible, see the invisible and accomplish the impossible.

Maybe God will not change your situation, but He is using this situation to change you.

Thank you, God, for not doing my wills, but meeting my needs.

Deliver your way to the Lord; Trust him, and he will act.

Do not lose faith. Things will happen at the right time, just know how to wait.

While God is my ground, there is no one to drop me.

The source of love and truth has one name: God.

Believe with a lot of faith in what you want and automatically everything will become possible.

God’s search is the pursuit of joy. The encounter with God is joy itself.

It is no use pleasing everyone and displeasing God.

The more you fill your heart of God, the less tight he gets.

At any time I fear, I will trust you.

God takes what hurts you to give you what heals you!

He is the way, the truth and the life.

Religious Quotations of Love

Love is one of the principles of any religion. God teaches us every day to love us and convey this feeling to people. See our selection with religious quotes of love and realize how essential it is to love to lead a life of peace and unity.

He who does not love does not know God; Because God is love.

Love is the divine gift. It is God Himself revealing Himself. Love all redo. If something is lacking, love brings us. Everything is complete with love.

Because where you have love, it smells like peace, you taste like God.

God, even when everything is pain, teach me to be love.

Where there is faith, there is love. Where there is love, there is peace. Where there is peace, there is God. Where there is God, nothing lacks.

Christ taught that it is necessary to love the Lord on all things and to others as himself.

The Lord lives in the heart of the love.

The world teaches us to criticize and judge people. God teaches us to love them and to pray for them.

God takes care of me, because He is the essence of love and this is the feeling that most accurate in my life.

God’s love does not change, does not fail and lasts forever!

To love and help others is to serve God and use your word to make this world better.

Good night religious citations

Sending a good night message is a huge demonstration of affection. With good night religious quotes we’ve selected you will make your friends give life and problems in God’s hand and sleep like angels. They will love!

May God always be with you, but above all, that you are always with God. Good night!

May we face and understand life with more wisdom and less despair, more patience and less revolt. May we be surrounded by the angels of God and inspired only by the good. Good night!

May God give us strength, strengthen our faith, shield us with His protection, make the night be light and the day dawn beautiful, luminous and full of reasons to be even happier. Good night!

May God bless our night and prepare us a beautiful dawn. Good night!

Before bed gives all your anxiety to God and forget it. God is always working for you. Good night!

Good night. Trust in God, He is powerful to do infinitely more than we think and ask.

Nothing better than one day after another and God ahead of everything. Good night!

May God always be with you and your family, blessing and protecting your home. Good night!

It doesn’t matter if the world is against you, make God your strength to win. Good night!

God protect your sleep and throw away all the bad you have passed. Good night!

Good night! May God enlighten your way and your dreams, and bring a new day with all the best there is.

Great is the Lord and great are his plans for his life. Good night!

Religious quotes for tattooing

Choosing a sentence to be marked in us forever is no easy task. But when it comes to God’s Word, they all have a very strong and beautiful meaning. We have selected great religious quotes to tattoo that will help you in this decision!

blessed by God.

Faith moves me.

In your arms is my rest.

I deliver, I trust, accept and thank you.

Jesus Christ, my life.

My God is the God of the impossible.

The Lord strengthens me.

The Holy Cross is my light.

Always governs me, keep me, illuminate me. Amen.

I don’t walk alone.

Your grace is enough for me.

My God will never fail.

All in God’s time.

He is in all things.

He doesn’t give up on you.

It was never luck, it was always God.

I trust him.

Nothing surpasses the love of God.

Flores where God plants you.

Christ lives in me.

God is in control of everything.

Spreading God’s Word must be a daily task in your life, as people need to know everything He does for us. So we selected our other list with gospel quotes for you to continue sharing the wonders of the Lord. Check it out!

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