30 messages from 17 years of marriage to celebrate the blossoming of love

The recipe for a lasting marriage is respect, complicity, affection and dedication of the couple. Living almost two decades alongside someone demands a relationship built on a solid basis of mutual love. Next, check out affectionate 17 -year -old quotes and celebrate this date with the passion and enthusiasm of a new love!

17 years old citations that manifest the essence of a solid union

Happy rose weddings for the most beautiful rose in my garden. My beloved wife, you were the most precious gift God has given me and I promise to love you forever!

Congratulations on the beautiful story they built in 17 years! May God continue to bless this union for many years more!

Waking up by your side every day transforms my life. My love, you are the biggest reason for my joy, my greatest achievement. Happy 17 years of marriage!

I took a life to find you and do not accept to live less than eternity by your side. Happy Bodes of Roses, my love!

If I have a certainty in life is that I was born to love you and live by your side. Happy 17 years of marriage, my queen!

17 years ago I live a fairy tale with the man of my life and every date as this marks our “happily ever after”. Congratulations to us for the wedding of roses, love!

Today we have completed 17 years of marriage. It’s almost two decades of love, complicity, partnership and shared happiness … May 17 more!


Happy rose weddings, couple! May your union serve as an example for complicity, respect, affection and love that carry each other.

There are loves that are marked to make a difference, and yours is like this, proof that love exists! Happy 17 years of marriage!

You are the reason for my existence and everything we have built so far only proves that you are the woman of my life. Happy Bodes of Roses!

No relationship is perfect, but within our imperfections we live the most genuine love of all. Happy wedding weddings, honey!

17 years is little. To love you, I want eternity. Happiness for us, my life!

Happy Bodes of Roses, my beloved! May God strengthen our love even more and bless our union at all times. I love you!

loves like yours deserve to be perpetuated. Congratulations on the wedding of roses and may the many others come! I love you, couple!

Today we celebrate 17 years of our union and on this special date I just have to thank for everything we live and for what we still have to live. I love you!

17 years ago we have come together in one meat. Today’s votes may no longer be the same, but they certainly have much more love and complicity. Happy Bodes of Roses!

Happy Bodes of Roses, love of my life! May passion renew itself, that love is strengthened and that happiness multiply.

On this special day, I congratulate you on your amazing partnership and the love that overflows and involves even those around. Happy 17 years of marriage!

My love, living by your side is a dream that has been fulfilled every day for 17 years. Congratulations to us for the wedding of roses!

Nothing in life is able to make me as happy as sharing life with you. Happy 17 years of marriage, my life!

Today is 17 years from the beginning of everything. So far we have strengthened our union, we have started our family and built our home in the solid base of love. Happy Bodes of Roses, love!

It seems yesterday I saw you on the altar and I was convinced that you were the love of my life. Happy Bodes of Roses!

You have transformed my view of love and made me know how genuine and powerful this feeling can be. Happy 17 years of marriage!

You are amazing and the goodness of your heart surprises me every day. I love you and I’m grateful to have decided to spend my life by your side. Happy 17 years of marriage, my life!

Happy 17 years of marriage to the couple who proves that love exists and is stronger than anything. Cheers, my dear!

In 17 years of unity, I just have to thank you for your dedication, patience and complicity. I love you, my soul mate. Happy Bodes of Roses!

Happy 17 years of marriage! May you enjoy the beauty of this love for each new dawn and that year after year this union is only strengthened. I love you!

I want to live by your side forever, in every lives, every way … You are part of me! Happy Bodes of Roses for us, my life!

Our love story has been written to last many seasons. Happy 17 years of marriage, my love!

Almost two decades have passed and my love for you only increases every day. Happy 17 years of marriage, my love!

For sure, your love will be happy to know how much you love you, even after so much relationship. To surprise even more, declare your feelings with these beautiful romantic quotes that will melt the heart of your pair!

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