70 messages of intensity for those who truly give themselves

Being intense goes far beyond doing drama or wanting to appear. It’s a way to enjoy everything life has to offer. Love with everything you have, throw yourself in the choices and dive headlong into events. If you live on this special way, you will be enchanted by the best quotes of intensity. Check it out!

Quotes of intensity that lead you away from what is warm

To live with intensity is not to waste your life time. Is always being present in full.

I was not born to live in half, I was born to live my intensity in full.

I love everything I am because I leave the intensity of love to consume me.

I won’t apologize for being intense. It’s the part of me that I like the most!

It is better to regret having donated too much than for having lost something for fear of surrendering.

Put your dreams into practice with intensity, only then, you can realize them.

I realized the intensity of your gaze and it was there that I understood that you knew how to live.

female intensity makes women really live, without fear of what is to come.

I am intense as a storm that falls hard and drags everything with her.

Choose the intensity when it introduces you to you, and you will regret not always living like this.

intense people, have striking and intensity looks. It is through the eyes that show who they are.

A love must be intense in honesty, partnership, friendship and joys.

Fear hinders intensity because it makes us believe that we gradually live safer.

Intensity makes me fly and this is what I like the most, the freedom to live whole.

I found that I don’t want to be perfect, I want to be intense and live everything all over.

If you choose to abandon the intensity, get used to being happy in half.

The middle ground was too boring, so I chose the intensity because I like to be happy.

It is intense all the time and some cannot understand. Contrary to popular belief, this is good, as it selects who should remain.

I like to live with intensity and to love to the same extent. Maybe I find someone like me out there.

intense people are always finding because it is cool to be with those who understand their way of living.

Your look reveals your intensity and is so beautiful to let me get lost.

For being intense, I feel too much, even what I don’t want, but I am also intense to rebuild.

intense souls pay attention to the details because they are the biggest answers.

I don’t like balance, unless it is as intense as me.

I love with intensity and I follow in search of someone who feels the same for me.

My faith is as intense as my will and that’s what will make me happier and happier.

embrace the intensity and allow it to guide you to discover the world with more joy.

I let you say I’m too intense because only then there is full life and that’s what makes me happy.

I am intense and I can’t stand people indifferent to life. They are the ones who need to learn to live.

For intense people, there is only one way: forward, because life never stops and we need to follow.

If it is to be afraid, let it be not really to live. It is the intensity who will give you this feeling. After all, you only live once!

Let your feelings consume you and show you how good it is to feel them with intensity.

intensity is characteristic of strong people who know what they want.

Strong loves are intense from beginning to end.

It may be that one day we separate, but we will know that we truly give ourselves to our love.

The price of intensity is to enjoy the real life.

I like the cold and the hot, the warm never made sense to me and, from it, I want distance.

When you look at me with these intense eyes, I give myself to your intensity and let her make me happy.

I’m not afraid of what can go wrong, I’m afraid of not living with intensity, that is, not living.

If it goes wrong, then we fix it, the important thing is that I donated myself, I was intense and risked.

warm relationships are not worth even to be remembered when they are over.

If you can follow my intensity, it is with you that I want to stay.

a hint of intensity for breakfast and I’m ready to live my day.

The only problem with my intensity is that I suffer and I am happy to the same measure.

The intensity is powerful because it fills me with such a big year.

Who is scared with intensity shows that they have not yet had the courage to experience anything intense in your life.

I don’t fight against my intensity because she will always win me.

My soul is intense, my heart is great, my body is full of wills and I just want to live.

My urgency to live is my intensity communicating with me.

Do not dive into shallow puddles, I like the intensity of the ocean that submerges me and makes me live.

I will never apologize for my intensity, who is wrong is the indifferent.

I only suffer with all the strength of the world because I love the intensity of a comet.

Sometimes I want to be less intense, just to be able to understand how the rest of the world can handle these things that devour me permanently and in such an absurd way.

It is not the intensity of the high feelings that make superior men, but their duration.

I can’t stand. So I don’t give myself in half. I’m not your friend or through its almost love. Either I am all or I am nothing.

You will find a right way, although there is no way. But you will find your way, and it is the one who matters.

No captive people.

Love does not know its own intensity until the time of separation.

I do not seek to know the answers, I try to understand the questions.

goes in intensity, if you deliver, I won’t let you regret it.

If my intensity is still killing me, I prefer to be poetry and have stories to tell.

Return with intensity. When you don’t know what to ask, ask happiness.

you, who suffer because you love, love even more. To die of love is to live him.

If you will try, go to the end, otherwise it doesn’t even start.

One million times zero is zero! That is, do not put your intensity where there is nothing.

Happiness performs in intensity what it lacks in duration.

The measure of life should be proportional to the intensity of experience more than its duration.

The value of things is not the time they last, but in the intensity with which they happen.

Intensity now in something totally new. I run after, I have faith, I’m there in the game!

True love never wears out. The more it happens, the more you have.

May you lose more and more fear of surrendering your life. For this, see also quotes about living intensely and does not waste a second of your journey!

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