40 messages from Palmeiras to express all your love for green

The Palmeiras Sports Society, founded in 1914, is the Brazilian team with the largest number of national titles and the only one to win all official competitions created in the country. Winning a legion of fans who vibrate with each victory, the team does not go unnoticed by the lawns. If you are alviverde, seen the shirt and check out this selection of quotes from Palmeiras we have selected for you to express your pride for Verdon!

Best Palmeiras Quotes

Whether on the street, at home or in the stadiums, the Palmeirense fan always wants to make it clear how great the summer is. So here is a selection with the best quotes of Palmeiras to inspire you and show all your love for the alviverde shirt!

They say it’s crazy, I say it’s passion. Thank you my God for being born Verdon!

The arena will mean a new era for Palmeiras, but will not set aside the race, will and determination of the players who stepped there.

There will be days when victory will be far away and there will be days when taking a rout will be inevitable. But surely I’ll be there every day, screaming, singing and even applauding, because Palmeiras, my life is you!

There is no bad time for a Palmeirense, because together we will turn any time.

Explain the emotion of being Palmeirense, a Palmeirense, is totally unnecessary. And to those who are not Palmeirense, it is simply impossible!

When you dress the shirt of Palmeiras, you always have to come in thinking about winning.

Palestra Italy will be forever marked by the various achievements achieved by its idols.

If life is a school, Palmeiras is my teacher. From him I learned the glory of victory and to lift my head at the moment of pain.

Being Palmeirense is much more than people can imagine. Goes far beyond what words can express.

Palmeiras is a reminder of emotions already lived, it is the heartbeat for today and dreaming for tomorrow.

Palmeiras quotes for fans

Did you know that Palmeiras has the 5th largest fans in the world? Winning or losing, good crowd is the one who watches, goes to the games and supports the team to the end! Knowing this, we made a selection of crowd quotes here to show everyone what it is to be Palmeiras!

Love has more charm, painted green and white!

In victory or defeat, I’m always!

The spot is warrior, my team is a winner, this crowd is a terror and Dale Porco!

Being Palmeiras is something that is not explained to normal!

Palmeirense has a huge passion! It’s not just putting on your shirt, it takes the palm trees on your chest and heart.

I hope to the team that has race and emotion, I hope for the Almighty Verdon!

Life made me Palmeirense and I made Palmeiras my life!

time is anyone, here is tradition, here is history, here is lecture, here is Palmeiras! Here is blood, tears and heart!

I have a passion for this team! I have a second house for the lecture!

We are no longer, we are no less. We are Palmeiras, enough!

Palmeiras de good morning quotes

It is not only on a game day that you dress the team shirt. Every day is the day to exalt the passion for Palmeiras! How about starting by giving that special message to whom, like you, also wakes up thinking about Verdon? Check out the best Palmeiras good morning quotes to share with friends.

Good morning for those who have the green and white heart!

A great week for the best fans in Brazil, go spot!

Good morning, family alviverde!

seen the green and white shirt, which today is Verdon’s game day!

Today is Palmeiras Day, good morning!

Good morning, ready to enter the field? Today is game day!

Good morning to us who don’t live without Palmeiras!

A great day for those who are leader!

Here is Palmeiras always, good morning!

Good morning for those who carry the green and white cloak with great pride!

Quotes of Palmeiras de Pride to be Palmeirense

That our team is always the best in the world we have no doubt. And the size of the pride we feel for Verdon is something you can’t explain! Therefore, we have selected some proud quotes from Palmeiras that will help you express to the world what you feel for this family!

Palmeiras? Yes, Palmeiras. For he was born in the fight, survived in the claw and lives on glory.

Being Palmeirense is more than numbers, facts and made. It’s simply love.

Being Palmeiras goes far beyond words, palms and flags. Being Palmeiras is, above all, an incomparable love!

Palmeiras: 9 letters, 2 colors and 1 million reasons to be proud!

Being Palmeiras is not cheering for a club, it is surrendering to him with body and soul and not being afraid to say: Palmeiras, my life is you!

I choose to suffer than to stop loving you. Because Palmeiras, it is you who I choose to honor for the rest of my life.

may be in Serie A, B or C. But Palmeirense I will never stop being! This is proud to be Palmeiras!

We fall to learn to get up. Pride symbol, here is Palmeiras!

Love is green, white the reason, I planted palm trees in my heart!

In my chest, I take my heart inside Palmeiras. Because you are giant and welcome thousands of other hearts with you.

Now that you know Palmeiras better and are armed with the best quotes of the team, also check out our list of football quotes. And exalt all your love for this sport that we Brazilians know so well!

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