70 birthday messages from mother to daughter full of unconditional love

For a mother, seeing your daughter grow and develop is very special. It is proof that you are doing everything right and providing your girl what she needs. The date she has her renewed existence deserves to be celebrated. Tell her how much she loves her with her mother’s birthday quotes. Check it out!

mother’s birthday quotes to daughter who say how special she is

Time goes by fast and you get more perfect every day. Be happy, my girl. Congratulations!

I’m not here to tell you what to do, but to help you find happiness. I love you, daughter. Congratulations on your day!

My girl, always be you, amazing girl to overcome any difficulty with a smile. Congratulations, daughter!

It is exciting to see you grow and love every phase of yours, daughter. I wish you the best. Congratulations!

gift is to discover you a little more every day! Keep growing and showing to be wonderful, daughter. Cheers!

To be a mother is to be pleased to know you closely and love you deeply. Happy Birthday, daughter!

You are the best company and the most perfect daughter. I love you, my girl. Cheers in your new cycle!

You are proof that I can get it right in this life. My perfect girl, I love you. Cheers!

May God continue to bless you and open the right doors, my daughter. You deserve to be happy. Congratulations!

I wish happiness, health, courage and joys, daughter. I want you to live the best of all. Congratulations!

You were sent by God to illuminate my life. My commitment is to return this to love. Congratulations, daughter!

My best memories started when you were born, daughter. Happy Birthday!

On this date, you were born and I reborn. I celebrate both of us, the strength you have awakened in me. Happy Birthday, daughter!

My daughter, you are the greatest love I have ever felt in my life. I just want you to be happily constantly and I will do whatever it takes for that. Congratulations!

Since my belly, I knew it would be the beginning of a great friendship. Congratulations on your day, daughter!

You will have a long life and I will take care to be blessed and happy. Congratulations, daughter!

Your company makes life much lighter. I really love to be your mother. Cheers, daughter!

I found that my vocation was to be your mother and I love to give you everything. I am happy to have you. Congratulations, daughter.

You are my ray of sunshine and alive enlightened by the love I feel for you, daughter. Congratulations on your birthday!

This is the best day of the year because it marks the arrival of my best work. Enjoy your birthday, daughter!

It’s my face, but it’s much better than me in everything. I love you, daughter. Congratulations on your day!

My girl, may your year be wonderful and God bless all your steps. I love you with all my heart!

Everything is about you, my daughter. I wish it to be immensely happy. Congratulations!

Always be humble, generous, full and true and life will reward you, daughter. Cheers!

To be your mother is to have infinite reasons to celebrate. All my love is yours, daughter. Congratulations!

I know I won in the Maternity Lottery. You are my most precious treasure. Happy Birthday, daughter!

My great love is to be congratulated. Remain this sweet and determined girl. Cheers, daughter!

I’m the most accomplished mother in the world, you know why? I have the best daughter that exists: you. Happy Birthday, my love!

Always count on me and know that I trust you and your choices. Congratulations, daughter!

I love watching you writing your story. I’m very proud of your choices. Congratulations on your day, daughter.

May all the happiness you brought to my life be returned in your walk. Congratulations, daughter!

May my lap always be your shelter and may you feel alone by my side, daughter. Happy Birthday!

I will always be here for you, even if it is far away. I love you, daughter. Congratulations!

You are the best part of my life, daughter. Thank you for making me better. Happy Birthday!

You have brought light to my life since you were born. May my love guide your steps. Cheers, daughter!

My role is to ensure that you have everything you need to be happy and so will I be. Congratulations, daughter!

daughter, today is my lucky day because that’s when the best part of me was born, you. I love you. Happy Birthday!

was born of me and now it is from the world. Enjoy life a lot, my daughter. You are a success. Happy Birthday!

Today the day will be beautiful because it is all yours. Daughter, thanks for choosing me to be your mother. Cheers!

Happy Birthday, daughter! I wish you the best, heaven. May God bless you and teach you to depend on Him.

God has given me the mission of creating and fulfilling you with greater pleasure. Your smile is my goal. Happy Birthday, daughter!

The day of your birth is the most important of my life. May this date always be happy. Congratulations, daughter!

Today is the day of my best gift and my best work. Daughter, that life allows you many smiles. Congratulations!

It’s my daughter, my best friend and my great inspiration. Cheers in your new cycle!

daughter, thanks for teaching me so much and making me a better woman. Happy Birthday!

I know I’m stronger and happier for you. Keep looking for your dreams with all my support. Congratulations, daughter!

It is for you that I get out of bed and fight every day. I hope my efforts bring you happiness. Congratulations, daughter!

For you, I seek to be a better mother and a brave woman. I want you to be proud of me. Happy Birthday, daughter!

You are my pride and make my heart jump with joy. Cheers in your new cycle, daughter.

endless joy is what you brought to me. May you feel this too in your life. Congratulations, daughter!

I promise to always take care of you and help you with what I can. My congratulations, beautiful daughter!

No other gift will be as beautiful as you, daughter. Mom loves you. Happy Birthday!

The world gained sense when I first held you. My great love is you. Cheers, daughter!

Everything can pass, but my love for you will be eternal and unconditional. I just want it to be happy. Congratulations, little girl!

This is the date that made all the others lose their importance. My light came into the world. Happy Birthday, daughter!

The responsible for my happiness deserves only joys in this life. Congratulations, daughter!

I hope your birthday is wonderful, daughter. You are the most amazing girl I know. Congratulations!

The emotion of when you were born renews each year. May your life be long and full of achievements, daughter. Cheers!

How scares to see you so similar to me! You teach me to love and see how perfect God is. Congratulations, daughter!

definitely, you are a much better version of me than the original. Congratulations, daughter!

I will always be your lap and protection. You will always be my best version. Congratulations, daughter!

daughter, thank you for your friendship, for our exchanges and for being so perfect. Congratulations on your birthday!

daughter, forgiveness for all my mistakes. All I do is thinking about your good. You’re my happiness. Happy Birthday!

You never get tired of surprising me, daughter. Stay being cheerful, creative and enlightened. Congratulations!

I’m your mother and I think there is no one better than you. Congratulations, daughter!

daughter, you deserve a huge party full of joy. Enjoy life a lot!

You grow up and my love follows. I will never stop cheering for you, daughter. I know you will go further. Happy Birthday!

Remember to be light, daughter! You deserve to enjoy and enjoy it too. I know how much is responsible and dear. Congratulations!

May this birthday be unforgettable and my hug fills you with strength and good energy. I love you, daughter!

Congratulations to the girl who taught me the strength of unconditional love. I love you, daughter!

That this gesture of affection is even more! And like a good owl mother, check out quotes for beautiful daughter and tell her girl how perfect she is showing her love for her.

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