70 BFF messages to share with your best friend

There is a particular person who comes into our lives for ever going out, it’s our BFF. If you have a best friend Forever, you know that madness is guaranteed, that there are no secrets and that it knows you better than anyone. So check out the coolest BFF quotes and share it with your best!

BFF quotes that will leave your friend with a heart full of affection

I found true love in you, my BFF! We will continue together to the end and nothing can stop us.

All the love I have I will give you, my friend. The best things suddenly happen when you are close.

Friendship not even the strength of time will destroy.

Who has a BFF, has everything in life. I am very lucky to have known you. I don’t give up our friendship ever.

and I just want to thank you for having you to follow my follies, make me much safer than I can be.

friend, I will never give up on you and for your life I will intercede.

You are the person who defines the meaning of BFF in my life. Everything I am going to do if you are not together, not funny. By your side, life is more beautiful.

Let’s be happy together. BFF, BFF, BFF, Best Friends Forever.

friend, I love you. Take my heart with you.

You always make me smile, you know my silence, my secrets and my tears. I trust you beyond life, my BFF.

When I look at you, I can feel … I look at you and feel at home.

I have no need for you. And you have no need for me. But if you captivate me, we will need each other. You will be for me unique in the world. And I will be for you unique in the world.

half of my heart is yours. My life is only complete if you are around. I love to have you as my BFF.

Having you as my BFF is never fear the dark, because I know you will be there to light a flashlight. Whatever happens, our hearts are united.

It was God who chose you to be the best friend I could have.

I can no longer imagine myself in a world where you do not exist. You can always count on me. You are the BFF that makes me happy.

told you that I would be here forever, I said it would always be your friend and what I swore I will fulfill until the end.

Friendship is the seed that I rego, the amulet that I carry and feed my belief.

You are much more than someone to share secret, it is my life partner, my BFF, my little soul sister.

We are both a team. Nothing is more important than our friendship.

Just because you exist, the world is a more beautiful place. Thank you so much for being able to call you my BFF. I carry you on the left side of my chest.

bff is like this: if you are not, I will not; If you move you, it moved me. I love you, you crazy!

Perfect friendship can only exist among the good.

In a minute, we fight, and in the other, we are already understanding. My BFF, you know I love you. No matter the circumstances, we are together!

One day without talking to you it seems like eternity. We are made nail and meat. My wonderful BFF. I admire you so much!

Always there to extend your hand and the highest value there is no! It’s made sister!

Friend, you are to be congratulated. It is so beautiful, wonderful and queen. My favorite BFF of the world. I don’t change you for anything.

You’re crazy, but it’s my BFF. For you, I go to the end of the world. You can always count on my support.

Sometimes you are unbearable, but even unbearable is to imagine my life without my BFF. Despite everything, I love you forever.

You are my BFF and no one in this world can take your place, because I will never find another crazy that completes me as much as you.

bff is like this: if you commit a crime, I help hide, but if you’re being a hard head, I’ll talk to you!

There is someone walking around, that I love more than anything. You’re not just a friend, it’s my world.

If you need me, you don’t even have to call it, because I’m always by your side. You are my BFF and know all the beats of my heart. I love you.

Only I can call you crazy, crazy and stupid! This is my affectionate way to say: my BFF, I love you. But if someone messes with you, you will see me!

You can count on me in 1, 2, 3, I’ll be there. And I know that when I need it, I can count on you in four, three, two and you will be there.

I love you so much that, with you, I share my chips and let you drink from my juice. We are BFF of soul and heart.

If you fall, I will help you get up, but then I will laugh a lot, because this is the duty of every BFF. You can always count on me!

I will be your BFF forever, this is the oath that I do to you. Near or far, I will always be in your life.

We signed our cards with the letters BFF. You have a million ways to make me laugh.

You are the only person in the world who jump from the bridge, I jump together. You are my BFF and I know you don’t know how to swim, you will need me to save you.

gives up, you will never be able to get rid of me. If you go to the end of the world, I do my bags and go after it, because you are my BFF.

If you ever abandon me, I swear I break your face! BFF Promise. I love you, my favorite crazy.

We have a BFF pact and I will never betray your friendship. You can be sure that I will be present even on your wedding night.

You are a true friend. You are here until the end. You help me when something is not right.

If we were to tell everything we’ve been together, we would probably spend the rest of our life in jail. I have the craziest BFF of all.

I like your lap, your hug, your jokes and your crazy way to love me. Never forget that you are my BFF!

True friends go to the end of the earth to find what you need. Friends are there in the good and bad moments.

No one needs to understand our friendship, because we understand. Me for you, you for me, BFF is like this!

Whenever I’m by your side, I have crises. These are laugh crises because you are my favorite clown in the world. I love you, my bff!

I will never let you give up on your dreams and if you are afraid, I will be holding your hand. My BFF, I know you’re amazing and you’ll get everything you want.

I think we are almost legendary. Me and you, the perfect team, in search of the dream. We are two in one!

We are opposite that complete. Even with all our differences, I learned to love you and I will never leave you. We are BFF!

I arrive at my BFF’s house, I’m already opening the fridge and if you don’t have food, I really complain, because she knows I get a bad mood when I’m hungry.

My best friend until the end, my best half, without pretending.

You only understand my follies. A partnership that goes beyond all limits. From here until infinity, we are BFF!

My guardian angel has no wing and does not live in heaven, because she is a cow! Play, BFF. Thank you for always taking care of me so much with so much affection.

You and me together, always around the world. I know all your secrets and I promise I’ll keep them. I will be here when you do not know what to do. You and me, we are inseparable.

In the Friendship Puzzle, you are my perfect fit. I love you so much, my BFF.

My BFF calls me at dawn just to know if I already got to sleep. I don’t know if I am moved or if I fight with the cow for waking me up!

Everyone knows that without you I am like a nightless night, everything becomes dark. My BFF, you are the light that completes me!

I say and repeat: I love you so much, my BFF. You can count on me even at the end of the world.

I’ll be with you, as I’ve been before. I’ll be with you, because you are with me too.

If you suffer, it will hurt me, but if you smile, I will laugh. I want to see you well, my BFF. You deserve everything beautiful in your life.

We don’t understand each other, we complete. With you, I have the best stories to tell. Thanks for everything, my BFF.

Probably friendship is also blind, because I can’t see any defects on you. My BFF is the most perfect of all. And if someone speaks otherwise, it takes a punch.

And if you feel down, just call me whenever you want. This is my oath to you.

friend, I thank you for everything you do for me. I will always be by your side, cheering for your success. I want to see my BFF shining!

With you, I want to share idiots, happiness and sorrows too. My BFF, you are the color pencil box of my life. I love you!

When you hold my hand, it makes me remember that there are still cool people in the world.

You’re out of the house, but it’s my BFF. I wouldn’t change in you. I love you with all your defects.

Your BFF, for sure, will love to receive a treat! And if you liked this selection, you can’t lose friends quotes for whenever they are rocking!

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