70 affectionate messages that will warm everyone’s heart

Some words are like a warm hug! They have the power to improve the days and make us feel happier, beloved and welcomed. If you want to show you all your consideration for someone, then be sure to check out these affectionate quotes! It has for special people, friends, loves and very short for social networks!

Short affectionate quotes

Leave me happy with 3 words: I missed you.

where flower, flourishes.

I planted flowers in my heart to decorate the confusion.

You make me a huge good!

I love to get out of me and find myself on you!

Beautiful the way it is, from the head to the foot, the way it is.

The more time passes, the more the fun of seeing you.

I don’t hide how much I like you.

You are four sheets clover, it’s Sunday morning for nothing.

Just kiss me slowly. Your heart is all I have.

If life falls apart, know that I will be your shelter when you need.

Everything looks more beautiful with an extra dose of affection early in the morning.

Grandma’s affection is a good memory, smelling of coffee and bread.

May your heart blossom in flower and radiate the happiness in you!

You are my safe haven, where anchor my ship.

and in all lives, if I could choose you, I didn’t think twice.

You are light in the darkness and affection that warms my heart.

You make my days better without even knowing it, see?

Caring citations for a special person

Mainly values ‚Äč‚Äčthose people who are by your side not only in the good times, who are happy for their achievements.

My mother doesn’t use crown, but it’s my queen!

I say and repeat: I love you so much!

It’s a beautiful thing to know someone who makes you forget your problems.

Sometimes we find someone and feel that we know him all our lives.

For you, I would dance tango on the ceiling. I would clean the subway tracks. I would walk from Rio to Salvador.

Mother, now here before you declare: my life is more beautiful with you next door.

I am not far from you and loneliness is my worst punishment. I tell the time so I can see you, but the watch is bad with me.

From all the crazy in the world, I wanted you, because your madness seems a little with mine.

and if I say that you are all I always wanted to be happy, you go to the opposite side of what I am?

You were the best accident that has ever happened in my life.

and if the universe conspires for the meeting of people, then I just have to be grateful that he put someone so special in my life!

Special people we keep in our hearts, because from there they will never leave, no matter what happens.

I really like people like you, who make my heart vibrate and my smile open fool.

someone’s energy never lies and I overflow with joy in yours!

My mother is my little pot of love, wisdom and affection. Without her, I would be nothing – literally.

There are people who leave our heart warm without even trying! And you are one of those people, see?

My affection for you grow with each passing day. How good it is to have someone so special rejoicing my days!

Caring quotes for friends

You don’t need a number of friends, you just need the right friends.

There is always that friend who lives far, but lives close!

Friendship: If it’s okay, I’ll be with you, and if everything is, I will barely be with you.

Friend we do not seek, it is the heart that finds.

The way of life would not make sense without true friendships!

Ah, my greatest friend, never again, in the burial landscape of this life, I will find such a dear soul.

Friendship not even the strength of time will destroy. We are true, not even this samba of love can summarize us.

Friend is something to keep under seven keys inside the heart.

True friends illuminate me on this road of life.

friend is a smile with mouth to mouth, a very clean look!

friends are also soul mates, who complete us and make us feel whole.

You are the best friend someone could want. These are years of friendship that nothing in this world can separate!

You were present at all times in my life. No wonder I call you best friend!

God has placed friends in our lives that are like angels on earth: no wings and ready to save us.

Let it be like this: you take care of me and me taking care of you. A friendship that goes beyond life.

and when we are old, let’s remember the times of youth and the madness we did! You are my best friend, my soul brother.

big luck to find my friends as wonderful as you! No doubt you are the best part of me.

My heart is so warm when I am with my friends! It’s like a flame burned without stopping inside me.

Loyal quotes of love

You are my destiny, my life, my great love.

If a minute by your side I’m already happy, imagine my whole life?

There is no fit as much as you fit me.

You are the love about which the songs I hear talked about.

When I’m by your side is like I forgot all the chaos around me, it’s like you get off this world and take me to a world of ours.

I love as love loves. I know no reason to love but to love. May you want to tell you, besides what I love you, if what I mean is what I love you?

I just hope no one comes to, then I have you just for me, I steal your sleep, I want your everything, if anyone else comes I won’t notice.

I know that time is hard and life stumbled, but if we go together, go well.

Look, brunette with curled hair, see if you look lovingly to our love.

I can go where you are going. Can we be close to this ever forever?

I know you from other lives, love. Our destiny has been traced by all the stars that shine in the sky.

Because it is you who makes my heart speed up and at the same time leave it calm!

I never imagined that a love could be calm like that. You showed me that everything can be light, kind and happy.

Let us always be like this: We both together! No matter what happens, that love prevails.

Thanks for making my life happier. Thanks for showing me light where before I only saw darkness. You are the love of my life and I will love you forever!

We both under the covers, both of us hand in the streets, both laughing like children. We both!

I love what we built! You gave a new meaning to the word love and I love you so much for it.

Come here, let me make you affection, let me call you Benzinho and kiss you nonstop.

It is always good to reinforce all the best we feel for others. To continue expressing yourself, the tip is to take a look at these quotes of affection and affection!

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