40 everything-passes messages that will help you be resilient

We always need to keep in mind that everything goes through, both happiness and sadness, so it is necessary to enjoy every moment of life in the best way possible.

Given this, we have selected several quotes from everything to make you reflect on the duration of everything that happens in your life and how necessary it is to continue to always move on. Check it out!

Quotations of everything goes on to reflect on the ephemerality of things

Learn to accept that everything goes through, that life will understand your desires and give more blessings on your journey.

Everything passes, everything is starting over. The end of all things is always one step away and what really matters is the lesson you will have all this.

ei, whatever reason is saddened, remember: nothing is forever. Everything will calm down. And tomorrow is a new day.

You are sure everything goes by. Sooner or later everything unfolds and accommodates as it has to be.

Everything passes, everything changes, nothing is forever.

Time passes and everything that comes will also, so we should enjoy every second we live in.

In life everything goes by, but not everything we forget.

In the end, everything passes. All disappointments, loves, pains, all. Life is constantly moving and no joy – nor sadness – has the strength of being eternal.

Time passes, people pass, everything goes too fast, so don’t think your pain will not pass.

Everything passes, but the love of God remains.

Since everything goes by, pass home today.

Everything goes by and the time enough to learn from everything that has passed.

calm, soon passes, always passes, everything passes.

whatever happens, bad days pass, just like everyone else.

Everything passes. Rain passes, storm passes, until hurricane passes. It is difficult to know what’s left.

Everything is a matter of time. Everything passes.

Everything passes. Love cools, the tear dry, the longing ends, the smile renews itself and life changes.

Life is the train and not the stations. Everything will calm down. Everything is left behind.

Life is a breath and everything passes!

and even if it takes, it will pass, as everything in life passes.

Everything in life passes. If you are in a difficult time, get happy, you will pass. If you are in a happy moment, enjoy, you will also pass.

It’s funny how everything goes but missing.

Everything in life goes by, there is what there is still, always following, firm and strong.

Everything passes in life, you just should not pass our will to serve, love and forgive.

In life everything goes by, except the love I feel for you. This one will never pass.

In life everything goes by, we just can’t go through life!

Be what you are living in your life, know of one thing … will pass.

Mother is the love that is when everything goes.

If all goes by, maybe you pass here.

Everything in life goes by, even over you, but passes.

Have resilience, because everything passes.

If you ever remember that in life everything goes by … Remember that I went through, but with a huge desire to stay.

Everything passes, except the love and willingness of eating and sleeping.

Everything passes and tomorrow there will only be happiness in your heart.

Everything in life goes on, less the desire to be rich.

Everything passes in your step.

When you are sad or not knowing where to go, remember: everything goes.

Resilience: Ability to recover from crisis situations and learn from it. It is having a flexible mind and optimistic thinking, with clear goals and the certainty that everything goes by.

NOTHING What it was will be the way it was once. Everything passes, everything will always pass!

They say everything passes and the hard time everything crumbly.

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