65 Happy Mother’s Day 2023 messages that return feelings

With all the affection and attention you get from your mother, sometimes words are missing to express how much you admire you, right? And an affectionate phrase can make a difference! To help you with this mission, choose a Happy Mother’s Day message that says how special it is on your walk.


Mother: Small word, but with infinite meaning! It means love, dedication, renunciation, strength and wisdom. Happy Mother’s Day!

To be a mother is to feel all the power of the universe in the womb and as a great architect she shapes, builds and builds the most precious good: life. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s hug continues even after she releases. Happy Mother’s Day!

Being a mother is more than a gift, it is the virtue that encompasses the most beautiful words that a human being can pronounce. Happy Mother’s Day!

Motherhood has a very humanizing effect, everything is reduced to the essentials and completeness appears from such a small and defenseless being! Happy Mother’s Day.

No influence is as powerful as that of a mother. Happy Mother’s Day for what is also the reason for my existence!

God cannot be everywhere, so the mothers did. Congratulations to the best of all!

mothers are like this, like the fairies, they are angels full of love. So warriors in everyday life and delicate as a flower. Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! A gift is the manifestation of love we feel for a person. Mother’s love is the manifestation of God’s compassion in a woman.

Mother, you are my safe haven, the certainty of security and peace. Thank you for being my protector at all times.

I have the best mother in the world and I can prove it! What someone else would do everything for me if not you? Happy Mother’s Day!

The gift of life was the one who gave me. I hope to be the best example of a child to return to height. Happy Mother’s Day for the one who is my daily inspiration!

Our fights never meant anything, because when I need it, it is with you that I can tell. Happy Mother’s Day!

Your smile is my gift and your happiness, my priority. I love you beyond everything and everyone, mom!

Thanks for the advice disguised as scolding! I would be lost without your unconditional support.

In your presence, everything is light and life! You are the lighthouse that guides me on the darkest and dubious days. Happy Mother’s Day!

No word is enough to describe what you mean to me, just make sure you have most of my heart!

The woman I admire most is also known as: my mother! You are and always will be my greatest source of inspiration.

In life, the most important thing is to be with the side of those we love. Gratitude for always being with me at all times. Happy Mother’s Day!

You have to be very special to put, as a priority, someone else. Thanks for doing this for me, mom!

Your love completes my existence and brings comfort to my heart. You, for sure, are the best mother the universe could know!

When I think of divine love, I’m sure God destined you to be my mother. Congratulations on your day!

Love is a special feeling, but that of mother is unmatched. Happy Mother’s Day!

My mother is my support, it is my support. I recognize the strong and determined woman that I intend to be one day!

I thank the skies for having an amazing mother like you! May the guardian angels protect you and always be around you. Happy Mother’s Day!

How many times has you sacrificed for me … that in our experiences I can do more for you, mother. You deserve much more than just a special day!

Happy Mother’s Day! When they say I’m similar to you, this is the best compliment I could receive. You inspire me and be too proud of me!

I think of how much you can handle me and then conclude that you deserve more than just a special day! Happy Mother’s Day.

A toast to strong mothers who make no effort for their children and daughters! That you are always recognized for the battles you face for them.

Mother is like this: give a way here, another there … and in the end, everything is well! Congratulations on your day.

Happy Mother’s Day! If there’s a hotter thing that smells like a mother, I don’t know.

To be a mother is knowing how to love with the greatest love in the world, to have an unlimited heart and space! Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Day: On the way back, we buy!

Since the world is world, they have invented nothing better than mother’s lap! Congratulations on your day.

Mother, thanks for loosening the world to hold my hand. I love you and your care that doesn’t match anyone else!

Happy Mother’s Day! Mother has honey, has a tight hug, look that calms … There are hours that no one else serves, just her.

You are the one who carries the most sacred and sublime responsibility in the world on the shoulders: being a mother! Happy Mother’s Day.

Exemplary mothers are not those who do not make mistakes, but those who do not give up on improving every day. Happy Mother’s Day for you!

Happy Mother’s Day! If today I am strong, it is because an equally strong woman created me. Thanks for all determination and insistence!

Those who have a mother do not need superheroes, because their strength echoes everywhere. Happy Mother’s Day!

For every time the world turned my back on me, but you stayed with me: Thank you, mom! You are my foundation at all times I need.

You gave up many things to be a mother and father at the same time. To this effort, I will be eternally grateful! Happy Mother’s Day.

About maintaining hope even when things don’t go well: this is my mother’s superpower! Happy Mother’s Day, my warrior.

It was she who taught me that love is more gesture than word, that care is a daily attitude. Mother, may you have a special day!

Through you I arrived in the world, and through your example I became who I am. Thanks for being constant inspiration, mother!

God whipped in the choice when you decided that you would be my mother. Thank you, Lord, for the best blessing granted.

You are the one I admire most in this world, it is the true love of my life. Happy Mother’s Day!

It was in your daily care that we built our relationship, mother! You are the most admirable woman I had the pleasure of knowing in this life.

Mother, every day is yours, but today is the day to celebrate because you exist and deserve all the celebrations! Happy Mother’s Day for you, who deserves all the honors.

Mother, have no doubt that we greatly recognize all the efforts you make to see us happy and fulfilled. Happy Mother’s Day for you!

For welcoming me in my difficult times and being my safe haven when I need: Happy Mother’s Day! You deserve all the affection of the world.

Happy Mother’s Day! Today I have the opportunity to apologize for all the situations and thank everything you did and keep doing for me.

Know that providing a happy day is my biggest goal today! Mother, may happiness accompany you, you deserve all the joys that this life is able to promote.

Gratitude is the feeling that today fills my heart, mother. I recognize your efforts to make sure I never lack anything. I hope to recognize how much your attitudes reveal your immense love for me.

Synonym for constant forgiveness and care, being a mother is the perfect junction of all the positive attributions that this universe can recognize. Congratulations on your day and for being so special!

You are someone who can always turn around and take any trouble or embarrassing situation. Happy Mother’s Day for this fantastic woman you are!

a special date like this cannot be passed blank! May the heavens return all their efforts to make me happy and someone realized. I love you with all my heart!

Happy Mother’s Day! Know that you are the one who teaches me through great examples, being my greatest reference and inspiration.

Your love is miraculous, mother! Privilege my power enjoy this perfect and pure feeling. Today and always you deserve all the honors!

Happy Mother’s Day! More than in words, you say so much in your careful gestures. Thank you for watching me at all times and be faithful to the most beautiful mission God has given you: Being Mother!

Mother: A being of love, sweetness and dedication. That protects, loves and cares without charging a penny! Term used to designate strong shelter, safe haven and a heart of infinite love. Happy Mother’s Day!

You are an example of a woman, friend and counselor. Nothing fairer than a special day to celebrate you! Happy Mother’s Day, because you deserve it.

Strong and fearless woman, her heart is infinite and her love is a stroke for my soul. Happy Mother’s Day for the best person in the world!

Happy Mother’s Day! No influence is so powerful when your mother! You are the perfect example of loving without limits or conditions.

Your mother will always be your best friend and the person you can trust the most! May at least one Mother’s Day message be able to repay all the affection she shares with you.

To honor her also on social networks, check out these inspiring photo subtitles with mother who are entitled to this special day!

After all, if mother’s love is intense and inexplicable, it is certain that one of these quotes has the potential to declare your love, which is also unconditional.

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