63 weekend messages to enjoy every second of it

Oh good it would be if the weekend were every day! The free days we have in the week are perfect for resting, seeing friends and preparing to go back very well for our commitments.

This is the perfect time to forget our concerns and take time to do what we love. Be to visit a place we like, take a walk in town, travel, go to the family home, the important thing is to have fun and make the most of it.

Thinking about it, we have selected the best weekend quotes for you to enjoy your rest in the best way. Make various plans and invite dear people to be in these days with you. Do not waste time, because when we realize it is already ending!

Weekend quotes with friends

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to spend the weekend at home or in the club, in any situation we get more excited about a friend on the side. So, check out our selection with weekend quotes with friends and send it to your partner of all hours to start the plans!

Have a delicious weekend with all those who steal your best smile.

The weekend is coming, my friends. Let’s enjoy a lot!

Since the weekend is short, let’s make the most of friends.

I wish you a invigorating weekend, full of love and joy, in the presence of your friends!

On the weekend gather friends and enjoy life to relax.

Enjoy the family, friends and little joys of the weekend!

No path is too long when a friend accompanies us. Good weekend!

May your weekend allow you to rest, enjoy the family and celebrate with friends.

love, smile and enjoy the weekend with friends.

Funny weekend quotes

The weekend goes so fast that we have to make the most of it, with no time for sadness. So, for you to have your friends, we selected the best funny weekend quotes for you to laugh a lot together. See!

It took me a long time to find you, now I want only you: weekend.

There’s only one thing I don’t like on the weekend: he’s very rude, always leaves without excuse

There is no bad weekend, there is a weekend without money.

only happy ending I know is the weekend.

The weekend should take a fine for speeding.

Mirror, my mirror, there is more still weekend than mine?

My plan for the weekend is to lie on the bed and only move enough to not think I died.

My weekend was amazing, I went to several places: living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and yard.

Weekend, let’s combine one thing: go very slowly!

The weekend has only one defect: it doesn’t last forever.

Weekend without money is the same blue eye on ugly people … it is no good!

You have to love people as if they were the weekend.

Perfect weekend quotes

Each person describes the perfect weekend in one way. Some prefer to spend free moments with their family, others with the boyfriend, some alone enjoying their own company, among many other options. See below, perfect weekend quotes and choose the one you identify with.

Perfect weekend is one where we forget all the worries and left behind the bitterness of the past week.

Two perfect days to do so many things, but all I want is just sleeping. Good weekend!

The perfect weekend happens when you relax and do not leave your fears and worries decide the course of your life.

me + my bed = perfect weekend.

For some people the perfect weekend needs heat. For my weekend to be perfect I just wanted my love.

The weekend was perfect, that the week prolong the peace we conquered and embrace our life with love.

A perfect weekend is the one we pass by with those we love.

Don’t wait for the perfect weekend, enjoy this day and this moment and lead them to perfection.

I just need two things to have a perfect weekend: not having to work, even if you wake up early.

How to have a perfect weekend: open a wine, drink the wine and repeat it all again.

Blessed weekend quotes

We cannot forget to thank God for our rest days and for preparing them with so much love and care. And since each day of our life is unique, we should always enjoy them with a smile on their face. Check out our list of blessed weekend quotes and demonstrate your gratitude to the Lord for everything He does for you!

May the weekend be blessed, be of light, inner peace and clarity of thoughts and feelings.

May we all have a radiant and blessed weekend.

May you and your family have a blessed weekend!

Weekend has arrived! Time to rest and enjoy the family and thank you for another blessed week.

May our weekend be beautiful, may we share joys and be blessed by the affection of God!

Happy and blessed weekend! May it come full of peace and optimism and great moments in family and celebration with friends.

God bless our weekend!

Good weekend! May it be blessed and next to those you love.

God bless our life and give us the grace to live a good day and the privilege of a great weekend.

friends, have a blessed weekend, quiet and full of peace.

I wish a beautiful weekend to all! May God bless our day, family and home of each one.

I ask God to fill your heart with motivation and guide your steps through wonderful ways. Good weekend!

Weekend quotes with family

It is important to book the family time over the weekend, because in the rush of everyday life we ​​don’t have much free moments to talk and enjoy together. Check out our list of weekend quotes with family and enjoy every second with her!

Little moments with family today become precious memories tomorrow.

Past time in family is never wasted, because all the moments I spend with whom I love is time earned.

The best gift you can give to your family is time to be with her.

time with family is very spent time.

The amount of time is not as special as the quality of time with your family.

time with family is not a matter of convenience. It is a matter of priority.

The best moments are always when friends and family gather.

I just love spending time with my family.

love your family. Spend time with her. Be kind and serve each other.

Good weekend quotes for WhatsApp

We all count the minutes for the coming of the weekend and get excited to think that he is approaching. So enjoy your enthusiasm and want your friends to have a wonderful weekend. Check out our selection with good weekend quotes for WhatsApp and demonstrate that you remembered each of them!

Rest, reflect, smile, get distracted. The weekend is yours!

May the weekend be of peace, love and tranquility.

May your weekend help you overcome the problems of the past week and that rest invigorates your energy for the week that will arrive. Great weekend!

You can’t know what the weekend reserves, but you can dream of everything we want to do in it. Great weekend!

After many tiring days of work, nothing fairer than enjoying moments of rest and relaxation. Good weekend!

Good weekend! May your Saturday be full of joy, your Sunday full of laziness and your life full of hope.

May your weekend be amazing and unique. Enjoy every second!

Forget all your problems and enjoy the good things life has to offer. Good weekend!

Good weekend! May time go slowly and joy comes very fast.

Life is too serious not to laugh at her. Have a great weekend!

Don’t spend all day in bed, do something very cool, show love to those you love, enjoy your weekend well!

Plans for the weekend are starting on Friday. So how about celebrating the arrival of this wonderful day and thinking about what you are going to do? See our list with quotations on Friday and start dreaming of the rest you expect to you!

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