60 protective prayer messages for God to take care of your life

When you address God in prayer, He hears you and meets the requests of your heart. Cry for your care and strength to cross those moments you know you can’t win yourself. Also ask him to bless all you love. Check out Prayer Citations of Protection and Cry for Your Presence!

Prayer quotes of protection that give your heart to the Lord

God, I only ask for your protection so that all my fear will go and I can live more tranquility!

My God, take all the fear and discouragement from my heart. Fill me with your joy and your protection so that I can be your faithful servant all the time. Amen!

I double my knees and I cry out for your protection, Lord. I surrender to you and I ask you to always be with me.

With you is where I want to be, under your grace is my place. Bless me with your grace and protection, Lord!

In difficult times, he will hide me in his shelter.

Nothing will knock me down or shake me. My God lives in me and doesn’t let anything reach me!

Father, protect my family, my friends and all those I love. If they are fine, I am fine too.

I am your son and I cry for your protection. I am nothing without you and I need to take care of me!

sir, hug me and take me close to you, to the place where evil cannot reach me and I can witness your strong arm to support me.

I cry for divine protection so that nothing dodges my steps or makes me fall into temptation when walking.

Lord, your constant presence in my life makes all the difference. Your protection is that it strengthens me to take your name forward.

I live for you and I know that my faith gives me the strength to overcome battles and defeat my enemies.

Lord God, thank you for taking care of me. I ask you that this care is eternal and that your protection always accompanies me.

In the darkest moments, your light gives me the strength to win, protects me from darkness and shows me the way!

With God by my side, I know the battles are already overcome, my enemies are already defeated and I am protected.

In the name of Jesus, that all badly goes away and does not reach me. That I walk under your grace and protected from all that does not come from you.

May my family look good, that nothing bad happens to them and may the Lord take them to true happiness, that is, constantly being in your presence.

My faith saved me because it led me close to him who can deliver us from all evil. Thank you, my God!

May the mercy of Jesus be upon us and protect the hearts of all those who are in my life.

I give my future in your hands because only the Lord knows what is good and perfect for me. I love you, my God!

Master, give me the strength to fight this battle and do not allow my enemies to hurt me or shake my faith in you!

Divine protection brings me peace and that’s all I ask you, my God!

Your mercies renew and strengthen me. Thank you for taking care of me and offering me your protection.

I put in your hands, Lord, all my dreams, desires and projects. Only you know what to do with them. What I want most is to do your will in my life.

I keep walking with courage and strength because your protection guides me, Lord. Thank you for taking care of me.

I depend on you, my God. I don’t know how to live if it’s not for you. Take care of me, my plans and my life!

I am safe in God because he promised me protection, peace and love.

I give my life in your hands, God. You know what is best for me and I know you’ll take care of every detail!

Prayer is my shield that drives my enemies away and does not let darkness take over my heart.

Jesus, I trust you, rest in you and cry for your protection!

I can’t walk alone, I can only walk with your hand holding mine and protecting me, my God.

Your love is all I need because it protects me from everything that does not come from you, Lord!

sir, that all badly goes away and that I do not fool me by the one who is disguised as good.

Keep my life, Lord, take care of my dreams, bless who I love and fill me with your grace!

Your joy filled my life, delivered me from evil and gave me eternal life. I am extremely grateful to you for everything, my God!

Lord, bring courage to my life, force to my hands and protect the steps! If I hesitate, remember that your love will always be available to start my walk by your side.

Your protection is all I need to live because it gives me the courage to live all your plans to me, my God!

I ask your blessing, my God, to all those I love. If they are safe in you, my heart is at peace.

I trust you with all my heart because I know that the Lord blesses me with your strength, your encouragement and your protection!

Don’t get me discouraged or fall into temptation. Protect me and make me strong to follow my faith, Lord!

What comes from God, never end. Your protection is forever and your happiness leads us to eternal life.

Take care of me, Lord. I did not let nothing shake my faith or make me stumble on the way you traveled to me.

Your love is my shield, my faith is my weapon. By your side, I know I can do everything, my God!

Make my faith strong, my God, because the strength that comes from you tells you all that can reach me.

My home is in your hands, God. Take care of us and make our lives mirror of your grace!

Father, walk before me, open the right doors and close those that can move me away from you.

Lord, protect me from all the dangers to which I am exposed. Amen.

The Lord will keep your output and your entrance, from now on and forever.

You are the God who protects me and strengthens me. You are the God I want to serve in all my life.

No money in this world seduces me! Much better is the love of Jesus! God bless and protect us all!

Lord, always protect me, my family and my friends against all the evils of the world. In the name of Jesus, I believe in your protection!

Teach me to trust in your time, depend on you and live with your protection always by my side, my father!

Keep my life and deliver me! Do not leave me disappointed, because I take refuge in you. May integrity and righteousness protect me, because my hope is in t.

Do not remove from me, Lord, your mercies; Keep me continuously your kindness and your truth.

I am safe with you because you are the most powerful among all. I love you, Lord!

Father, with your protective right hand takes care of my home and bless my family.

May God hug me, give me strength, and especially protect me whenever something is not well in my life.

Father, my faith increases so that I never doubt you or your power. Increases my faith so that I am safe in you!

Dear God, you are my protection, my fortress. You are my God, I trust you.

I know that the Lord never leaves me, always protects me and does the best for me. Thank you, my God!

Use the prayer to speak to the Lord all that you are feeling and he will speak to you. Also check out God’s promises quotes and learn to trust what He has prepared for your life and will come at the right time!

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