60 messages to reflect and reevaluate your life perspectives

From the dawn of the world, it is known that the human being is a thinking being who is overcome through ideas and knowledge. Rationality allows humanity to know itself, rethink and transform what you understand as life. Thinking about it, how about taking a break to meditate on existence and its peculiarities with these inspiring citations to reflect? Check it out!

Quotes to reflect that they inspire wisdom and transformation

Before criticizing someone, think how to feel the criticism.

Sometimes you need to learn to shut up and just hear what they tell you. Every effective action begins with deep reflection.

You can plant whatever you want in life, but if you want to harvest daisies, don’t plant vegetables!

People may make mistakes with you, but never for you. Assume your mistakes!

The wise never says everything you think, but always thinks everything you say.

The new is not what is said, but in the event around you.

Life goes on in the blink of an eye. Don’t waste her by focusing on bad things!

In difficult times everything seems bad, but remember: even the biggest storms have benefits, they strengthen us.

If you look at a long -time abyss, the abyss also looks inside you.

Just sees the beauty of everyday simplicity, who does not lose the freedom to live it.

You cannot control all the facts that happen in your life, but you can decide not be diminished by them.

You need to stop looking at your belly button to help each other, to discover the world, to be someone.

Love does not prevent pain. Quite the contrary, he intensifies it, justification!

If you will try, go to the end. Otherwise, it doesn’t even start … it can mean losing … maybe your mind.

The present is not a past in power, it is the moment of choice and action.

When you can’t see the good side of things, look at God! He knows what he does.

Think what you want from you, do what seems fair to you.

Divergent opinions add and change, but the likes do not add to anything!

Beware of comfort zones: they paralyze achievements and bury dreams.

Stop trying to conquer eternal happiness and cave daily in the brief moments of life.

man rushes into error faster than rivers run to the sea.

It’s the doubts, not the certainties that lead us on surprising paths.

It is preferable the sadness of those who support iniquity than the joy of those who commit it.

What counts in life is not the starting point but the walk.

You are not what they talk about you, but what you believe about yourself.

You were born with wings. Why do you still prefer to crawl for life?

In love, the self is, piece by piece, transplanted to the world. The self that loves expands by donating to the beloved object.

preaches both about equality that they are lost in differences.

The main cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it.

Honesty may make you lose material goods, but you will reward you with dignity and quiet conscience.

When you have no dreams to fulfill, life loses the purpose!

Live as if to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were going to live forever.

Life is an exercise treadmill at maximum speed: if you stop walking, it will fall.

If you abandon control of your life, you will not be able to complain when you get lost in the ways of others.

Stop holding others responsible for the consequences of their bad decisions.

Happiness is beneficial to the body, but it is the pain that develops the powers of the mind.

Life is a tangle of confusion and good times, which over time constitute you.

Abandon the luggage of the past. Different trips require different bags!

Life can only be understood by looking back, but must be lived forward.

Transformation is a matter of choice. If you want change, change!

Self -reflection results in evolution. It is impossible to get out of place without thinking!

True generosity about the future is to give everything in the present.

Learning is not just in words, silence also teaches us.

Either you control the day, or the day controls you.

Sometimes you need to get out of yourself to see life with other eyes.

Never disqualify someone else’s pain. You can’t feel it!

If something in life displeases you, start acting different to change.

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

Be like a new elastic: flexible but firm to the exact measure!

The less intelligent a man is, the less mysterious it seems to him.

Why fear the future when you know everything you have faced in the past?

Walk is part of evolution. Every growth requires movement!

Free man is Lord of his will and slave only of his conscience.

Hold on your life and do not allow anyone to determine who you are!

You just need to be accepted and loved by a single person: yourself!

Life is what happens when you are busy doing other plans.

Without dreams, we define our existence, we arrest ourselves to the immediate.

Perfection was invented so that no one saw anything but the pressures themselves.

What is too intense can hurt you, but the least can stagnate you.

The beauty of things is in the eyes of those who see life with the heart.

Reflect on the various aspects of life generates personal and collective evolution. And if you want to keep thinking about other questions be sure to check out these philosophical quotes for reflection, inspiring and wise!

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