60 messages of faith and gratitude to be grateful for everything you have

For life, you can find infinite reasons to thank. For joy, love, achievements, for the people next to you and more. Everything is reason to cultivate gratitude in your heart. Approach the Lord with the best quotations of faith and gratitude that will fill your life with blessings. Check it out!

Quotes of faith and gratitude that bring you closer to God

When God is in our lives, we feel grateful just to breathe your presence.

My faith saved me from the shadows, so I am grateful to be alive.

surrender thanks to the Lord and praise his name because he is perfect and fills my life.

I just want to live to God, walk by your side and feel grateful for the life He gave me.

God made sense to my life when he showed his love. I’m grateful to everything he does for me.

My faith teaches me gratitude because it shows me how to be happy with little.

Thank you, Lord, for showing me the beauty of being alive and walking by my side!

My faith has transformed everything into me and taught me how to cultivate a grateful heart to life and God!

Thank you, Lord, to love me, make me happy and hear my prayers.

Thank you, take me closer to God. How good it is to be by the Lord!

Where I look, I see the hand of God and it makes me feel a joy and gratitude greater than anything.

My life is filled with faith, love and gratitude I feel for everything I have.

I don’t just want to thank you, I want to show my gratitude being an instrument to take the Word of God!

Faith shows us that there is a solution to everything. I am grateful to God for strengthening me.

I thank God for teaching me the way and accompany me in every step.

God’s love is so great that it makes me feel grateful for being so unconditionally loved.

Without God, I would be nothing. I am grateful to Him because my faith saved me.

Without God’s presence in my life, I would be nothing. Thank you for looking at me and welcoming me in your arms.

My faith took me the best people of my life. Thank you, Lord, for taking care of me and who I love!

I am grateful to the mercies of the Lord who renew and forgive my faults daily.

My victories were won because God strengthened me. He is my rock and I will be forever grateful.

My God, thank you for looking at me, call my name and change my story.

Every time God speaks to me, I thank the privilege of listening to his voice.

Every day is the day to thank because in all of them, God gives us reasons to be happy.

Let us be grateful to God for all that He does and what He chooses not to do because that is His will!

I answered your call with gratitude because I knew this was the best life for me!

I thank God for giving me such valuable friends and approach me to your love!

God never rests, but understands that we need to rest. Thank you, Lord!

such a comprehensive God deserves all my gratitude and my love!

I thank God for his righteousness and always do the best for his children!

I am strong because my God is strong. He makes me brave and I’m grateful to have him in my heart.

I give my life to the Lord as a way of thanking him to have transformed my gift and guaranteed my future.

I don’t even know what God will do, but thank you because I know it will be the best for me.

My future is in the hands of the Lord. I don’t fear, just thank you because he takes care of me!

Faith is to thank you even before you happen because you will work it out.

Through my faith, I conquered everything I have. I am grateful for life and my joy.

I didn’t win anything alone. It was God who gave me everything. Thank you, Lord!

God did everything new, colored my days, took the hurt of my heart and put gratitude in its place.

At the right time, it all happened as it should be. Thanks!

Path with faith, joy and gratitude because I love the life I lead.

for all that you have done. For all that you will do. For your promises and all that you are … I want to thank you with all my being.

Gratitude, recognition, is first of all a sign of good education, but it is also a distinctive of the Christian. It is a simple but genuine sign of the kingdom of God, which is the kingdom of free and recognized love.

When faith stimulates hatred, it has nothing to do with Jesus.

I would not have arrived where I arrived if it wasn’t with God’s help, because I know he guides every step of mine.

At first faith is confidence to evolve until the moment we are presented to God and naturally associate the verb to trust all that we have already learned humanly.

Only those who know how to thank you experience the fullness of joy.

I’m grateful for everything I have. The largest treasure of this world was given to me as eternal inheritance. Greater proof of such a deep love.

I can only express my gratitude, I will always love you, Lord.

sir, the tears that flood my face is gratitude, so get my cry.

Gratitude, gratitude. I am grateful for your favor. Thank you, my daddy!

Thanks I give you, so far helped us the Lord.

receives my gratitude. So what will I give you?

When there is gratitude in your heart, it is sure that it is enough, of the inheritance to your share.

Grateful I am, for the life I have. I won much more than I asked, sir.

Gratitude, in my life, forever he will receive.

I thank you, God, for remembering me and for your favor and what makes me grow.

I thank you O Father, for the poured love, for your provision, has nothing to do with us.

I learned that we should be grateful to God for not giving us everything we ask.

I thank my God and Father for all the good things I lived, because I know that his good only came.

Gratitude is a feeling of love that elevates the Spirit and unites us to God.

Feed your faith and you will have even more reasons to thank. See also God’s quotations in charge and learn to trust the Lord and your favor!

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