60 messages for cousin that will demonstrate this unique connection

cousins ​​are present in our lives, which the family itself gives us. It is a special blood and heart relationship, maintained by friendship and complicity that can last a lifetime.

Do you have that cousin that considers a lot? So it’s time to show her how much you love her! We have selected the best quotes for cousin that will help you with this special mission. Check it out and share with love!

Quotes for cousin sister

Sometimes, as children, we can ask for a brother … But life ends up surprising you with a super cousin who fulfills both functions! If you have such a relationship, you know how important it is. How about sending that message to your cousin sister? See some quotes we selected and share:

My life is more special for having a cousin sister as you are part of it. I’m just me because I have you!

You are my half, my non-romantic soul. You are my sister, even having the destination made you my cousin.

Our destinations are intertwined forever! We were born in the same family and so we are cousins, sisters and best friends.

We understand each other with just one look! Telepathy like this one of cousins ​​has no equal!

I ordered a cousin as a gift and a sister came, all in one person!

We divided blood, heart and life, it only missed the same ceiling! Sisters because life wanted!

Blood and heart connection that there is nothing the same.

The best childhood memories are only with you. My cousin eternal sister.

Thanks for being more than a cousin, because you play a sister role, play a mother, play a friend, and still play a father … I have never seen a person protect me so much.

What would me be without you? My guide, my safe haven, my cousin, my sister!

Quotes for dear cousin

Everyone has that dear cousin who doesn’t exchange for anything! And there’s nothing better in the world than to show her love and affection for her that she is so loved. For this, we have selected some quotes for dear cousin who will help you send a special message to her, check out:

My dear cousin, girl of my heart. Funny, kind of crazy … This is my backlands flower!

Once I was in the sea and suddenly I left a tear of my fall there, from the day that a person finds this drop will stop loving you! My dear cousin, my love for you is infinite!

It is impossible to remember all my childhood adventures and not visualize you! My dear cousin.

The dear cousin that anyone would dream of having.

I just have to thank you for having someone as dear as you in my life.

Dear cousin, with a friend like you, there is no bad time: Sun or thunder, the horizon is always blue with you around!

My guardian angel, my light, my eternal dear cousin!

Thank you for existing all this time here with me, my dear cousin.

good thing is to have a dear cousin like that. I love you!

The most beloved cousin in the world only I have the privilege of having around.

Quotes for Birthday cousin

Is it time to congratulate that cousin that is more than special for you? We help you with the perfect words for your message. See some quotes we have selected for this important moment:

Happy Birthday cousin dear!

On this day, I just have to thank you for being part of me and wish you all the best in this life! Happy Birthday, cousin.

Another year has passed, one more candle on your cake! Remember when we played on the street without any concern? It looks like it was yesterday … Happy birthday and you never lose this essence of childhood! I love you, cousin.

Congratulations cousin! Many happiness, today and always! I love you and our relationship so special and unique.

I wish all the brighter to the brightest person who has gone through my life. Happy Birthday, my cousin.

I just have to wish you congratulations on your birthday and for being the best cousin in the world for me! You are amazing, I love you!

You are a wonderful person and I hope everything is renewed from today. Happy Birthday, my cousin!

I thank God for being part of my family and always cheering for your happiness! I wish today the good times to multiply and you are blessed with great success and achievements!

Dream a lot and make even more! Never get along, because everything you want with purity of feelings can achieve. Congratulations on your day, dear cousin.

A Happy Special Birthday for a special cousin.

Quotes for Distant cousin

It is not always that we can be close to those we love, but the unique connection we have with these people are still! Do you have any cousin that is distant at the moment? Show her how much the kilometers between you do not disturb the relationship at all. Check out some distant cousin quotes, copy and share:

cousin, the distance has not been our friend, but my love for you remains! I miss you!

Even away, I think of you every day … I can’t wait to feel your hug and talk hours and hours about everything and nothing. I love you cousin!

cousin, we are distant and at the same time so close … the friendship that unites us can overcome all distances.

No matter the distance, our hearts will always be united, cousin!

Our blood and our complicity are stronger than time and distance. I miss you, take me out of you, dear cousin.

Our love for each other could cross the immensity of this planet, pity that our bodies do not yet have the power to do this. I miss you, my cousin.

Neither the distance, nor time and even our mistakes, finish our friendship. Come back soon! I love you, cousin!

As long as our souls exist, any distance will make no difference in our call. I love you and I miss you, cousin.

If not time destroyed what we have, why would the distance go? No matter where you are, cousin, we will always be together for the heart.

None distance can push us away, for our love is strong and nothing and no one will destroy, my beloved cousin!

Crazy Cousin Quotes

The follies we do do not have the same grace without special companies. If you have that kind of cousin that stumbles everything at any time and knows how to make everything more interesting, these quotes are for her! Check out some quotes from crazy cousins ​​we selected:

the craziest cousin I could have!

There would be nothing else that I would ask but a crazy like you as a cousin! I love you!

the craziest cousin of the crazy.

Our madness are only the same if we are together, right cousin?

cousin, that you never lose this sense of humor and this way of being crazy that is just yours.

You’re crazy about me I’m crazy about you!

The most crazy cousins ​​this family have ever seen … nobody holds!

When we are together, we seem to run away from a hospice.

And so, with our crazy way to be, we toast life!

I love our crazy things!

CAUTIONS with cousins ​​

Nothing better than gathering the cousins ​​and taking that family photo that, each year, you realize how much have changed, but remain united like never before! Check out some subtitles we selected for this special moment:

united by blood and love.

Without you, I would be nothing.

Thank you for playing your role in my life so well, you are much more than a cousin!

I thank the heavens for making us cousins!

Always together, always united.

What God has united as cousins, no one separates!

How good it is to have a cousin who is a friend, sister, partner like you.

It is with you that I create the best memories. I love you, cousin!

It is part of my story and my life.

We were born cousins, but we went beyond…

How about also showing all your love for your family in general? After all, it is because of them that you have a special cousin in your life. Check out our selection of family photo subtitles and get inspired to make that beautiful love demonstration!

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