60 messages for better days for those who believe in a new tomorrow

We must always keep in mind that better days will come. After all, everything we spend will serve as learning for one day to look back with a smile on our face, happy to have come exactly where we wanted to. Making this optimistic thought a habit can change our lives. Start by reading our quotations for better days!

Better Days Quotes for Optimists on duty

bad days build better days.

I know you’ve had better days, but don’t give up! There is a beautiful future waiting for you.

“How are you? I took a deep breath. – I’ve had better days.

poetry exists because we need an exhaust valve. Together with the desire of better days.

had saved a small flame, a little hope of better days, that good winds one day really blow.

Try to be strong, girl! I know it’s hard, but always remember that better days will come.

I have kept the faith and hope that better days will come, and that God will not abandon me.

Because it’s just the sound of your laugh that makes my day better.

Your voice makes me dream of better days.

Just believe that better days will come.

There is a promise that came from the most reliable person in the whole world. The name is Jesus Christ. Better days will come! Believe me.

Knowing how to live is to fight for better days, but also enjoy every day of your life.

God will turn this page and the next chapters will be better. Have faith!

Better days will come, follow firm in prayer.

can handle firm, can stand only a few more days, the best days are to come.

Although times seem difficult, never stop believing in tomorrow.

Only he can offer us the grace, the hope of better days and a new tomorrow.

My hope for better days becomes less and less and yet I try to keep firm, waiting for some fullness.

The best days are like droplets of water in the desert, you need to value.

Your best days will never be so good that you are beyond the need for God’s grace.

I would like to somehow have the chance of better days.

And let us never lack hope on better days.

Difficult days are necessary so that we can value the achievement of the best days to come.

Don’t expect better days, turn your bad days!

Understand, everything has your time … Knowing how to wait is the big secret of the best days.

I am part of this generation that suffers more than is happy, who suffers silent. A generation full of sentimental problems, but never loses faith on better days.

When you think everything is lost, life comes and shows you that better days are coming.

Jesus will make you laugh again, don’t worry, better days will come.

The days we work are the best days.

And then you find people who make your days better and come deep in the background of hope for things to improve.

What still makes me walk and live is the search for happiness and for better days.

We are thirsty for better days. We are looking for peace, since a few years ago everything has become complete chaos.

I wish you better days, happy days, days when you are full of good feelings!

While tears come down, I pray for better days.

If you are sad now, remember that in a year you can get married, win the lottery, or get the job of your dreams. Better days are coming, stay strong.

really beautiful is this thing that we can believe that each day can be better!

And that I never lose this craze to think that today will be much better than yesterday!

Do not be discouraged, the obstacles to the best days will be worth it.

It’s hard to believe in better days when you see someone who made you suffer smiling with a friend who cheated on you, and you still alone.

I follow like this, stumbling and falling almost every day, but never forgetting that it is this faith on better days that makes me follow.

Jesus is our hope for better days.

She still believes in better days, bruises that go out with kisses and, above all, in love.

We are responsible for these better days.

Never lose hope on better days. Regardless of pain or difficulties, tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning.

I hardly noticed the days to pass. You make everything lighter and the days are better to live.

And where’s those best days that everyone said would come?

Everything is possible for those who believe that better days will come!

Just breathes and continues to walk with faith on better days.

Pain is insane, but we fight the same way in the hope of better days.

Your look brings me hope of better days, in your arms I know the way home.

It is better to throw yourself to the fight for better days than to remain static.

Each bad day do the same phoenix, reborn and lift your head, because better days are coming!

Believe it on better days and don’t give up! You are on the right track!

Deliver everything in the hands of God and you will live the certainty of better days!

Fight for better days and be blessed by achievements and overcoming.

better days, I keep thinking about better days.

We all have bad days, but know how to learn from these days, so that the best will come.

from the ashes … will be reborn days better and full of hope.

May all your days be considered better days!

The best days of your life are yet to come.

Believe it on better days and give an extra up your spirits with our quotes of optimism! After this reading, see the future with other eyes and all the beauty that awaits you.

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