60 messages for a special friend that show how important she is

If you have a sensational person in your life, show your love with these quotes for special friend. She deserves to be remembered how amazing she is and makes a difference in her daily life. A great choice for you to send on WhatsApp or subtitle in your next photo. Check it out!

Citations for special friend full of affection and affection

friend, you are the family I chose. My heart sister, so fundamental in my life.

I don’t fear the storm, because you are my safe haven. I face everything by your side, friend.

You make every effort worth it. Friend, thanks for being so special.

When they tell me about true friendship, you are the first person who comes in my head.

After you got into my life, I never felt alone. Thank you for everything, friend.

Friend is a blessing that comes from the heart of God for us to take care.

Those who find you beautiful on the outside do not imagine that your greatest beauty comes from within. Friend, you are amazing.

An angel from heaven that brought to me. It’s the most beautiful, the perfect jewel that is for me to take care, which is for me to love.

While we have each other, everything will be fine.

When God sent you in my life, He materialized the guardian angel. I love you, friend.

If you ever find yourself trapped in the middle of the sea, I will sail around the world to find you.

It’s like not seeing the sun, but make sure it’s there, turning the night, sadness into joys and what was empty left not to go back.

friend, your pain is mine too. I do whatever it takes to see you well.

Who has a friend has everything.

I know, it is not always that we find someone who does good, who takes us from this storm. Love is bigger than anything!

When we get together is a danger. High risk of a lot of good energy!

I will hear you when the world cannot understand you. It was God who chose you to be the best friend I could have.

I’m only up when you are not down. I’m just me when I’m with you.

When we are together, I forget the problems. Friend, having you do me too good.

Always live in memory, it is part of my story. Nothing will separate us, friendship is everything!

I always ask for your happiness in my prayers. Friend, you are very special.

friend, take a look in the mirror and see the most special person of my life.

Friends are the greatest proof of God’s love for us.

ah friend, your affection is medicine for any wound.

friend, my week is happier when I know we will meet.

If the world had more people like you, it would be a better place. Friend, you are an example of human being.

friend, it’s great to have you in my life. It’s great to love and be loved. It is great to have such a sincere and true friendship.

friend, when I grow up, I want to be the same! How I admire you!

said very well who defined his friend as half of his own soul. I really had the feeling that our two souls were one in two bodies.

For you to get a sense of how important you are! If I had to choose between sleeping with rain or one night of pajamas with you, I would choose you, friend.

Even with my mistakes, you have always been patient to help me. Thank you for never giving up on me, friend.

And in my best memories you are always present. I hope we can be very old together and remember all this.

If our relationship were math, I would say that you specialize in multiplying smiles, sharing joys and diminishing sorrows.

Friend, you are my sun on cloudy days. Everything gets better with you!

You are not in the museum, but I would spend hours admiring you. What a wonderful friend!

friend, your affection comforts me so much when a sweetie. Thank you for taking care of me so well.

When I have children, I will show you a picture of you and say: this was and is my best friend.

It’s so good to have someone who really loves you and wants you well. Friend, you make life lighter.

I spent all my luck when I found you. Friend, you are my award -winning ticket!

bad days, happy days. Regardless of events, if I have you by my side, I know it will be all right.

Whoever wants to hurt you will have to go through me first. Friend, it’s us against the world.

Brigadier, Netflix, you and you. This is the perfect combo of my weekend, friend.

Passing to remember that there is someone who loves you so much. Friend, you are sensational!

I am so proud of the human being that you are, friend.

friend, looking for some defect in you is like looking for a needle in the haystack. Impossible!

I tell the time to be by your side. Friend, you do me a damn good.

Thank you for accepting me and love me from the way I am. I feel I can be 100% “me” by your side, friend.

Sometimes I smile for nothing thinking about how lucky I have a friend like you.

Whether to celebrate the victories or to get you up on the stumbles, I will always be holding your hand, friend.

Friend, you are the first person I look for when I need advice. Your words never make mistakes.

It is impossible to explain our connection. Looks like we know each other from other lives, right friend?

Even with mathematics, it is impossible to number its qualities. You are perfect, friend!

Friend, you bring me peace in moments of despair, hope in moments of defeat and happiness in moments of sadness. You are everything to me!

I’m not a pirate, but I feel I found a treasure. Friend, you are my rare jewel.

You cause my most sincere smiles and my highest laughter. Thank you, friend!

When we are together, nothing more matters. I know now I’m complete with my other half, my best friend.

Regardless whether we are physically together or not, I know that what unites us is our heart.

Friend, you are worth gold! Even so, not seeing you at any value.

friend, partner, confidant. What you mean to me cannot be expressed in Palavas. I love you so much!

friend, that I could be your rainbow on gray cloud days. Always count on me!

I bet your friend was surprised and very happy with such beautiful words. End her day with a golden key with these good night quotes for friend.

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