60 messages about learning that will teach you valuable lessons

Knowledge is the most valuable treasure a human being can have and is the only one no one can steal to you. It can be acquired through study, experiences or contact with others. The important thing is to be willing to always add something to your life. Check out learning quotes and never stop growing!


Studying and learning are things we will never stop doing.

Important at school is not just studying, it is also creating bonds of friendship and coexistence.

Happy the one who transfers what he knows and learns what he teaches.

People who like to study and learn are those who go farther in life.

Man was born to learn as much as life allows him.

Who teaches learns when teaching. And who learns, teaches to learn.

Embrace and do not release the opportunities to study and learn new things. They will make you fly.

Wherever there is women and men, there is always something to do, there is always something to teach, there is always something to learn.

Master is not who always teaches, but who suddenly learns.

In addition to studying to learn, you can study to be who you always dreamed.

The profit of our studies is to make ourselves better and wiser.

Learning is always to gain a new strength for other victories in the endless succession of life.

We need to study hard so that knowledge changes our destiny and strengthens us to realize our dreams.

No one is so big that it cannot learn, not so small that it cannot teach

Learning only fixes in our mind when we continue to study what we learn and put our knowledge into practice.


For learning, knowledge of the world and experiences make all the difference.

It is doing that one learns to do what you should learn to do.

There is no wrong way, learning and experience are on all paths.

Life is still the best teacher because it teaches us making us get our hands dirty.

Experience is the name we give our mistakes.

Time teaches us, our actions teach us, our experiences have lessons and we need to be aware of learning them.

There are lessons that only practice and experience can teach us.

Theory gives you the direction for you to learn in practice what should be done.

Practice having positive or negative results, always teaches us something.

A complete citizen is the one who learns at school, but also in his daily life with his actions.

There is no point in knowing everything in the world of ideas, but not having the experience of living things in practice.

Don’t be afraid to practice what you know, only then you will be sure you have learned what you should.

What we have learned in practice is what we value most in our baggage of knowledge.

Practice is the most guaranteed way that something will be learned.

In each experience, a learning that you will never forget.


Who is willing to learn will always find someone who wants to teach.

To avoid doing something that will not work, observe the course of someone inspiring, if he has tried and failed.

An intelligent person learns from their mistakes, a wise person learns from the error of others.

The other has a lot to teach us if we have the sensitivity to hear.

Create a learning stream passing forward what you have learned from someone else.

Learning to listen is what will never stop learning from those who are already in our lives.

With the experiences of others, we learn what to do or not in our choices.

Experiences teach a lot, but sometimes we don’t have to live them, we just need to hear who has lived them.

To learn from each other is also to filter what he says and understand whether or not it fits you.

The exchanges and relationships we cultivate teach us a lot about life.

When we are willing to learn from each other, we add a lot to our life experience.

Some advice are accurate, so learning from the other is an exercise in listening and attention.

Life is made of exchanges, we always teach something to someone while learning from him.

Listen to what others have to say. You can learn what to do and what to avoid.

Listen to more experienced people than you. They will always have something valuable to teach you.

Quotes on Learning always

The world changes all the time and, not to be left behind, I have never decided to stop learning.

I’m here is to live, fall, learn, get up and move on.

Nothing lasts forever, neither the pain, nor the joys. Everything in life is learning. Everything in life is overcome.

What makes life be exciting is to know that learning never ends.

Knowing us we learn from masters and books. Wisdom is learned is with life and the humble.

It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.

As long as we are alive, we will have new things to learn and worlds to break up.

Learning is the only thing the mind never tires, never afraid and never regrets.

You should always learn, even with an enemy.

There are lessons to learn in every corner of life. Do not miss the mood of always knowing something new.

The joy you have to think and learn makes us think and learn even more.

I am always willing to learn, but I don’t always like to teach me.

The mind never tires of learning and is willing to do this forever.

The time we spend we learned is time won and saves us unnecessary energy expenditure in the future. So never stop learning.

Being the awareness that we are always learning makes us evolve.

That you are thirsty for learning and transforming yourself. To continue encouraging you on this path, see learning quotes and apply them to your daily life!

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