60 love reflection messages to think about this complex feeling

There is no denying, love one time or another will catch us. It can bring us happiness, peace and open doors to unique opportunities, but it can also disappoint us and cause damage difficult to repair. But, calm down! Whatever it is, there is nothing that does not pass.

Have you ever wondered to think about this feeling and how complex it is? We have selected the best reflection quotes of love to make you think a lot about the act of loving. Read, get inspired and share!

Quotes for you to reflect on love

Because those who love never know what you love, don’t know why you love, nor what it is to love …

I believe in love. I think there may be some chance and I always think it may be different. Perhaps this is the explanation of all disappointments.

And you don’t even dream that I’m kind of bipolar, I want to be a mother and believe in the love of life. I believe in love forever. I believe in soul mate. You don’t even dream of these things because we only talk light and funny things.

A person, discovering that he is loved because he is as it is, not for what he intends to be, will feel that he deserves respect and love.

I believe in love for all my life, and beyond life, because it would be a kind of love united with the soul itself, and without soul life is not right …

Who really loves us will love us as we are, with our authentic essence, with our defects, virtues and our wonderful personality.

Love is the only one that grows when it is divided.

Each person receives equally what he is able to donate, therefore, if he is able to donate affection and attention to his own, will be involved in an aura of love and affection as well.

How does someone who loves one who loves you forget? How do you forget someone who misses us and costs us more to remember to live? When someone is suddenly going, how do you stay?

People have to die; The loves to end. People have to leave … The times have to change.

Love is never resolved, nor is it reached. Each detail is dramatic. Each one, it all depends.

When you get up in the morning, think of the precious privilege of being alive: breathing, thinking, enjoying, loving.

Each one feels love in his own way, but everyone is missing words when explaining it.

It is because we are so attached to the certainties that we end up making love something mathematical, but this is a serious mistake. I thought that adding the understandings was like loving. I did not understand that, also doing the sum of misunderstandings is that we are able to truly love.

love is like this, always add the good things, especially in bad times and get carried away by love, even when there is more misunderstandings.

Love only makes sense when it causes happiness and puts sweet smiles all the time on the faces of lovers.

If one day you have to choose between the world and love remember: if you choose the world you will be without love, but if you choose love, you will conquer the world.

Love is too great a feeling not to be eternal. If it didn’t last forever, then it’s because it wasn’t love.

the one who knew only his wife and loved her, knows more about women than the one who knew a thousand.

There are wars, fights and lack of tolerance, but as long as there is love in the world, there is still hope.

Love does not combine in the past; Either you love yourself forever, or never truly loved.

Because life only gives themselves to those who occurred, for those who loved, for those who cried, for those who suffered.

eternal loves do exist, and they surpass anything, even when no one else believes in them, they always stretch, expecting only one look, a return, a reconciliation.

If love is true, there is no suffering …

It is a poor love that can be measured.

Where love reigns, there is no desire for power; And where power predominates, there is a lack of love. One is the shadow of the other.

Nothing is small in love. Whoever awaits the great occasions to prove their tenderness cannot love.

I love as love loves. I know no other reason to love but to love.

Love is an inexhaustible source of reflection, deep as eternity, high as heaven, vast as the universe.

It is easier to love than to be loved. Accept Love: He won’t be waiting forever.

Love is the wisdom of the madmen and the madness of the wise.

Most people see in the problem of love, first of all, the problem of being loved, not the problem of love itself.

There is no one who is not ashamed to have loved another, when love is over between them.

Love is a light that does not let life darken.

The great school is love: the demands of love lead to great heroisms. When love is true, sacrifice does not hurt; Love makes it estimate as well as what is a duty.

Love is something that many desire, but not everyone knows how to give.

If silence tries to shut you up, know that love will give you words to act.

The love of married women is the most worthy in the world, but the couples themselves do not know that.

Love is a conflict between our reflexes and our reflections.

All we know of love is that love is all that exists.

Loving with intensity is something fabulous, but let us do it with a few drops of prudence and some good brushstrokes of wisdom.

We can’t do great things, but little things with great love.

The ability to laugh together is love.

Authentic love does not feed on these types of exaggerated demonstrations, but those small samples, the daily details, where mutual recognition happens.

It’s true, love ends one day too. I never believed it, I thought love was forever. The problem is that love can turn into grudge, I hate, bitterness and all that poetry leaves.

To love is not to look at each other; It is looking together in the same direction.

True love is not one who feeds on kisses and affection, but the one who can handle the whole form of renunciation and is able to survive even wrapped in longing.

Love does not know its own intensity until the time of separation.

so good to die of love and keep living!

Love starts masks without which we have not been able to live and behind which we know that we are unable to do so.

Love is a delicious feeling because the interest of those who love is confused with that of the beloved.

What is done for love is always beyond good and evil.

If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first, you wouldn’t love another.

is so love. We can never count on him. That’s why we fell in love with whom we fall in love.

Do not believe that love is able to just love, love can transform, can make anyone better.

There are four questions of value in life: what is sacred? What is the spirit made of? What is important in life? What is it worth dying? The answer to all is the same: love.

Love is not getting involved with the perfect person, that of our dreams. There are no princes or princesses. Face the other person in a sincere and real way, extolling their qualities, but also knowing their defects. Love is only beautiful, when we find someone who turns us the best we can be.

Never say that you loved someone and forgot it, because it is more worth the sadness of goodbye than the certainty of never.

True love is the one who suddenly arises when we least expected, and stay forever.

Never underestimate a love, although it seems small or insignificant, for there is the seed of a better world.

Now that you have reflected a little about love, let’s reflect a little more about life in general? After all, love cannot be the only important thing in our lives, we must stay firm in other instances as well! Check out our selection of reflection quotes and get inspired.

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