60 jiu-jitsu messages to motivate you in this sport

Millennial Sport, Jiu-Jitsu arrived in Brazil along with the first Japanese immigrants. Today, it is widespread by the country, being the passion of many people who practice it. Its literal translation means “versatile, smooth art.” And if you fight or are just a great admirer of this sport, then check out these quotes of jiu-jitsu and share!

Citations of Motivational Jiu-Jitsu

Even those who are in love with jiu-jitsu can sometimes be without purpose. And for these confusing moments, nothing better than reading some motivational messages!

For those fighting jiu-jitsu, the floor is not the end, it is just the beginning.

The value of jiu-jitsu there is nothing to pay, because it gives us a sense of tranquility. The quiet man has peace. A quiet man is a tolerant man.

Sometimes I may not learn, but admire my students have improved what I did.

It is better to stay and fight. If you run away, you will only die tired!

Do not confuse victories with failure or successfully victories.

Remember: You are your own general. So take the initiative now, plan and marche decided to victory.

Sometimes, I think jiu-jitsu teaches me much more than life itself.

I may have the worst day of all, but I dedicate a little time to practice jiu-jitsu, so everything was worth it.

Never give up, you must resist the maximum. Until you fall, like a samurai.

The black belt was a white band that did not give up.

jiu-jitsu is for anyone. Anyone who wants to learn can. There is no difference in male or female. It is something that increases the physical potential of anyone.

jiu-jitsu, at the end of the day, is the art of expressing yourself honestly. Each time you put a kimono, you can’t lie.

Today’s victory is about your self yesterday!

No matter how much you are, as long as you don’t stop.

Focus, dedication and a lot of patience. These are the basic secrets to progress in jiu-jitsu.

Quotes of Jiu-Jitsu and Friendship

Nothing better than playing a sport with friends! And if you have made great friends thanks to jiu-jitsu, then these quotes are for you.

Just as the child should trust his mother, the white band should believe in the goodwill of your instructor.

Starting to fight jiu-jitsu is not starting a sport. It’s starting to be part of a family!

and it was on the mat, between fights and overcoming that I found my true friends.

The bonds that jiu-jitsu has united nothing more can separate, because they are eternal.

Practice sport, even if not competitively, because it is healthy and you make good friends, which last for the rest of your life.

Jiu-jitsu requires a lot of respect. And it takes a lot of respect to fight an opponent who is also a great friend.

Happy is the fighter who finds a friend on the mat.

The best of jiu-jitsu is the people we know and who often become great friends.

jiu-jitsu is not just a sport. It is a common passion that brings together people and strengthens friendships of friendship.

May our friendship be as strong as the knot of the track.

More than a jiu-jitsu teacher, a great friend life gave me!

jiu-jitsu is the most collective of all individual sports.

friends who fight together, remain together.

The success of Jiu-Jitsu is not individual. All who taught you something along the way are your friends and masters. Be grateful to them.

jiu-jitsu starts and ends with respect.

Jiu Jitsu Quotes For Tattoo

Want to demonstrate all your love for sport eternalizing it on your skin? So check out these quotes from jiu-jitsu to tattoo and choose your favorite.

In the country of football, the mat is my lawn.

Time on the mat will eventually surpass talent and skill.

jiu-jitsu is not art, it is life.

The best of jiu-jitsu is the dignity it brings.

Anger led me to jiu-jitsu. But love made me stay.

Never underestimate the power of jiu-jitsu.

The more I train, the more luck I have.

If you don’t fight for something, you will be defeated by anything.

Fight and fight until lambs become lions.

Fighting is not physical, it is spiritual.

It’s not about what you can get from martial arts, it’s about what you can give to martial arts.

jiu-jitsu is not the art of beating, but not being taken

Being so strong that nothing can disturb the peace of your mind.

Sometimes you don’t have to win, you can’t win. But this has nothing to do with losing.

Who fights does not fight.

Funny Jiu-Jitsu Quotes

Nothing better than laughing and having fun practicing a sport we love. And to take good laughs, you need to take a look at these funny jiu-jitsu quotes that we have separated for you!

The track is white, but the bruises are purple.

A black belt covers only two inches of your rear – you have to cover the rest.

You discover that you are addicted to jiu-jitsu when it runs away the hip to turn on the bed.

I arrived in a phase of life that I think in my love all day: Jiu-jitsu.

God protects children, drunks and white bands.

I even try to feed right, but the hunger that hits after training … We just don’t eat the mat because of the next training.

I think of Jiu-Jitsu twenty-five hours a day. Is that sometimes I end up doing extra time.

I only have one thing to tell these people that they think jiu-jitsu is the best thing in the world: we are together!

If I get my back, I just leave beating or erasing.

I received the diagnosis and is serious: the doctor said I am addicted to jiu-jitsu.

What to take after training? Bath!

jiu-jitsu is finishing. Who makes a point is seamstress.

fall, everyone falls. But it is only on the floor that fights jiu-jitsu.

Always ask me if there’s someone hitting me and I answer, “No, I do jiu-jitsu.”

I don’t need therapy, I need jiu-jitsu.

OSS. Train, fight and always evolve. And to always have energy and disposition, also check out a powerful selection of motivation quotes.

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