60 funny memes for those who love to laugh in front of the computer

Do you spend a lot of time on social networks? So surely you already know several memes. By the way, the good laughs they provide are worth it all the time we spend online. With that in mind, we have selected a list of the best selection of funny memes for you. If you straighten there in the chair and get ready to have fun, check it out!

The best funny memes on the internet

What is a bad person, or two, for 130 million Brazilians who love me?

In my wake, please, someone gets up and shout “she didn’t like half of you”, thank you!

That phase between youth and adult life you spend 30 reais on a snack but cries for 2 reais to buy a new sponge.

It’s that saying: what will you do?

I haven’t forgiven noé for putting that couple of mosquitoes in the ark.

If you see a person who just woke up, sitting, quiet looking at nothing, respect. It’s her waiting for the soul to go back to the body.

Be piranha but don’t forget the studies, be a formed piranha.

Mother, remember when you asked me to download that movie for you? So … I’m stuck.

Do you know that text you have ignored? He grew up and became an essay of Enem.

I have no patience for a person starting.

Your message has been visualized, ignored, humiliated and successfully forgotten.

If I knew I had to study, work and get up early, I had given my place to another sperm.

berenice, safe, we will hit.

I forgot to post on Facebook that I was at the gym … I went to the gym a nothing.

Do you really like the carrot cake or just eat it because of chocolate icing?

Ai Gabi … only those who lived know.

thought I was going to call … soon I never have credit.

so intimate of the hangover that I am already calling her “Rê”.

I am not able to give their opinion.

You are the reason why shampoo has instructions.

I could be killing or killing, but my gta crashed.

I don’t like cold or warm, the degrees for me is perfect.

It is not because you denied me that Toddynho in the third series, on a sunny Monday at the time of the 8th of June 2007 that I got angry with you.

On one day you are young and the other is already wanting to leave from the club at 1 am.

kkk beloved ???

I already received and paid all my bills, now just enjoy the month with my budget of 2 reais.

The problem of the young man is to think he can buy everything in credit and will find a way to pay next month.

raises your head, princess … if not the crown falls.

Then the person wants to make me a clown … soon me, the owner of the circus.

Speak in the face, on the back you do massage.

A fear? Motorcycle falling and grating.

I speak some truths and then put the kkkk to soften.

If you are not ugly when you open the front camera of your phone you are privileged yes!

this micão you are paying is on credit or debit?

Playing my life like a guitar, I don’t know how to play guitar.

Sadness is to see a child with a cell phone better than yours.

Today is rock day, baby.

Once I tried to diet … it was the worst minutes of my life.

Monalisa is the first mockery icon in the story and you thinking that this is a smile.

Sometimes in the silence of the dawn I keep imagining the meeting of Clara with the egg inside the cake.

Friendship is a bunch of lost in life thinking it has the property to give advice to each other.

I’m with vision problem because I can’t wait to get rich.

I’m coming with soda, guys!

My goal for this year is to meet the goals that I did not meet last year I should have done last year.

I’m in love, I hope this will come out in the bath.

Jorginho, lend me to twelve.

Sorry to bother you with my desire to give you love and affection.

I just want to see when I die and have to explain my tweets to God.

I wanted, so that God had mercy.

Thinking about doing something that completely runs away from my personality (leaving home).

Excuse me, could you be less unbearable? Hold You is hindering my spiritual evolution.

It’s form!

I just wanted a fuck: millionaire transaction on my account.

Have a child for what if I can be Pet’s mother.

aham, Claudia, sit there.

If every time I thought about you was a little bit of me … Oops me?

Just watching mouth photo with gloss my hair already sticks everything.

courage, right? You have to have courage.

Everything was easier when I went to school to draw 2 mountains and 1 sun.

Diabetic attention, the sweetie arrived.

It’s as they say, laughing is always the best medicine! And now that you are relaxed after laughing out, how about cheering your friends too? For this, we have prepared a list filled with humor quotes, check it out and share!

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