60 cute messages for a friend to celebrate that special person

Who has a real friend, has a great angel in your life. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of this friendship and, whenever possible, demonstrate its affection and gratitude. With this selection of cute friend quotes, this task will be easy. Choose your favorites and send them now!

Cute quotes for friend to show all your love

You are my sun and I want you to know that my feelings are true. I really love you, you are my best friend.

The verb “love” in Persian has the same meaning as “being friend”.

Friend is a blessing that comes from the heart of God for us to take care.

If an angel I find, I will ask him to protect you. Oh, star that makes me see, that life is beautiful to live.

Friend is something to keep under seven keys inside the heart.

I know, it is not always that we find someone who does good, who takes us from this storm. Love is bigger than anything!

Friendship is not a big thing. There are thousands of little things.

It’s me who will hear you when the world cannot understand you.

I’ll be there for you, because you are there for me too.

All the greatness in this world are not worth a good friend.

If you ever find yourself trapped in the middle of the sea, I will sail around the world to find you.

While we have each other, everything will be fine.

If I lose myself around aimless, without luck, without anything, just I lie in your lap so I feel at home.

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling two bodies.

It’s so good to have someone around, so you feel complete. Having the hand that takes you to the future, glimpsing safe horizon.

I only know that life is more colorful with you.

we are one heart. Always live in memory, it is part of my story. Nothing will separate us, friendship is everything!

It’s not about having everyone in the world for you. It is about knowing that somewhere someone watches over you.

There are 2 species of boring: the boring properly dictated and friends, which are our boring favorite.

I already told jokes and more bland jokes, just to see a happy friend.

I don’t need to win in Mega-Sena, because I know my biggest luck was to have found you.

There is nothing I would change in you. I love you from the way you are, with all your qualities and defects.

I didn’t believe in angels until you showed up and surprised me.

I may not have everything I want, but I have everything I need: you!

If you think you are beautiful on the outside, you can’t imagine this perfect heart that exists inside.

friend, you are a masterpiece. I don’t know how it is not still living in Louvre.

When friendship is true, it is not the time that measures something, but love.

I don’t know if you have any idea how important it is to me. You are the most special person of my life!

You know of my secrets and desires. I trust you with my eyes closed and without fear.

friend, you are the most beautiful flower that grew up in the garden of my heart.

My friend is so cute that I want to keep her in a little pot.

I would face anything if I know you will be by my side.

My best relationship is our friendship. I know that your love will never disappoint me.

friend, I want to go through all the stages of my life with you by my side.

God gave me as a gift. It is my obligation to keep you forever in my heart.

friend, if things work out or wrong, I’ll be by your side.

When you are sad, my heart suffers a little too. We are always connected!

Life is made of choices and the best choice I made was to call you a best friend.

friend, “doing nothing” becomes everything when we are together.

In your hug, I find peace and strength to start over.

Our friendship is based on love, sincerity and respect. So it goes far!

friend, take a look in the mirror and see the most sensational person I know.

It will be so beautiful when my children call you the godmother. I love you, friend.

When you arrived in my life, I knew I had found a false sister.

friend, my shoulder will always be available for you to support, laugh or cry.

Thank you every day for having someone so faithful by my side. Complicity is everything!

I am very happy to know that regardless of the event, my partner is inside.

Having a true friend is more than a choice, it is a meeting of souls.

It is impossible to let such a good energy move away. Friend, you are an amazing human being!

When you pass, to the gray places are illuminated. Your light contagious, friend!

During this journey of life, your friendship is my greatest achievement.

When our paths crossed, I won the most beautiful gift.

Sharing life, love, pain, achievements. Being a friend is about sharing. Everything.

When friendship is true, we feel in the look, affection, hug and smile.

And even if we one day we do physically, our hearts will always be united. This love is invincible!

friend, I don’t understand a stock exchange, but I know your friendship is my biggest investment.

You have the gift of making me smile. You have the gift to see the best in me. Friend, you have the gift of making me happy!

Our connection goes beyond any dimension. It is impossible to measure our love!

When life seems difficult, I will try to make you smile. I just want to see you well, I just want it to be happy.

Regardless of the reason, if you call me I’m already going.

Receiving such a affection will make your friend very happy. And to mark this special relationship even more, also send these friendship poems.

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