60 animated messages to make the most of your life

Living in the ups and downs of life can shake us. Therefore, a little animation from time to time is essential. It is that gas that raises us and encourages us to enjoy everything around us. With that in mind, we have selected the best animated quotes that will give up your routine. Check it out and distribute joy!

Animated citations for status

To break the routine and infect your contacts with extra doses of joy, check out our animated citations for status below and update social networks with great joy!

It is not easy to live, but it is a difficulty that is worth it, that thrills and fills us with joy.

Knowing how to find joy in the joy of others is the secret of happiness.

Joy to face the day, to enjoy everything life has to offer.

I want to live more, live better and live with the people who are filled with myself!

There is no bad time for those who value the fact that they are alive, healthy and full of things to find out.

Smile beautiful and let others want to find out what is the secret that makes you laugh.

Every day, something new waits for me and I will not miss the opportunity to always live on news.

Let’s celebrate the fact that we are alive, we have health and be free to live our lives.

The right answer, it doesn’t matter anything: the essentials is that the questions are right.

Take a deep breath and let life enter your lungs. Notice the beauty of being alive, breathing and ready for what to live.

I heard that the positivity of a mind can save a heart.

Tomorrow will be full of surprises. May they be good, be light and make me happy.

May the day be as good as it was to be warm in my bed enjoying laziness.

And my soul rejoices with your smile, a large and human smile, like the applause of a crowd.

May good energies and inspiration visit you with a tight hug and never release you again.

Animated Quotes for Photos

Do you know that photo you are overflowing with joy? It can be alone or with friends, but it deserves a caption at height. Check out animated quoting suggestions we selected for you!

In the history of my life, I write each page according to the will of my heart.

Come that the good mood will dominate the world!

I’m from the sign of joys with ascendant in I will be happy the way I want.

Today, I just want to smile, send sadness away and embrace life with all my heart.

Time goes by and we learn that what matters is our own happiness.

A happy person does not need religion, does not need any temple. For her, the whole universe is a temple.

If I want to scream, I will shout, if I want to jump, I will jump, if I want to smile, I smile. The important thing is what makes me happy.

I like life like this: the gathered crowd, creating memories that we will never forget.

Leave a sign of joy wherever you pass.

Living another day that will enter my list of unforgettable days!

My dreams are waiting for me to realize them and I will not disappoint them.

Let’s live everything that is to live, let’s allow ourselves.

To live well, the eyes need to be in the future. The past is the story that has passed and can not change.

Life is open bar, you just decide to get drunk. How about a pour of happiness?

rowing against the storm and focused to find my rainbow.

Animated and funny quotes

In addition to filing yourself, you can also have fun and laugh out loud. See our quotes below and live the funniest side of life!

The important thing is to love and find yourself beautiful; The rest, we run after because we are alive.

If your ex-girlfriend says: You’ll never find anyone like me, answer: Amen, I want someone different.

The person looks at me with ugly face, and see what injustice, I can’t return. I’m beautiful even doing a grimace. Difficult day for enemies in the face of beauty here!

I don’t give up on things, I just hop them if they solve alone.

One day I will still be the success case as the person who has achieved his dreams without overcoming laziness.

Another day starting to make new mistakes. The ancients have become a classic. Let’s go after the humiliation, my people!

money is not everything. Do not forget also gold, diamonds, platinum and properties.

Sometimes I want to kick the tent stick, study, work hard until rich. So, I sit down … and the will pass!

Who invented the work had nothing to do.

I hope I cried everything I needed when I was born. Now I just want to learn to smile!

I don’t need luck, I need someone who gives everything in my hand.

I was a baby, I had no talcum powder, Mom passed sugar in me …

Living smiling is what amazes the sadness, but brings the crazy people to my life.

boring – individual who has more interest in us than we have in it.

One step at a time and I will come to my dreams only in the next incarnation.

Short Animated Quotes

And who said that the mood and joy need to come from long and difficult quotes?! In the rush of everyday life, small messages can produce the desired effect. See our suggestions below and cheer up!

Our victory tomorrow is the result of our insistence today.

Joy avoids a thousand evils and prolongs life.

Choose to be happy, be excited, be cheerful and be true.

The important thing is to live and leave marks wherever it is.

That I don’t get tired of experiencing the feeling of being happy.

put a smile on your face and send away the loneliness.

crying is free, but the laugh is lighter.

Happiness drink in sicks lasts a lot more.

One day without laughing is a wasted day.

May my strength take me the fight and victory of my battles.

A little good mood to color my days.

If you can dream, you can perform

It is the love that gives me the encouragement to face the darkness of life.

Happiness are pieces of tenderness that I get here and thereā€¦

Draw your smile and have the happiest day of your life.

Be happier, more excited and more life. Take the opportunity to see our positive energy quotes and fill your routine with good vibrations.

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