55 short smile messages that will radiate joy into your day

A smile, as simple as it is, is an expression of happiness. Full of emotion and feeling, he fills looks and hearts with good courage and joy. Some say a smile can do miracles. We have selected the best short smile quotes that will turn your day with a good dose of humor. Come check it out!

Short Quotes of Smile Full of Good Feelings that will raise your spirits

Smile, not just for cameras, but also for life!

It takes too little to cause a smile and just a smile for everything to become possible.

You will find that life is still worth it if you just smile.

The rays of hope live in the light of a smile.

tears and smiles are the condition of life.

There is nothing more beautiful than your smile.

No matter what happens, always keep the courage and a smile.

her smile is different from others, she smiles with her eyes, smiles with her soul.

The smile enriches the recipients without impoverishing the donors.

For every morning, a coffee and a smile, please.

Who spoke of spring without seeing his smile, said without knowing what it was.

It was a smile with a lot of light inside, I would like to get into it, take your clothes, get naked inside that smile.

Do not allow the difficulties of the days to erase your smile.

The sun is for flowers what smiles are for humanity.

her smile is the course of my life.

Smiles are full of curves, and the curves are full of life!

Your smile is worth more than a diamond.

Every woman brings a smile on her face and a thousand secrets in her heart.

The cure of sadness can be found in the innocent smile of a child.

That smile would be able to end wars and heal cancer.

I soon wish I always wanted to live alone, when I saw your smile I found what was missing.

May your life be a sea of ​​joys enlightened by the light of a smile.

Smiling I intend to lead my life, because crying I saw the lost youth.

Ah, if you knew that the curve of your body I love most is your smile!

always smile! Life is moved by smiles!

The most effective defense? The smile.

It is easier to get what you want with a smile than to the tip of the sword.

My warmth is in your smile, my good, and your hug too.

Smiles are the energy of the soul.

Love is like a smile that never ends.

The true smile shows the essence of the soul.

Life is beautiful, in joy or sadness, tears or smiles. She is simply beautiful in all her eccentricities.

The most beautiful girl I know simply smiles, and when I smile, she’s the most beautiful girl in the world!

Waking up every day and seeing you smile at me is my daily gift.

man is a pendulum between the smile and the weeping.

My life blooms when I see your smile.

I like people who smile wide, who really surrenders, who lives life with joy.

It seems to me that the smile, and only him, does what we call the beauty of a face.

There is something transformative in your smile. I can’t explain, I think it’s love!

I spent my life seeking happiness until I found it in your smile.

And my soul rejoices with your smile, a large and human smile, like the applause of a crowd.

Darkness is fighting with light, as well as sadness fights with happiness. Smile to the world!

A wide smile, a loving stroke and a well-groomed kiss is what makes the day more delicious.

Tell your life for smiles, not for tears.

I hope he never finds out, but his smile is my weak point.

Ah, how lucky I have to have that smile all for me!

In everything that targets there is a smile of hope.

Your laughter has a light that no one else translates.

You color my life with the color of your smile.

But that smile, Zé, ah that smile! I took all the defenses.

Your smile is so beautiful that it makes me want to make you happy just so you can see you smiling always!

Looking at your smile is how to glimpse the magnitude of paradise.

It only matters your smile and nothing more.

Empty heart and full smile, so be it.

In the love package you have to have kisses, hugs, looks and spare smiles!

Smiling is good for soul, don’t you think? And if you want to keep recharging the good humor and high spirits, check out these wonderful quotes of happiness!

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