51 gospel messages to share all the love of the Lord

The best way to share God’s love, and all that he can do good for us is talking about Him.

Words about the Creator can calm your soul and take you closer to it. Sending that message with his word to a friend or family can make all the difference in everyday life! Why not share God’s love today?

We have selected the best gospel quotes for you to share and change someone’s day. Check it out and send it to someone special to you!

Gospel quotes to approach God and comfort your heart

calm, God did not forget you!

It will be perfect, like everything he does.

We have to go through suffering in order to achieve joy.

God never said the journey would be easy, but he said the arrival would be worth it.

Every day God thinks of you. All the time God takes care of you. Every minute God cares about you. Because every second God loves you.

Happiness has a name: God, family and friends.

What God prepares for us is always better than we ask and think.

All things are lawful to me; But not all of it suits.

You cannot be anything you want to be. But it can be all that God wants you to be.

God is our refuge, fortress, helps in the difficulty.

I don’t have time to waste with resentment when I think he loves me.

In the dictionary of God, humility comes before honor.

No one will love me the way Jesus loves me.

In every step I take, every road I walk, every way I choose, your hand will guide me!

Ore. Hang on. Trust.

While there is life, there is hope.

Jesus is the way for all achievements.

Maybe God will not change your situation, but He is using this situation to change you.

Put God at the beginning and He will take care of the end.

God listens to you even before you speak.

There is no regret without pain, without tears and without change in behavior.

God is for you!

Those who invest in the faith do not need to count on luck.

The miracle is already yours. Take possession.

I can do everything that strengthens me.

My God is the God of the impossible.

Make the Lord’s joy your strength.

One thing I know: God is with me.

The star creator preferred to die for you, living without you.

Fear becomes courage after a long conversation with God.

The secret is to have faith in God.

yesterday guided me, today kept me. Tomorrow, my God has already prepared.

There is no abyss so deep that God cannot rescue you.

the creator of all things lives in me.

Any obstacle, with God, becomes a grain of sand.

It was never luck, it was always God.

crying can last one night, but joy comes in the morning.

In the hands of God, ordinary people become extraordinary instruments.

Need to vent? Close your eyes, disconnect from the world and talk to God.

To love is to live like him.

Faith does not eliminate fears, but knows where to deposit them.

When you go through difficult times and wonder where God will be, remember that during a test the teacher is always silent.

God’s seed will develop better if the heart of the heart is clean.

Seeing is not believing. See is to see. To believe is to trust without having seen.

Never cross your arms for a problem, for the greatest man in the world has died of open arms!

Take care of prayer and God will take care of your heart.

Whoever asks with faith gets what they want.

and will be to each other and both for God…

The problem is not that God does not speak to us, we do not hear him.

What makes us special is not just our body, but God’s signature in our lives.

Tomorrow belongs to God, so let us seek for Him today.

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