50 Tumblr messages from father and daughter to show how close you are

Being close to your father is not tacky, quite the contrary, shows that you are very united and friends. If you want to express all your affection for the daddy, peek at the quotes of father and daughter Tumblr we selected! Enjoy, because you can even put in that blog post dedicated to him. Check it out!

Quotes of father and daughter Tumblr loaded with much love

He is my hero and I will always be his princess. I love you, dad!

Your smile is what makes me happy every day!

Sometimes my father looks so longed when he looks at our photos …

Father and daughter love is eternal and very beautiful, no one dare to question this.

daddy, I’m very happy to be your daughter. You are the person who guides me, who illuminates me, who wants me well.

dad, I know I can count on you to help me in difficult times and to celebrate when everything is well.

A daughter is the most precious treasure a father has in the world.

My father is unique, it is the best!

When nothing else is right, I look at our photo and create the strength to fight again!

I do everything for you and I go to where the forces allow me to see you well.

It’s super protective … Scared that someone hurts his little girl. If I am not lucky, I am what?

In fact, it was my chance to show my father that I loved him.

My greatest wealth is to have a big daddy like you always around.

Hug my father and thank you every day for being he who helps to take the weight off my shoulders.

If there is someone in this life who is my best friend and fulfills this role very well, this person is you, dad!

You’re with me, you were here all the time.

daughter, you can’t imagine how life turns head to head when you are a first -time father or mother.

I’m grateful to have you and for being so, so friends, so close and united. I’m lucky to have a father like you!

Not even eternity would be enough to give you all my love, father!

Not all heroes have superpowers or save the world, mine is my father and saves only me.

I arrived at this world! Daddy’s little girl, and Dad made me a soldier.

Father, you are the light that guides every step I take.

And with you I learned all the lessons. I faced my dragons, and only then let me fly.

Every scolding you gave, today I know what it was intended. And I want you to know, dad, I love you so much!

daughter, you are the miracle of my prayers.

Father, friend of all hours. It tells the truth until it hurts. Dad, mirror for my journey. Mom did well to choose you.

dad, I’ll say thank you. Even if I’m still hurt.

no one would dare hurt daddy’s daughter.

No matter where you are, I will never be far away.

I always wanted to be a father and I’m happy to know that your mother embarked on this adventure with me.

My father is my best counselor and no one will doubt it!

In addition, my father’s house will always be open to me, even when I am wrong.

He supports me, dries my tears and encourages me. This is my father!

You know you can talk to me about anything, daughter.

My father knows the decision I made and at no time criticized me, just supported me.

I thought my old father. Today I see that those who are over 60 are still ahead.

Not every king uses crown, proof of this is my father.

It was my father who taught me how to do one of the things I love most: play guitar.

I miss my father, but I know I keep the best memories in my heart.

Father, you were my hero, my thug. Today is much more than a friend!

I think love is the most complex and interesting feeling … after all it seems so simple when analyzed in the form of mother or father’s love by a daughter.

Each time I think of giving up, I remember that I am the daughter of the most persistent father in the world.

Father, I will never forget when I grow up. Your eyes shining just for me.

“My daughter, you are beautiful. You don’t deserve anyone.” It was my father who said.

The city where my father grew up was something with an interior air. By the way, not only air, the city was inside. For me it was the best place in the world.

I know that one day I will be a successful woman because I have a father like you.

My father always seeks to show me that I can be more than I imagine. And so, I remain forever grateful to him!

Every time I think of letting the crown fall my father reminds me that I will always be your princess.

I allowed me to look at the last time to the latest photo I had along with my father and let myself miss it.

How much I love you nobody in the world will love the same, dad!

What did you think of the quotes of father and daughter Tumblr? All charged with feeling that will help you thank and express what you feel for your father, right? Then also take a peek at our good morning quotes to Father.

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