50 true love messages to send to the love of your life

True love goes far beyond a passing passion we already feel. He is not just about the desire for his partner, but to companionship, honesty, care with each other and the desire to be with that person forever.

If you have already loved someone this way, you will identify with the true love quotes we selected. They talk about the strength of this feeling and the luck that is having someone so special to share life. Share and show how honest your love is!

Best true love quotes

When true love invades our hearts, we lose the fear of surrendering to the other person, because we know that they are right for us. See our list with the best quotes of true love and share with those who won you!

true love is not the one we want to feel, but what we feel unintentionally.

True love never wears out. The more it happens, the more you have.

True love has no happy ending. True love has no final.

True love is the one that the wind does not carry and the distance does not separate.

True love has no final point, commas, suffering, no pain. Just love and nothing else!

True love is not bought with money. True love is a true daily donation.

True love is based on affection and friendship and does not tolerate disrespect or falsehood.

true love is rare and is the only thing that gives life a true meaning.

The precious stone of life is true love, because it is rare, beautiful and rejuvenates any heart!

True love is to let the person be who he really is.

Quotes of true and eternal love

To love someone truly is facing what is needed by the other and valuing the relationship at any cost. So it will be strengthened every day and you will want to be by that person forever. Take a look at our list of quotes of true and eternal love and tell your companion that this is what you want for you!

True love gives no warning. It comes up suddenly and lasts forever!

If love is true he will be eternal and no matter how many challenges life puts you!

Nothing is as strong as this complicity that defines our love as something beautiful and eternal.

A true love will always be eternal for those who live it!

Even if the words shut up and our paths separate, I’m sure of one thing: I will love you forever!

Only you can bring me this immense happiness. This love of ours is true and eternal.

What is true, time does not erase. What is true, time eternalizes.

I want to show you every day that this love we feel is true and eternal.

Love that is love lasts all life!

May our love forever alive!

Quotes of true and pure love

Truth love brings joy to the heart of those who love and does not allow evil to approach and interfere with feeling. Check out our selection of quotes of true and pure love and preserve honesty and innocence in your relationship.

A pure and true love. To have, feel and love!

I feel I love you. I am very happy to realize this pure and true love invading me and dominating.

true love is not over. It is pure and honest and does not fit lies and disappointments. Who dares to say that he loves must be sure that he will take with him an eternal feeling.

Love is the purest, true, complete and sincere feeling.

My love for you has always been pure and sincere in such a way that there is no doubt that I really love you!

A pure love does not know the strength it has. My love, I swear to be yours and no one else.

My love for you is simple, pure and irreplaceable!

Where there is pure and true love there will be no sin.

A pure and true love like yours is about to exist. You lead me to dreams and charms of love.

How good it is to feel the purity of true love!

True love quotes for husband

No matter how long it has happened since you swore eternal love to your husband in front of the altar, it is important to remind you every day that this feeling only grows within you. Share one of our true love quotes for husband and let him know that you fall in love every day more!

I want to show you the sincere and true love I feel for you. I love you so much!

We can fight every day and even get away from each other, but nothing will separate us, because our love is true!

How much I met you, I knew from the first moment it was love, that it was true, that we were made to last, that we would be eternally from each other!

You are and always will be my true love!

Thank you for showing me every day what true love is. I will love you forever!

Our love is that strong, unique and true feeling that even over time and with the distance it will never wear out, for we belong to each other, together in one heart. I love you!

True love is one that even with problems, insecurities, fears, can grow even more every new day.

I always wanted a true love and found it in you!

Truth love is the same as the sun. He always reborn, even if a few days have clouds or heavy rain.

True love adds, approaches, contagious, involves. It’s always more, never less.

True love quotes short

Here you will find short love quotes that are perfect to use in the photo subtitles with the beloved or to surprise you with a romantic message at any time. See what most represents your feeling and share!

True love is one that supports absence and survives in longing.

True love comes down to confidence and friendship.

True love starts there where nothing is expected in return.

When love is true, the distance becomes a mere detail.

If it is true it will happen, regardless of time and distance.

True love is one who builds bridges and drops barriers.

True love is not found, it is built.

True love is the one who is on your side all the time and not only in good time!

True love has enough strength to heal all wounds.

If love is true, there is no routine that weakens it.

Taking advantage of the mood of love that is in the air, we selected our other list with love quotes for you to continue showing your romantic and passionate side!

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