50 spiritual quotes that will help with your spiritual evolution | messages, wishes and quotes

Spiritism is a Christian religion that has a lot to teach us about human life. Its practitioners seek evolution through reincarnation processes and the teachings of disembodied spirits. Below, we have selected the best spiritual quotes about love, wisdom, optimism, meditation and death that will help you on this journey of faith. Check it out, reflect and share!

Straight to the point:

Spiritual quotes of wisdom

For spiritists, our soul evolves and becomes wiser with each reincarnation. Among its premises, we must seek to evolve in our life on Earth. How about taking advantage of our stay on this plan to gain more knowledge? See the sentences below!

The art of listening is also the science of helping.

God grants us, every day, a new page of life in the book of time. What we put into it is our responsibility.

May our footprints on this planet leave marks of love, which is the most beautiful expression of truth, which dignifies and sustains us, giving us stability within the victory of good, towards peace, fraternity and justice.

Attitude is prayer. And through our attitude, we show the quality of our desires.

Doing good helps others and contributes to our personal evolution.

Good deeds are the best prayer, which is why actions are worth more than words.

Solidarity, we will be unity. Separated from each other, we will be points of view. Together, we will achieve the realization of our purposes.

Life is not just one! We are here passing through, learning and evolving. I grow every day and fulfill my mission.

The trials we go through are essential for the healing of our soul and for us to reach a greater level of wisdom.

Strengthening our spirit evolves us and prepares us for other challenges.

Spiritual quotes of optimism

Facing life with optimism is already half the way to achieving our goals. To be happy, exercise your ability to be optimistic with the quotes we have selected below!

Wherever you are and whoever you are with, don’t allow your hopes to become demands.

Walking is essential and the part that really matters. Focus on your day to day life and don’t give up. By going through the path, we will reach the objective of evolution.

Life is fleeting, but it always comes back in another form, giving us new opportunities to heal and evolve.

Hope is a light that sustains us in times of darkness.

Let us work on our own intimacy, overcoming limits and obstacles imposed, often, by ourselves.

United we will be resistance, fragmented we will be defeated in our essential objectives.

To evolve our spirit, we need to believe in the process and evolution. Believing that we can is half the battle.

Victorious hope is one that never stops working.

Be optimistic about difficulties. They are tests that we will overcome with the purpose of growing and evolving.

When you find yourself on the verge of discouragement, accelerate your step forward, forbidding yourself to stop.

Spiritual love quotes

Love is fundamental in the journey of spiritualism. Through it, our soul continues towards evolution! See what important teachings this religion has for our lives.

Love is the path to spiritual evolution.

True love we take with us.

The time best spent is the one in which you awaken love.

The courage of love creates the blessing of forgiveness.

Love doesn’t arrest, it frees! Love because it’s good for you, not because you expect something in return.

Love and compassion must go together to have a life of good deeds.

Love is the greatest force in life. Brings people together forever.

When love doesn’t know how to divide itself, happiness can’t multiply.

Love is the force of life and work linked to love is a powerhouse that generates happiness.

A happy life is built on a clear conscience with the blessing of love.

Spiritual quotes to meditate

We need to seek peace within ourselves to have the right motivation to continue! And to have more light in our lives, check out spiritual quotes that are perfect for meditating and illuminating your soul.

Criticism from others can only bring you harm if you consent to it.

Take advantage of the dawn to renew your thoughts and prepare to receive God’s divine advice.

Get rid of negative thoughts, envy, hatred and find somewhere in your chest one more reason to have hope.

Focus on inner peace, good, love and in moments the signs of life will appear on your path.

Forgiveness and tolerance are levers that support our intimate peace.

Change today whatever you have to change, choose another direction, but always aiming to find true love and the light at the end of the tunnel.

The life around us is a reflection of who we are inside.

When difficulties threaten your balance, use prayer. Prayer is an effective medicine for all illnesses of the soul.

Whatever good lives in your heart and brings to your mind will always be what you can best teach.

Thought is the first beam of light that can guide us to a better place.

Spiritual quotes about death

For spiritualism, death is not the end. It is part of the journey, as well as our spiritual evolution. Check out spiritual quotes about death and reflect on the paths ahead!

Death does not separate those who love each other.

Life does not end with the death of the physical body.

When the pain of separation through death hurts our hearts, let us not retreat into a shell, giving up on life. Pain should motivate us to continue the daily struggle, mainly because we keep the lesson of immortality.

Death is only the destruction of the body and not the perispirit, which separates from the body when organic life ceases in it.

In spiritualism, we are certain that after the death of the physical body, the spirit is freed, becoming conscious and truly alive.

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss in life is what dies within us while we live.

The life we ‚Äč‚Äčlive is just a part of this cycle, everything is much bigger than we think.

Each time we leave this plane, we advance a step towards the evolution of our spirit.

I don’t love life so much that I fear death.

Death itself is a new form of life.

In Brazil, we have a great representative of spiritualism. With many teachings, we selected the main ones in this list of quotes by Chico Xavier. Check it out and share wisdom!

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