50 spiritual messages of comfort that calm the heart during pain

In life, we will have to face many moments of suffering. It may be when something doesn’t come out as we plan, when we lose someone, or when it looks like the future is dark and we can’t see the light. For these moments, faith is what can comfort us. Therefore, we select spiritist quotes of comfort that calm the soul and heart. Check it out!

Spiritist quotes of comfort that bring a word of peace in the midst of suffering

What comforts us about death is that it is not the end, but the beginning of a new part of our journey.

We must keep loving the other without expecting anything in return. Only love is good for our hearts.

Our passage to earth will not be free of suffering, but we need to use it as learning to bring light to our soul.

There is a certain degree of wisdom that is only achieved after overcoming the evidence and difficulties of the life we ​​live.

May our Spirit find comfort in our faith and our opportunity to evolve a little to every pain.

That difficulties strengthen our spirit so that we find true wisdom and evolution.

Your way in life is yours alone. Seek to find the direction that must walk and persuade its own evolution.

Even if everything is hazy now, do not lose hope and the desire to learn from what is happening to you.

That the pain of death and separation does not make you regress, but continue in your fight, remembering that life does not end now.

Who left did not leave, remains close to us, even if we cannot see now.

This life is fleeting, but gives us the opportunity to grow, learn and evolve.

Each day, we have a new page to write. Do not let the pain prevent you from drawing the lines of your story.

try to focus on the good parts that difficulties present, as the opportunity to learn from them.

There are many limits that have been imposed by ourselves, but we need to follow our purpose and overcome them daily.

When discouragement finds you, don’t stop walking. Somewhere, he will let go of you.

Ask God to overcome the shadows, ask him to bring light to his life. He will fulfill your order.

Hope should not stop working, even when the pain seems greater than it seems.

Don’t complain about the things that happen to you, just keep living. Complaints make us lose precious moments of life.

It is the love that comforts our hearts, because it shows us that the direction he takes us is always to sure.

Life is made of various moments and, even the bad, teach us valuable lessons that add to our spirit.

Nothing is by chance. Everything that happens to us is preparing us for the lessons we need to learn.

Days of sadness are needed here on Earth. Our spirit needs to learn from the situations we live in.

In the area of ​​life, the prayer comforts the heart and raises the vibrations.

It is the accumulated experiences that make the Spirit evolve and make us find comfort in the pains we live.

For sad days, seek comfort in the teachings of the spiritist faith and their prayers.

Comfort for the Spirit penetrates our soul and fills exactly the holes we need.

Death is not the end and this is our comfort. We will still meet the people we love and that were from that time.

When you are not right, raise your prayers and your spirit will find comfort to continue to wage the daily battles.

The pain of longing is shared with other people and we can find comfort when trying to comfort them as well.

Life needs love, smiles and hope. Do not let darkness consume your spirit and prevent you from living great times.

In the moments of pain, the lessons are attached that will learn and how they will be strengthened when they pass.

Do not have the pain as your enemy. She is a great teaching for those who want to learn from her.

If we do not go through all the headquarters up, including the bad, we will not evolve our spirit.

It is the true love that comforts us in all situations. Always take it with you!

When you observe yourself on the brink of discouragement, accelerate your step forward, forbidden to stop.

Life is made of moments, moments when we have to go through, being good or not, for our learning.

Every moments of your life have a reason for being. Do not spend too much time questioning or wanting to fight them. It’s a waste of time!

Do you know that day when we are sad, without even knowing why? It often happens, with many people. Perhaps the solution is to read a spiritist message of comfort, and reflect, they always touch our souls.

All things, on earth, pass… the days of difficulty, will pass… will also spend the days of bitterness and loneliness.

When love for good directs feelings and thought, actions undeniably are correct and dignifying.

I’m sad when someone offends me, but surely, I would be sadder if I was the offender … hurt someone is terrible!

Love does not hold, free!

Men sow on earth what they will reap in the spiritual life: the fruits of their courage or weakness.

Everything in life can be started again so that the law of progress and improvement is fulfilled in all directions.

God gives us every day a new life page in the book of time. What we put in it, run on our own.

Prayer is effective medicine for all soul diseases.

Do not overwhelm your days with unnecessary concerns, so as not to miss the opportunity to live with joy.

Solidarity, we will be union. Separated from each other, we will be points of view. Together we will achieve our purposes.

Although no one can go back and make a new beginning, anyone can start now and make a new end.

Life is not one! We are here, learning and evolving. I grow every day and fulfill my mission.

Trust that this moment will pass! Enjoy and find a new word of faith for every moment of your life in our selection of spiritist quotes.

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