50 single status messages that exalt you to be your own love

Being single is very different from being alone! In addition, the independence and lightness to enjoy the company itself is unique and many people choose not to give up it. If you are one of them and want to share this way of life on your profile, you got in the right place! Check it out and share single quotes for status!

Single citations for perfect status for those who are not ashamed to be on the track

I prefer to be single than in the company of anyone just to say that I have company.

When I was single, I learned to love myself and I learned that I will never submit to relationships with someone who does not deserve me.

single, I lie down. Without horn, I get up. So, I am living my life everywhere.

Relationships are beautiful, but yours with yourself is the most important.

getting single changes our perspective on how we relate to people, whether romantically or not. It is good to put things in perspective.

The mouth is hers, and if you want to kiss the whole ballad, it’s not a girl, no! Just single!

I’m single and I’m happy! I’m laughing for nothing, from the way I always wanted!

I am proud of my relationship status. Being single and being as well as I am, I am very proud!

Every pan has its lid, but it is a frying pan: it was born to be single.

Being single is finding the independence and lightness to enjoy the company itself.

We don’t need man when he learns to value his own company and to lean on friends.

Free yourself from the ties of society! Often women are committed to the simple fear of being single. We can’t live like this!

Being single is more than a relationship status, it’s a way of life! And I don’t intend to leave it anytime soon!

I allowed myself to drop what needed to be dropped … Now there is room for what is really worth it.

It’s single, but it’s not alone!

No one can stop a woman after she finds out she deserves more!

Being single at first was very difficult. Today, but I see it was the best thing that could have happened to me.

Why do you glorify single man and insults single woman?

I went to be happy, I don’t come back or send you news!

It’s Goodbye, Bye, I don’t want you anymore! Hurt so much. If I drink, I know it will pass. I’m a happy single, I’m happy single.

I may even get involved with someone again, but only if I am sure I won’t give up being who I am. I’m single!

I became the first option of myself and I no longer accept that they offer me less than I deserve.

This princess here doesn’t need a prince! She is the only protagonist!

Like life is essential, regardless of your relationship status. I, particularly, chose to do this single!

Being single for some is torture; For me, it’s freedom.

Now I’m single and no one will hold me … that way!

It’s not easy to be authentic and self -sufficient enough to be single, but … Who said I like easy things? So, it’s me!

Taking advantage of this wind with the breeze of self -knowledge. Single!

single, I am my own home; When I need a place to go back, I get back to myself.

clipped all parts of me and gave each one a defect. I, entirely, get it. I am everything and complete, rename.

I found warmth in my own arms, they know me better than anyone.

single, loose! I’m being disputed and called Queen.

Facing single life with a smile on your face requires the courage and strength that few women were created to have.

I belong to myself. I’m mine and no one else, I’m single!

Above all, I am mine, long before it was yours.

heart and mind are tuned when your heart is yours and no one else.

Status: I’m single and very happy, thank you!

Yeah, I’m single and it’s normal. They are so sick! Baladeira, no commitment. I’m cool!

I am my own source of strength, my own support. I live very well with myself. I’m single!

crazy is not the one who chooses to be single, but who can not spend 15 minutes enjoying his own company.

The beauty of a woman alone and happy, no man overshadowed.

Today I’m single, today I’m I’m! I’m in Bagaceira, every day is Friday!

I recognize everything that is good in myself and I am proud of what I have become.

If I knew how to be very single, I would have thought a lot more before getting involved in a relationship!

Many women surrender to romance because they are afraid of being single, so they begin to make concessions and lose their identity.

Being single for me was a gift from God: I rediscovered and approached Him in this process!

How wrong a woman is to expect the man to build the world she wants instead of creating him herself.

matured much more single than in years of relationship!

single beat does not change for anyone!

is not a woman who needs a man. Be a woman that a man needs.

Better single than in the company of someone who doesn’t deserve you! If you already want to enjoy the cue to send a message to this person, also check out indirect quotes to ex and send your message!

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