50 short thank you messages that will fill your life with peace and joy

Gratitude makes a huge difference in our lives. The more grateful we are, the more good things come to us. Therefore, we must exercise it whenever possible. It is not the amount of things we thank that matters, but the motivation of our hearts. Check out our short thanks and recognize the blessings you’ve received!

Short citations of thanks to have more hope in your days

When I opened my eyes, I realize how much I have to thank. Being alive is too good!

Thank you for the people who walk with me and love me exactly as I am.

There are always more reasons to thank if we look at the details of our life.

Even in the difficulties, we find things to thank. God is always good!

Be grateful for the privilege of having health and always waking up ready for a new day.

I am grateful to understand that happiness lives in my heart!

To thank the good we receive is to return doing well someone.

Gratitude is also action. To thank is to change something in our hearts for the better.

You won your challenges, grateful for having strength to overcome them!

Thank you, Lord, for manifesting your love in my life and for not missing anything!

Thank you, universe, for bringing me everything I need to be happy.

When I look around me, I feel gratitude and joy because I have much more than I need.

Thank you, Lord, for the air I breathe, for your blessings and for your love that never ends.

I’m grateful for all the love I get, because people accept me as I am.

At the end of each day, I feel a great desire to thank for everything I have!

When I look around me, I realize that I am very blessed. Thank you, Lord!

Thank you, God, for your infinite love and for giving me the answers I need.

Problems do not prevent me from thanking for the good things I have in my life.

Life has always been generous with me and presented me with the best people. Thank you for everything!

My heart is gratitude with gratitude when I see love in your eyes!

The sun shining in another day is proof that we have many reasons to thank.

One part of me is gratitude and the other too, because living is too good!

I want to thank everyone who believed in me. My victory is all of you.

I can’t let the pride win. I always need to thank everything that happens to me.

Gratitude is when the soul says it is happy with the life it has.

noble souls always thank the people who share life with them.

I’m grateful for my past because it was he who brought me here.

I am grateful for the difficulties because they strengthened me to win the victory.

I don’t complain, I just thank you because gratitude attracts even better things.

I am grateful to everything that shaped me and made me who I am.

Gratitude costs nothing and does a huge good for those who practice it.

I will distribute gratitude and do my part to make the world better.

Be sure to lie without thanking everything you lived on the day that is ending.

There is no gratitude too much because it never hurts to thank for life.

Recognition is the most sincere way to demonstrate your gratitude.

I take a moment to demonstrate my gratitude for life and the people next to me.

I am grateful for the love I receive and return emanating even more love.

Thank you for everything I have and I am ready to receive even more.

I want to thank you for your look of love that showed me the beauty of life.

Where there is love, there is gratitude. I am grateful for the affection you always give me.

Clara morning, thanks! The essential is to live.

To thank the good we receive is to return some of the good that was done.

Gratitude is the virtue of the noble souls …

When you realize that everything is as it should be, gratitude arises.

Gratitude costs nothing and has a huge value!

Never complain, just thank you!

Gratitude trusts in the past and love in the present.

No duty is more important than gratitude.

Gratitude is the only treasure of the humble.

How happy is a person depends on the depth of his gratitude.

That you create the habit of thanking you for your life. See also our grateful heart quotes and cultivate this action in your routine!

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