50 self-esteem messages for status that will strengthen you

How is the famous self-love? Do you love yourself and really value yourself? Can you recognize your limits and the best in you? No matter what your answers have been, these self -esteem quotes for status will help you remember the amazing person you are daily. Enjoy to share with those in need!

Self -esteem citations for status that recall their true value

Admire the beauty of someone without questioning yours.

We become what we believe.

What people think about me, only concerns them!

You are amazing, even carrying wounds that almost no one knows.

You are stronger than you think and will be happier than you think.

It is known that it will fail, then, fail gloriously.

Maybe the missing part is called “self-love”.

There are no regrets in this life, but lessons.

I am beautiful anyway, because God does not make mistakes. Baby, I was born like this!

Less standard, more freedom to be who you want to be.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

e, how crazy, I had to lose myself to value myself.

No one holds a safe woman.

If you don’t take care of what’s yours, no one will take care of what’s yours.

As you love yourself is how you teach everyone to love you.

Be you, for you, for you.

I would not like to be anyone else.

Who said you are not perfect? ​​

Do not expect to achieve your goals to be proud of you.

If I need others to say I’m the best, my self -esteem is low.

No one can save anyone. We have to save ourselves to ourselves.

Being you will always be your most charming version.

Who falls in love with himself has no rivals.

Put all excuses aside and remember: You are capable.

I’m not perfect, but I am always myself.

Magic is inside you. There is no crystal ball.

Who said you can’t be the best?

You deserve all the love of the world.

I have my limits. The first of them is my self-love.

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.

Your value is not in your productivity, it is in yourself!

Do not believe what society says. You are beautiful anyway.

Beauty goes far beyond aesthetic standards, it is in the spirit of each of us.

Wake up and say to yourself: I can, I am able!

Be your own shelter from the storms of life.

Today is a beautiful day to be invincible and I will be!

I’m in love with myself and this is the best feeling in the world.

I’m beautiful in every detail that God has given me, no matter what they say.

A beautiful person is a person who exudes self-esteem first of all.

The largest individual revolution is to love and accept yourself.

It’s never too late to find self-love.

The only love that is eternal is self-love.

Be grateful for being who you are. After all, you are a unique copy in this world.

There is no one like you and this is the most beautiful thing in the world!

I am a collection of everything I lived and learned. And this is wonderful!

I will no longer bow to anyone, because I finally recognized my value.

There is nothing more beautiful than a person who really loves and really values ​​himself.

I can’t believe I found true love within myself.

I agree beautiful every day, my love!

To love every little piece of ours, even our flaws, is the purest love that exists.

Valuing is the first step to be happy! Continue on this wonderful internal journey and read these quotes of self-love!

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