50 relationship messages to reflect on who is part of your life

of all the things that life is done, one of them is relationships. We are always relating to someone, no matter how. These links can be loving, family, friendship or other ways. All the social ties we make are important, after all, can you imagine living alone?

People come and go, enter our lives but can also leave. However, with every connection we have with someone, we can keep experiences and learning that accompany us for a lifetime! Valuing the relationships we go through is a great way to grow personally and see the world in a new way.

Have you ever wondered to think about all the people you have or have you ever had with you? They are part of who you are today! Check out this selection of relationship quotes we have prepared and reflect, get inspired and share!

Love relationship quotes

Of all the links we have during life, the most striking are the loving. They are the ones who bring our best feelings to light and have a huge power to transform us. Have you found your perfect pair? So see this list of love relationship quotes:

me, you and this hurricane that we decided to call love!

True love is the one who suddenly arises when we least expected, and stay forever.

One day I will have a relationship full of love and joy, worthy of a fairy tale!

When two people like each other, it cannot be missing love, affection and respect in the relationship.

Being with the person you love is one of the most perfect gifts someone can receive.

Good relationships do not happen out of nowhere. They take time, patience and two people who really want to be together.

Be grateful for being with the love of your life!

Suddenly I got it right now, living a serious relationship with the great love of my life.

A true love relationship is when all signs lead the couple to find each other!

Love is not found, it builds. And I decided to build it with you!

Happy relationship quotes

Having someone to share the days with can be wonderful! Being able to count on a friendly shoulder to tell the news, celebrate together and live in complicity is something to be valued. If you have a happy relationship, show the person how grateful you are for it! Check out some quotes we listed:

Happiness arises when a love like ours happens!

Not all angels have wings, sometimes they only have the gift of making you smile.

genuinely happy relationships are rare. If you have one, value every second of it with your loved one!

Thinking of my happiness, I remembered us!

The secret of a happy relationship is always to show how much you love and respect your love.

Do not attach relationships that do not do you good. Instead, always choose those who bring the purest happiness!

Have someone who gets you up every morning and thank you for having this happiness with you!

Maintaining a happy relationship is not for everyone. Few has the gift of genuine and true love.

The happy couple who recognizes themselves in love challenges the universe and time; it is sufficient, the absolute.

Happy people make relationships happy.

Crisis Relationship Quotes

No relationship is perfect and it will never be. After all, we are dealing with someone else with different tastes, wills and thoughts from ours. But the challenges come to be overcome and used in some way, right? So, check out these relationship quotes in crisis and reflect:

If it doesn’t work out, we try again, again and again. And if it doesn’t work out we get together wrong indeed.

When two people really like each other, they will always work out. No matter how difficult it is.

What most of us lead to the relationship is not the fullness, but the lack. Decision implies an absence within itself … Decreasing is a powerful force, capable of creating powerful illusions. No one can really get inside you and replace the missing piece.

Without respect, there is no love. Without confidence, there is no reason to continue.

Who puts final point in a passion with hatred, or loves, or cannot fail to suffer.

All relationships have their problems and crises. The most important of all is not to let them affect the couple’s love.

When the person of your dreams begins to become a nightmare, it’s time to wake up.

Relationships only work when both parts are committed to growing individually and making the relationship mature. If there is no this, why continue?

Never deposit your happiness in things, relationships and people. Because things break, relationships end and people go.

Some relationships sometimes just need a comma and not an end point.

Funny relationship quotes

Nothing better than good humor to give some color a little color. With the routine and monotony of everyday life, we can forget something very important: laugh! Check out this funny relationship quotes list that will inspire you to make your partner laugh!

single I lie down, no horn I get up!

Relationships are like vitamin C: at high doses, cause nausea and can harm health.

In a serious relationship with cacha├ža!

Relationship status: waiting for a miracle.

I may be stranded, but at least I have no horns out there.

Life does not end when you finish a relationship … it ends when you start one!

I’m on relationship strike and parked in being single.

Dating takes too much work and still has no salary!

It’s simple: no relationship, no horns!

seriously this is our relationship full of free.

Status Relationship Quotes

Are you one of those who loves social networks and always sharing your thoughts with friends on the internet? Writing about relationships can inspire other people to think about how they are living. This list of relationship quotes for status can help you, check out:

If you make you smile, it’s because it does you good. If you do you good, don’t let you escape.

Whatever the relationship you attracted into your life, at a given time, he was what you needed at that moment.

The best relationships are those who, besides love, have confidence, friendship and respect.

Overcoming the end of a relationship seeking more reasons to love yourself!

Healthy Relationship is Relationship with Confidence!

Relationship not seen, it is not envied!

If you need to force it is because it is not its size. This is for rings, shoes, friendships, professions and relationships.

To overcome the end of a relationship you need to start an intense love story with yourself.

One of the saddest things with the end of a relationship is to know that we gradually die in the conscience of the one we one day love.

Learning to be is only a necessity that the individual has to create a healthy relationship with himself!

Did you think of all the special people who are part of your life? They all contribute to their memories, experiences and personal evolution! Therefore, it is always important to reflect how your relationships affect you and if they really have something to add. Check out this selection with consideration quotes and value who really matters!

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