50 recognition messages to congratulate people who deserve it

We all like to be recognized for our efforts and attitudes. But do you usually pay attention to the achievements of people who live with you and praise them for it? With a kind word, and that demonstrates your admiration, you can motivate them to do your best every day.

We have selected recognition quotes for you to share with someone who has stood out, hardworking and acted in a nice way. These people will be proud of your attitude and you will show you care about them. Check it out and choose your favorite!

Professional recognition citations

When we have results in our work, we are pleased with Him and ourselves. But when someone recognizes our effort and congratulates us on our achievements, it is even better. See our list with professional recognition quotes and share with someone who has been doing their best.

True motivation comes from accomplishment, personal development, job satisfaction and recognition.

Personal fulfillment is the greatest achievement of a professional, but the recognition of others is what makes this event so special.

In your work, always show it to be different from others, a highlight to be recognized as the best.

It is very good to be recognized by the potential, talent and work, because it is a sense of accomplishment in us.

Do not work to be recognized, but do a job that deserves to be recognized.

You will not be recognized at work if only work has to offer.

Recognition is the fuel for work and success.

I recognize your effort, thank you and I’m proud to work with someone who overcomes day after day.

Recognition is something that is not purchased, it is conquered. Be recognized for your work and effort and not for helping others.

The best gratification is to have the work you like recognized.


In most relationships there is a change of caresses, complicity and care. But it is important to say the loved one that we recognize the good that they do to us. We have selected quotes of love recognition for you to demonstrate your joy in having someone who wants to see you smile at any price.

There is no more dedicated love than yours and for him I thank, because I was never as happy as I am in your arms.

I want to thank you for everything, especially for being by my side always. Know that I also want to do for you what is possible.

I found in you affection, love, protection, friendship. I found attention, companionship, recognition and forgiveness.

You complete me in many ways. Having your affection is what makes me smile every day.

I love you because it makes me happy and completes me, because you brought that piece of me that I didn’t even know it was missing.

In all victories, in every achievement, the recognition and the most delicious hug is always that of the loved one.

Thank you for making me know the most important things in life, because in you I found love.

you understand me, reassure me, know me, kiss me, warm me, inspire me and make me feel the happiest woman in the world.

Your love makes me strong. Your love understands me, calms me, welcomes me. You make me happier every day.

You always find a way to make me smile. I love you!

For all the affection and understanding with those who welcome me, I can only thank, my love.

You aroused the best in me and I thank God for having you in my hug. I love you so much.

Team recognition citations

A strong and determined team is one in which everyone is committed to and give their best to achieve a great result together. If you recognize this effort on your team, see our list with team recognition quotes and let them know that you admire the dedication of each one.

For the best team in the world, a sincere thanks. We fight together and the victories will always be of everyone.

I’m grateful for having a job I love, but I thank you above all for having a fantastic team that works tirelessly every day by my side!

My professional growth was not the work of chance, but the result of being accompanied by very competent people. To you, thank you very much!

The coolest of teamwork is to see your best turn into excellence with the strength of other members.

It is a pride to share work with such capable and dedicated professionals. Competence and commitment are the best words that describe each of you.

Our success is the reflection of the determination of each of us. Thank you for everything, team!

100% of me is nothing compared to 1% of the whole team.

alone we walk, in team we run through a destination!


It is sad to realize that people are always ready to judge us, but few recognize the good things we do. See our selection of lack of recognition and show your disappointment for not being recognized.

hypocrisy is always accompanied by the lack of recognition.

The opposite of engagement is the lack of recognition.

People never recognize what you do, they only see what you stopped doing.

A toast to our defects, since our qualities nobody recognizes.

Not everyone will thank you or recognize your effort, learn to deal with it.

If all your efforts are seen with indifference, do not be discouraged, because even the sun at birth makes a show and most of the audience is still sleeping.

As much as you strive, some people can only see your worst.

Do not expect recognition, as it may never come.

That I do not miss the desire to help people, even though I know that many of them are unable to see, recognize and repay this help.

Some words only exist in the dictionary, recognition is one of them.

Citations of Recognition and Gratitude

In addition to recognizing the good things that people do to us, we should also thank them for being so special and making our lives even happier. We select recognition and gratitude quotes for you to share with those who are always by your side making you happy.

There is no more pure recognition than gratitude.

A life is not enough to thank all the changes, all wonders and all the strength you helped me find.

My professional success would never be achieved if there were no amazing people by my side transmitting their knowledge. I feel a lot of gratitude for your help.

Gratitude is a unique form of recognition and recognition is a sincere form of gratitude.

You helped me so much that no thanks seems enough to recognize your kindness.

Only yourself to do everything you did and still do. You are very special, thank you for existing!

I’m very grateful for you, for everything. My gratitude for you is something from another world!

Life becomes much easier to live with people like you in life. Thank you so much for all the good you have brought me.

Today I just want to say: Thank you, my God, for everything!

Thank you for being with me at all times and making me give up.

In addition to recognizing the positive attitudes that people have with us, we must also value them because they are in our lives. See our list with appreciation quotes and thank them for making you happy.

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