50 Pilates messages to strengthen the body and mind

Developed in 1920, Pilates is an exercise method created by Joseph Pilates. This technique seeks to work body and mind together to achieve flexibility, fitness and also mental. If you are already a practitioner, or want to start, Pilates quotes can be used to encourage you. Check it out below, share and remember to inspire and exhale correctly as you read!

Pilates quotes that will further inspire your practice

Column grows, fits shoulder, navel in, inspires and expires.

Pilates is not about being better than others. It’s about being better than it used to be.

Pilates is always a good idea!

Pilates is to perform an exercise with minimal effort and maximum pleasure.

Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.

Pilates is to be present, concentrated and not distracted. It is the mind that works the body.

First of all: Learn to breathe correctly.

It doesn’t matter what you do, but how you do it.

Smiles for good days, patience for bad days, pilates for every day.

If life gets a head of head, enjoy and throw yourself at Pilates!

His body is his greatest good, he keeps and reflects the soul. Take care of him like a precious stone and we will cut him.

The benefits of pilates only depend on the execution of the exercises. Instructions must be followed with fidelity.

Even if you make mistakes and progress slowly, you are advancing.

For today: silly smiles, long hugs, sincere looks and a lot of pilates.

Only Pilates leaves the mind smart, the erect spine and the quiet heart.

Every day is a good day to practice pilates.

With 10 sessions you will notice the difference. With 20 sessions the others will notice the difference and with 30 sessions you will have a new body.

Life changes for the better when you start pilates.

First Pilates transforms your mind, then it transforms your body.

Conditioning is the first requirement for happiness.

If the secret of life is to seek balance, practice Pilates.

Pilates is balance, focus and flexibility.

The willingness to live begins with the willingness to leave home and exercise.

If your spine spoke, she would ask you Pilates.

Concentration + Breathing + Coordination = Pilates.

Your body is your greatest treasure. Take care of it, practice pilates.

smart mind brings erect column.

The day begins and ends well when you do pilates.

Pilates is the balance of the mind reflected in the body.

Do not leave the pilates you can start today.

pilates is my therapy.

Practicing Pilates is an invitation to be happy!

Life is like Pilates: If it is easy, it is wrong.

In a serious relationship with Pilates.

Checklist today: wake up, take a deep breath, pilates and dominate the world.

Pilates changes far beyond your body. Changes your mind, your attitude, your mood.

I believe in a better tomorrow, because tomorrow has pilates.

Your body can handle almost anything. It’s your mind that you need to convince.

Pilates improves until Monday!

Fluid movement of the body brings fluidity to life.

contracted abdomen, proper posture, healthy spine, happy life … Pilates is complete health!

In the phrase: “I love Monday” the guy is crazy, is on vacation or has pilates class.

Allow yourself to be happy with Pilates!

If you have pilates, it has love, health, joy and flexibility.

Change happens through movement and the healing movement.

inspires, expires, do not pira.

lengthens the body daily to be happy.

pilates strengthens the mind and raises the spirit.

A little balance always fits well.

You are as young as the flexibility of your column.

Pilates may even transform your body, but first it will transform your mind. Therefore, also check out spiritual quotes to vibrate this state of inner change.

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