50 messages of prayer and faith to believe even more in the power of God

Through prayer, God listens to you, calms you, and teaches you how to trust Him daily. It is an instrument for every Christian who wants to be closer to the Lord. Strengthen your faith and learn to depend even more on Him with quotes of prayer and faith. Check it out and share with those who also need this touch!

Quotations of prayer and faith that bring you closer to the Lord

My God, I cry to the Lord with the certainty that you will hear me. I ask your blessing and I trust you have the best for me.

Lord, illuminate my steps, show me the way to strengthen my faith. Amen!

Through prayer, God listens to us and shows us His power. This is the only way to be closer to Him.

The act of talking to God is so beautiful that it makes me believe even more in the size of Him for me.

The Lord is my fortress and whom I trust. I pray every day so that I can believe even more in your power.

My God, thank you for showing me the path of faith and for welcoming me as your son. In the name of Jesus, Amen!

When you feel your heart burning in faith, pray that God makes this flame keep and increase even more.

Thank you, sir, for that day and for introducing me situations that proved my faith.

Every day, I feel more like praying because I know that God listens to me and feeds my faith with His love.

I start the day praying to the Lord because it strengthens my faith to face the difficulties to come.

God hugs me when I pray. I feel that it is all I need to believe even more in its power.

Faith is to speak to God believing in the power of prayer and what He can do in your life.

The habit of speaking to God changes our way of seeing life because we see your touch on everything.

I prayed asking God to increase my faith and he answered me that I would need to talk to him every day.

While we talk to God, He also speaks to us. Prayer is an exchange that makes us so well.

God, I ask your protection and your strength. Teach me how to trust you and see your act on everything.

Calm my heart, Lord. Teach me how to trust you and not fear the future. It’s all I ask you.

Every day, I ask for your protection in prayer. Today, I want to ask you to teach me to trust and depend more on you.

Lord, take all anxiety from my heart. I want to trust you with everything I am without fear of the future.

When we pray, God calms our hearts and shows us there are amazing things waiting for us. We just have to wait for Him.

Thank you for everything you do for me, my God, including the difficulties because they teach me to depend more on you.

God, I do not want to do anything other than your will. Teach me how to please you and trust you!

sir, that throughout the day, I do not doubt once of your power and how much you love me.

Prayer connects us to God and makes us see very close how powerful he is to do more.

Through prayer, I give my life and all that I am to you. Through prayer, I know that I am capable of everything.

My God, enable me to live your truth and take your name ahead. Amen!

Who prays not only speaks but also listening. Whoever prays never goes out after being before God.

To pray is to open your heart to the Lord and allow him to do whatever is needed to take you closer to Him.

May no family start at any suddenly. May no family end for lack of love. May the couple be to each other with body and mind. And that nothing in the world separates a dreamy couple.

The Lord is my pastor; Nothing will miss me.

I trust the surprises you have for me, my God, because my faith in you is great and grows more to each prayer.

Before you cry, I will answer; They will not be talking yet, and I will hear them.

In the beginning of this day, we supplicate that in all our actions, free from sin.

God, I don’t want to ask for anything, I just want to thank you because I know I never leave me and always hear me.

cumulating us from the morning with your mercies, to rejoice in all our lives.

It is thanks to the Lord that we were not annihilated, because your piety was not exhausted. Each morning he manifests himself and great is his fidelity.

God only truly knows us, to the point of touching our hearts and healing the wounds we didn’t even know we had, but He sees when we pray.

Nothing disturbs you, nothing scares you, everything passes. God never changes. Patience everything reaches. Whoever has nothing to do with God. Just God is enough!

Prayer is the breath of the soul.

I come to ask you to increase my faith and strengthen my trust in you, my God. The rest I know that you will straighten with your act.

Prayer does not change God, changes man.

In times of sadness and restlessness, you have neither the good works of prayer nor the penance you are used to. Rather, intensify them. And you will see that the Lord will be promptly sustained.

To trust God is to give Him in prayer in prayer and let him move as far as we would not like.

The power of prayer is who hears it and not who says it.

God is God. He knows what he is doing. When you can’t track your hand, trust your heart.

God, in prayer I give you my day, my life and my heart. I know the Lord will do the best you can.

Those who cannot devote long time should at least raise their hearts to God many times.

Prayer itself is an art that only the Holy Spirit can teach us.

The target of prayer is God’s ear.

Faith teaches us that talking to God is a necessity that we can never give up.

The more you talk to the Lord, the greater your faith a means to manifest your glory. To believe everything he has for you, check out God’s promises and wait with patience for your victory.

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