50 messages of peace and tranquility perfect to take a break from the routine

have you thought about taking a break from all the stress of everyday life? It’s time to give a space for peace and tranquility to invade your life, you deserve it! Emails, traffic, bills to pay‚Ķ Adult obligations consume our energies and we forget to take care of what matters most: ourselves. So slow down the routine and look for things that calm us is super important!

Take time just for you and do things that bring you peace, surround yourself with all the positivity you can and see the difference! To inspire you to lead a more Zen life, we have selected a list full of quotes of peace and tranquility. Choose a calm place, read and reflect!

Quotations of peace and tranquility to slow down the routine

Happy life consists in the tranquility of the mind.

I only wish tranquility and rest, which are the goods that the most powerful kings of the earth cannot grant those who cannot take them by their own hands.

Absence of desires brings tranquility.

I live quiet, freedom is the one who makes me affection!

I just want to be happy and live quietly. I just want to do my things in the best way possible and have a nice boy to take me to see the sunset in the late afternoon.

The liberation of desire leads to inner peace.

Peace begins with a smile from the inside out!

With peace and tranquility all good can come true.

Violence does not exist for those who have peace in the heart.

is just what I ask: inner peace!

Live with the intensity of a boy, the maturity of a man and the tranquility of an old man.

The peace you are looking for is often in the silence you don’t do.

In peace and tranquility we can find happiness.

Leave the concerns outside. Enjoy the moment and all the peace he can bring.

To live in peace is to look at the world of quiet conscience and have nothing to be ashamed!

Do only what brings you peace, love, tranquility and realization!

Value every good moment in your life. Every minute of peace, tranquility and love!

Peace is the tranquility of the order of all things.

May life be good, bring me peace, to take me beyond, amen!

What are the wars worth if what matters is tranquility?

In peace and tranquility, this is where I want to live.

Path with the peace and tranquility God has given me!

When we cannot find tranquility within ourselves, it is no wonder to look for it elsewhere.

I want the tranquility of a clear life, the joy of a sincere love and the company of enlightened people.

Everything that does not bring peace is not worth it!

The greatest good you can do for yourself is to see the world with more love. Observe peace invade your soul!

May the words of the day be ‘lightness’, ‘sweetness’, ‘calm’, ‘tranquility’. And may your next hours be loaded with positive thoughts and a lot of peace in the heart.

A quiet soul is a soul in peace with itself.

Do not care about what they think about you, only your conscience will bring you tranquility and make you happy.

I discovered the best place to live very well and with tranquility: the hearts of the people who love us.

Today I just want peace, tranquility and sincere laughs.

Live in peace, reassure yourself, because what God has determined to you ever someone has the power to divert from you!

Try to maintain tranquility, it will be the only passage to find the solutions.

There is no energy better than peace.

Long Life You don’t win in the gym, but with God, tranquility, peace, doing good, loving and being loved.

I want peace. I want tranquility. I want everything that does me really good.

That tranquility can invade all homes in this world.

Nothing like a moment of ours, where peace has a reserved place at the table and tranquility is the strongest drink to be served.

A quiet heart has no reason to worry, just think about being happy.

Who spreads peace is presented with her.

Live quietly, love it madly and enjoy extremely!

I want affection. I want tranquility. I want family. I want peace!

In the midst of all this chaos, choose the tranquility!

May I be lucky enough to have a life full of harmony, love and peace!

Before living the luck of a quiet love, you need to like tranquility.

love yourself and realize peace invade all your being!

sow good, peace and joy. Drizzle with a lot of love and see a better world born.

Whenever you can choose, choose peace and tranquility for yourself!

I want a quiet life, a love by my side and the peace of being grateful for all this!

Thank you for all the things you have and so peace will take over your heart!

Are you already feeling positive vibrations in you? So how about sharing all this tranquility with other people? It is with small gestures that we can gradually transform the world and make a huge difference! Check out this list of peace and love quotes and start putting it into practice!

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